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I host conference calls bi-weekly.

Many strangers (new friends ?) read thru my website.        2021 05 23 May
      I communicate with many people.

Everyone is at a different level of knowledge.

Newbies to conspiracy facts ignore, reject or deny many on going events
     because they doubt they could be true.

Other people who have read, studied, watched the revealing of 100s of lies & deceptions
of news, government, corporations are more able to consider & understand what is happening around us.

Many things are nearly the opposite of how they are presented, or perceived.

What we have long "known" or "believed" is no longer true.

The organizations that once protected & reported on agencies has gone rogue have been bought out and are under new (deceptive) management.

It is hard for me to both talk of the simple basic deceptions/ conspiracies,
     and also give you the deep details.

Rather than trying to convert people to see the truths around us, I try to collect the people who are awake and introduce them to each other that they might teach & learn more and encourage each other.

I see horrendous forces & situations all around us, but I also see a glimpse of truth, justice, abundance and life coming forth.

This is like the movie/ book Change on the Horizon is predicting.

If YOU would contact me directly,  Ted
     I am sure we'll find ways to help each other.

The simplest thing anyone can do is to mail a letter to anyone, friend or foe, with 2 cent postage stamp.

The one receiving that letter will be amazed that anyone can mail at 1/20th the cost that all others pay.

We are deceived on many subjects.  We must read, watch, learn of the deceptions to step outside of them.

I try to put huge collection of important truth on  The more truths I show, the more you should find me as important source.

Here are some excellent websites.  Please read from them, so I don't have to bring all their materials to my website.

I host conference calls bi-weekly.

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