Freezing and Seizing Assets

Why February 1st is when it all starts - Executive Order 13848 goes into effect!


'ENTER PELOSI, ET AL – This explains the shout to use article 25, and when that failed, the shouts to impeach- IMPEACH right away. It explains the full scale blast at censoring to the point of taking down entire web platforms like Parler. It explains all of the insane ramblings and desperate actions which were all shouts from of a sinking corporation clawing at everything inside the capitol walls to save their cabal.




ENTER WALLSTREET – Moving money as fast as they can – Hedge Fund managers desperately tried to short sale as much as they could before interrupted. It appears they were trying to save their assets before they were seized. The same assets that now look like they are about to be frozen, in compliance with President Trump’s Executive Order #13848.'


Key Points:


Once voter fraud is committed an investigation begins. Within 45 days the investigators must prove voter fraud has taken place.


After the 45 days there is another 45 days allowed for the writing and delivery of the report.


Once report is delivered, assets are frozen.


This takes us to the executive order regarding the freezing of assets. Which should begin February 1st.


Assets are frozen for 30 days while investigations directly related to continue.


The entire process takes 90 days from the day assets are frozen. Which may begin February 1, 2021.


Anyone involved in this in any way will have all their assets frozen.



Freezing and Seizing Assets

February 1, 2021 is when all of this will begin to play itself out. Even people who conspired or covered it up.


30 days of freezing assets take us to March. They see what is coming and they know they are done. All the money involved in this is going down.


So, once again as we move through the fall of the corporate empire that has enslaved the Republic of the United States of America…We The People need to stand firmly and brace ourselves. Be patient and wait upon the Lord in case there is a shaking of the olive tree. Stay inside and hide yourself for a little while until the scourge passes over. FEBRUARY IS ABOUT TO ROCK BACK AND FORTH.




President Trump signed the executive order #13848 on foreign interference in September 2018. The order explains the details of the process and the time frames involved with imposing sanctions.

Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018


Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election


View Executive Order 13848: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of
Foreign Interference in a United States Election


Information and knowledge becomes powerful only when used to educate and inform others of the truth according to Almighty God!


When you start messing with peoples money, all hell is going to break lose! I’m going to enjoy this show!


This is a HUGE part of our history and our nation! As 1871 is when our Nation went from the original "Republic" that our founding fathers established to the corrupt United States of America as a "Corporation".