US government Murders

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 Pub. by Personal Liberty Media Group

Murder is government policy. Whether it's the murder of the soon-to-be-born, the murder of children by withholding medical care or in government-approved euthanasia of the terminally ill or disabled, governments support murder. And the people are coming to accept it as normal... and not just normal, but "compassionate."

Modern psychological force is based on the propaganda doctrines of altruism and self-sacrifice among the people. Are we subtly being taught that death is desirable and even glorious? Will we finally frame death in notoriety and "service to our fellow man?"

The U.S. establishment has so confused cause and effect through a flag-waving mania in America that even so-called "law-and-order" conservatives support the notion that soldiers and law enforcement dying is part of their position of "sacrifice."

No, we honor them because they chose to defend us, and they died in that defense. We honor them because they chose to serve, even if it was unpopular or dangerous. We honor them because their blood purchased our freedom. But not because they died.

As Jack Perry wrote on "We glorify endlessly the senseless deaths of human beings ... We feed this poison to our children ... We teach them that violence is the solution and there is glory and honor in death to accomplish what the government says is worth dying for ... Just have a look at the TV shows where the U.S. military is endlessly glorified. Killing people left and right because they look different from us and don't 'value' human life like we do. We sure have a funny way of demonstrating how much we value human life, do we not?"

There is a very solid economic reason why unofficial "public policy" wants you dead soon after you retire. Too many aging people and too much medical consumption is a real and present crisis for the government. It may not be official or stated, but you can be sure that population control to limit consumption is a serious government policy and program.

Further, we have chemical and biological warfare programs in the form of water fluoridation and vaccines to help us die. By all definitions, the above sold as health-enhancing represent chemical warfare against the American people.

We tend to think of chemical or biological warfare as producing pain and death rather quickly. Not so. It can have a 40 year incubation period calculated to help you die as you retire.

The Department of Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine published a study in the British Medical Journal stating the estimated total number of iatrogenic deaths that is, deaths induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures in the U.S. annually is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

And new estimates put the total even higher at almost a million deaths a year. That makes the medical-industrial-pharmaceutical complex itself possibly the leading cause of death in the U.S., period.

Do you imagine that this is by accident? I assure you it is by design.

How else could a dozen people (or more, on average) get murdered in Chicago every single weekend so much so that the major local paper keeps a running total  and no media outlet outside of Chicago reports a word of it?

How else could anyone condone baby killing? Baby killing (abortion) is a ravenous highly profitable industry backed by all kinds of monstrous justification. The abortionistas and their defenders and proponents lament that the baby may be "defective" or born to poor or abusive parents, or it won't be properly cared for or properly educated (feeble-minded) and would, therefore, be a "drain on society" or possibly produce more progeny that would likewise be feeble-minded, so it would be "better off" if were sucked out of the womb and chopped up and bartered for Lamborghinis.

Infant murder began under the altruistic sounding words "planned parenthood." As always in such chicanery, these words are totally misleading. But they have worked their charm on lukewarm churchgoing Americans. Not 1 in 10,000, when they hear the words "planned parenthood," thinks of child murder.

What a twisted sense of morality. But it is received with little more than a sigh from the American people. We have fallen into the dishonoring and demeaning state of moral or value relativism. We no longer know right from wrong. Nothing is black and white. Everything is a shade of gray, which is to say that anything goes, especially murder.

The evil system that we live under euphemistically called democracy literally exists and survives on the backs of the murdered millions, and citizens do not know the difference between good and evil.

The greatest reward of a death cult is to love death and translate and impute the love of death to the public mind. We must come to love "big brother" so much that we desire to die and sacrifice ourselves to the collective.

Human liberty and personal survival in our time must originate in truth no matter how incredible and shocking to our conditioned minds.

If every preacher in the land would do his duty for truth and life, he would call murder what it is in all these situations. Instead, we are subtly being taught that sacrificing ourselves and our children is honorable, desirable and even glorious; if not a service to our fellow man.

You are the advance guard in the transition back to conscious reality and the recognition of political manipulation.

The expansion of our numbers could and will mean the end of authoritarianism.

The individual in a state of consciousness is not subject to mass hypnosis and political deception. And if you are conscious to the murderous bent of our society, you have taken big steps toward liberty, and ending the murderous travesty.

Yours for the truth, Bob Livingston.

Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter