Cabal is Collapsing        2021 05 23 May


NAVY SEALs STORM Gates’ Wyoming Ranch

Dr. Fauci Prepping to Flee Country 

Pence Shot While Fleeing Military Arrest

Delta Force Raids Biden Compound in Ukraine

Navy SEALS Arrest Hillary Clinton

Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION!

Hillary Clinton Hanged at GITMO

Military Puts SCJ Amy Coney Barrett on House Arrest

Upcoming Military Tribunals at GITMO

        The tribunal arrived at a guilty verdict after deliberating only five minutes. They found (Hillary) Clinton guilty on all charges the military had laid out—the murders of Seth Rich, Vince Foster, and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; trafficking and abusing minors from Haiti and other third-world nations; conspiring to assassinate a presidential candidate. . . .

        You refused counsel. You refused to defend yourself. This tribunal therefore decides that the defendant, detainee Hillary Rodham Clinton, be hanged by the neck until dead,” Vice Adm. Hannink said flatly. “The sentence will be carried out on April 26 (2021)


The Marshall Report - Exposing the Establishment Daily


Great news and documentary

 Search down the page to Mass Arrests  23 May, see more at bottom of this page.


 Excellent documentary

Explains How we think and reason different than most people.

How Google and Facebook are designed to confirm whatever you now believe.

They try to keep you away from deeper understanding.

Our own life experience is such a tiny window to the reality or hologram around us.

Watch 1st 5 or 10 minutes to see you will have new understanding of why you believe in conspiracies.

On Sun. evening 23 May Disclosure and worldwide Mass Arrests officially began, while 2,149 National Guard troops left Washington DC to give way for a Military troop takeover of DC.

On Mon. 24 May: Multiple whistleblowers inside Facebook were set to come forward with leaked internal docs including Fauci, Gates and Obama’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, and their ownership of the Chinese Wuhan Lab and patents of CV-19 virus and vaccines. Chinese scientists have revealed, “This pandemic started in a lab paid by Fauci, BlackRock and Gates” in a treasonous attempt to take down democracies of the world and bring in the New World Order.

The Event Followed by Ten Days of Darkness: We should see the Internet & Media knocked down to bring in Odin online. The old systems must crash before you introduce new systems, so soon we would see a Bitcoin, Stock Market and global financial collapse, along with revelation of 2020 Election fraud that would nullify the election and bring down the Biden-Harris Administration, plus destruction of 24 Nuclear Reactors in order for GESARA to be activated.

Q Drop 364: Follow the crumbs. You have it all. Dark 10. Enjoy the show. Question Asked. Question Answered. This drop tells you that ISO20022 Regulation, Metal Backing, QFS will be forced in the 10 Days of Darkness after THE EVENT on EARTH has happened.

Q Drop 282: When is the 10 Days Of Darkness? SHUTDOWN SHUTDOWN = SHUTDOWN. WATCH THE WATER. Eyes on Ripple & BTC. It all begins with FINANCE.

The Plan to Save the World:

The Fall of the Cabal: The Fall Of The Cabal: The End Of The World As We Know It [2020] (

The Fall of the Cabal, Sequel Part 2: