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Last week a source close to the Rockefeller family sent this writer a link to a video appearing to show a space-based laser weapon setting off a volcanic eruption in Japan in late December. This act of intimidation came in response to criminal charges filed against the Rockefeller/Rothschild gangsters trying to vaccinate the Japanese population with gene-altering mRNA vaccines.


Our answer has been to intensify the hunt against the Khazarian Mafia leadership.

The highest priority target is now
Klaus Schwab of the Davos forum. That is because he can lead us to the remaining leaders of the Khazarian mafia politburo and thus force an end to the fake pandemic and associated vaccine crimes.

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The Russians and MI6 have both informed global military and intelligence organizations that first, the pandemic is fake, and second, the gene-altering vaccines they are pushing to cure this fake pandemic are highly criminal. Russian FSB sources promise the entire pandemic scam will be over by May.

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No global problem can be solved by any one country alone. There must be global action, global response and global cooperation… the future of the world is decided by everyone working together.”

ted notes there is no globe

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Look at what Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Davos people last week:

“Today, India is saving the lives of citizens of many countries by sending Covid vaccines and helping set up vaccination infrastructure there. In the first phase, we are vaccinating our 30 million health and frontline workers. You can imagine the speed with which India is vaccinating its people.

In just 12 days, India has vaccinated more than 2.3 million health workers. In the next few months, we will meet the vaccination target of about 300 million elderly and co-morbidity patients…Today, more than 1.3 billion people in India have a Universal ID – Aadhaar Card.

People have bank accounts and the Universal IDs are connected to their phones…India has transferred more than 1.8 trillion rupees directly to bank accounts of more than 760 million people during this period”.

There it is in the words of the sitting prime minister of the second-most populous country on earth: vaccinate everybody and link it to a mark of the beast ID and digital wallet.

Modi is far from alone. So-called leaders from all over the world are calling for “vaccine passports,” universal IDs, and associated digital wallets.

Here also is confirmation that using chips as remote controls for human brains is a real thing. They want to be able to remotely cause you extreme pain or extreme pleasure etc. in order to ensure you will never be able to free yourself from slavery.