Foundations of Our Nation - Complete 12 Part Series

Our leaders took some extreme steps against the people in the spring.  During that time, I did over 800 hours of research into the messages that you see attached below.  I addressed this intense moment head-on.  I believe that the stakes have never been greater and that

Our nation is at the most critical point in its history.  .

These have been the most requested and shared messages that I have ever done.  While I was preaching them, people were circulating the messages to their friends.  It was a little crazy how many people were requesting copies of them.  Eventually, I was invited to do speak on four different radio shows around the nation and on two TV stations.  The TV Networks even asked permission to play the entire series for their viewers.

from Higher Ground Bible College

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Carona's Dark History

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Justice vs. Social Justice

Such A Time As This