There are 3 people types


1  Those who discover, invent, create or can simply explain something

2  Those who (you & I) can see, read, learn from insightful people above.

Learn from writings, videos, audios.

3  The general population, asleep, apathetic,

They don't see knowledge (truth) can/ does affect their daily life.

By Observation & Reason,

            we can find truth.


I learn lots of unusual things and

            LATER see how they're useful.

I marvel at those who have figured something out,


            I'm eager to learn.

            Learning is a forgotten privilege,

Some think it's available to young only   who have curiosity,

Observation and Reason.


On some subjects, when you examine the foundations, you are judging from untrue things you know.


From some fuzzy video, we presume       NASA put men on the moon.

Consider the facts with rational thinking

            to dispel these myths.


Some things you can know when

            first shown.

Other things you have to

            study to learn.


Instant Knowledge:


Magic Hexagon:
        9   11   18
   14    6     1    17
15    8     5     7     3
    13    4     2    19
         10   12  16

Add any row or

forward or back leaning diagonal.
            They all total 38.
This is all numbers from 1 to 19.
Learn more at
See math and magic squares.

Magic Square:

8    1    6         = 15

3    5    7         = 15

4    9    2         = 15

15      15  15  15   15

All rows, columns, diagonals add to 15

Freemason's use Magic Square
I delight to get an understanding
  to what I can see & confirm.

3 philosophies/ faith.


            Modern Man:


Those in a hurry, and

            strapped in the physical world.

They must presume authorities, news, government is correct as they have filled their own life with obligations, hobbies, habits.


            Awakened Man:


By logic & reason, can step away form popular opinion.

Does not require support or a group to found his thinking.


            Christian Man:


Seeking knowing Yahuah, God,

gives him comfort, security, peace far beyond those who think their only hope is in their own thought, action, resources, money, opportunity.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.


To accept/ believe information without investigating is foolish. - Prov: 18:13

My people perish for lack of knowledge.

- Hosea 4:6

Truth makes us free. - John 8:32


In all things: patiently persist, with prayer & purpose until we prevail.

With Yahuah & men, all things are voluntary. Don't contract with unjust people.