There are No Forests on Earth - English voiceover

 Original video had heavy Russia accent.  This link is to more clear English narration.

 The history we are told does not fit with the observable facts.

 Devils Tower was featured in movie Close Encounters of a 3rd kind

 Devils Tower is said to be the "plug" from an eroded volcano.

But is it but huge tree sawed away at the top, like many others all over the earth ?

 What we think of as forests, are but shrubs up to 200 feet tall, up to 200 years old. 

Forests of old where miles high !


 Flat Earth, Basalt Columns & the Lost Trees of Old...

This is a caution to swallowing the whole No Forest  video above.

The gigantic trees seems possible, but little proof so far.

That canyons are abandoned mines is a leap without much evidence.


 There Are No Forests on Flat Earth Decoded

August 6, 2016  by Rosette Delacroix

Here is a web site with transcription of the No Forest video narrative and screen captures of the video's images.  It's a handy place to review & learn.