Vacuum in Space

Truth- Consider things you can observe.

Beyond words; drawings, photos, video or live presentations are more convincing !

But if you use your IMAGINATION,
you will understand.

Balloon with different

surrounding pressure.

    O High Atmosphere- low pressure

    O Sea Level - normal 14 psi pressure


Deep Ocean -  high Pressure


IMAGINE I have a balloon, I blow it up until it is 12" in diameter.  I am at sea level, the air pressure around me is 14 lbs per square inch.

I take that balloon 30 feet underwater, where it shrinks to 9 inches in diameter.

Then I take the balloon up into the atmosphere, like riding below a HUGE Hot Air Balloon in an open basket so I am surrounded with the low air pressure of the high atmosphere.  My balloon enlarges until it is 18 inches in diameter.  The balloon is a flexible membrane. 

The size of the balloon is based on the air or water pressure around it. 

When I take that balloon to high atmosphere, a low pressure area, the air in the balloon expands outward on the skin until the pressure inside matches the pressure outside, i.e. the contained air in the balloon expands to the lesser air pressure around it.

If the outer pressure is greater (underwater), then the balloon's physical size shrinks until the air in the balloon is compressed until it matches the outside pressure on it.

Now consider astoNOTS walking on the moon or walking outside the Intl. Space Station in "vacuum" of space walks .

With a low or NO atmosphere around them, then their space suits which started with 14 lbs. air pressure when the got into the suit,  those space suits would expand, so those space suits would be puffed out.  They should look like inflated suit of Michelin Man. Possibly I include illustrations.

I have NEVER seen any moon walk or space stations where their suits were ballooned outward.  I've seen NASA's huge swimming pools where they practice their "space maneuvers."  We think they film their maneuvers in those huge swimming pool tanks, when they are supposedly "doing maneuvers" in space.  One clue is that, in a space suit in water, your suit would be compressed towards your skin as the water pressure is greater then your normal sea level atmospheric air pressure.

I've dozens of other clues, but this is so clear & obvious, think about that.

If you "get it" that the deflated spacesuits are NOT photoed in a low pressure atmosphere or in the "vacuum" of space, you might enjoy learning more.

shows many things the "historic" photos / video show that could only be done on earth, and not on the moon or in "space".

This is very important.  Many say, sure we went to the moon, but the photos were faked.  No, EVERYTHING is faked.  Why would NASA stand firmly almost 60 years on faked public presentations ?

Many people do not see how this affects their lives, their jobs, families, property, etc.  Many things around us are obvious lies, each hiding other more complicated lies.

As we go about our daily lives ignoring the obvious lies, then we will never suspect or consider the much deeper lies.  You cannot imagine the deep lies, deceptions, presumptions until you first consider the basic, simple lies around us.

I though Congress, Courts and news were suppose to be our watch dogs and exposť evil, crimes, lies to us, the public.  But now I see the reverse.  News, government, even universities are all in on the lies.  They promote and sustain the great lies around us. They profit from the lies, they get benefits, they are accepted and even relied on.

You are intelligent, Think about this.

I write to show you some things you can figure out, understand, determine.

I have 100s of things different than most people think, or is stated  by government, universities, medicine, history, etc.


Swimming Pool- Inflate Space Suit

Be curios.  Consider this.  My SETI

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I seek people who will reason.

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These drawing illustrate show this principle. 

Imagine a swimming pool,

Isometric View of Swimming Pool

Put a stretchable, rubber diaphragm across the middle of the pool.

Top View showing diaphragm & rigid barrier

Then fill pool with water to 4 feet deep.

Side View

You temporarily put a rigid divider on left side of diaphragm to restrain the rubber diaphragms.

Now drain 1/2 of the water from the left side, so it will be only be 2 feet deep, while the right side is 4 foot deep.

Side View  2' deep on left, 4' deep on right

Now remove that rigid barrier and let the diaphragm stretch into the 2 foot deep left side.

Top View

Side View

Now the water reaches equilibrium of being 3 feet deep on both sides of the flexible, stretchable rubber diaphragms.

The flexible diaphragm does not have the strength or rigidity to hold the higher, deeper water from flowing towards the lower 2 foot deep water.  It'  like water flowing down river or over water fall.

Michelin Man showing inflated tires.

When pressures on sides of a flexible membrane vary, the flexible diaphragm swells from the higher pressure side towards the lower pressure side.

Consider a bike tire. When inflated the inside pressure is greater than outside pressure, so the tire swells outward and seems rigid because of that pressure difference.

When the tire is flat or not inflated, it is easy to bend & twist.  Inside & outside pressure are equal.

On the moon, or outside in the vacuum or low pressure atmosphere of space, space suits should budge outward as they are flexible material so astroNOT can bend fingers, arms & legs. 

Ralph Rene demonstrated this.

He mounted a flexible rubber glove to the inside of a glass bell jar. 

Glove mounted in Bell Jar, pump sucks air out.

Then he pumped most of the air out of the jar.

When there was normal air pressure around his hand inside the glove, but reduced pressure or near vacuum outside of the glove, then the glove fingers became rigid.  He could not bend his fingers. He shows this on internet You Tube video.

By principles of observation, science and reason, anyone can understand these fundamental facts.

NASA intentionally lies when they show the photos & videos of men walking on the moon, in low gravity and "vacuum" of space, or outside the International Space Station in "vacuum" of space.

We may not know what NASA is doing, but when they openly and continually lie for 60+ years, it is not advisable to believe them about anything without proof.