intro    introduction    10/26/2021

Lesson        25-Oct-21        Learn to use your computer, then you can lean anything from diverse sources.


Anyone can contact me directly, but please, we can do more on a conference call. is details on the conference calls.

Please watch video lessons at

The underlined phrases are linked to short 5 minute videos.

Watch the one on Total Commander & Index Your Files.

    The 1st 3 underlined phrases will help you with windows tips.

When / as you learn better how to use your computer, you can learn other things faster, easier.

I am one guy.  I want to reach/ teach/ learn with many.  You can learn from & help up, please.  I communicate & learn best with typed writings (compared to speaking).

I do host conference calls hoping that those who come will also meet & talk with others, to encourage, teach & learn.

We've had many teachers, in school, in news, in life.  We choose who we trust, who we pal around with.

Your computer, phone & or devices can also be excellent teachers, when you find, get, read, watch books, videos, files.

Many know how to use the internet or e-mail.  Few know how to manage files on their computers.

I try to help people:

- to share important books, documentaries,

- to find & manage information.

There are huge free resources available thru the internet, many from special websites or behind a password, subscription or copyright.  I try to break thru the restraints and share the materials.

You must learn simple things before you can embark on more complicated ideas, events, actions.

My maxim is that METHOD supersedes, or trumps CONTENT.

When you learn how to manage files, you can consider a broader view, with more detail.  You ca find a deeper truth.

We all have been deceived by people & information around us (school, work & news)

If / when you learn the way that I work, then I can share with you great treasures of information that I found.  I've been researching since 20005, i.e. 16 years.  I found proof & collect info. that before 2005, I would have never imagined could be true.

You have to consider an idea before you can judge if it's true.

Most people have never hers the truth and are trapped believing what they know is true. Therefore they are not curious to seek truth.

The more truth you do discover, the better you become at seeking truth.

Truth is not common, popular.  Most everyone is heavily influenced by popular ideas in news & school.

There are elite, super wealthy & powerful people (unseen by the public) who have control of the creation of money, and control most everything, from behind the scenes.

They control the circulation of information. Some things are printed or shown, much is hidden and suppressed.

To people I give a disc with 1,000+ files.

As you learn how to fid, read, use the information, I may be able to share more information with you.

We all should check info. as we consider it, but some times when we just find a truth, it is obvious when we discover it, or it becomes believable or true once we get the idea.  When we have the idea, we are the aware ad watching for expressions, clues, or evidence proving the idea.

Before we ever learn of the idea, event, action, we are unaware and do to see it in the world around us.

Awareness is the first step to truth.

To find truth, we must study hard, observe & reason.

Many gain their power, profit, control by propagating lies.

Many who tell lies actually believe they are true as they are indoctrinated and paid, or benefit to tell what they were taught.

It is hard & rare that a man wants to lean things that will cause him to lose power, profit or benefit.

I will talk to people individually or as a group.

When we talk in a group call, we get more value from our time.

It is OK if people do not believe me or my info.  The more they study it, the more they will find it's true.

The more people we get into our conversations, the more who will be interested to learn.

Anyone can do what I do, if they simply study what I studied.

You can read, study what you already have, but sometimes, you can search & find better information.

We live in a world of information. What info. we have, we tend to believe, what info we lack causes us to doubt or disbelieve.

Some people may have discovered, created, invented or studied & can explain something.

Some one may have recorded that info. In a book, audio or video.  If we can get those materials, we may learn without ever meeting the author or seeing the original materials.

I share & you can find great materials, but the trick is to get them when you want and have the ability to read or study them.

Information that is digitized is very portable to put on a computer, phone, tablet, etc.

If you will learn & use the applications & strategies, we or you ca do a lot with less effort & more quickly.

If a think takes much work or a long time, most will abandon it.

When you learn what I teach with computers, then you can find truth, details, confirmations faster and easier then if you lumber along with only the tools or software you now have.

Some prefer to work with people or a teacher.  When you learn to work with your own computer and the internet, you can o faster & cheaper than having a personal teacher.

I'm not fixed on a man or group. I seek direct evidence form which I judge if it's true or not.

Please join us on our conferences.

If you are ever stuck, or need help, please contact me. Don't give up.

I can show solutions easily.


Ted on Charleston, W. Va.