AI Artificial Intelligence


AI must mean “intelligence augmentation “ in future


     Let this be IA

Objective AI cannot have a vision.

It cannot prioritize.

It cant glean context.

It cant tell the moral of a story.

It cant recognize a joke, or be a judge in a joke contest

It cant drive change.

It cannot innovate.

It cannot do root cause analysis.

It cannot multi-task.

It cannot detect sarcasm.

It cannot decipher tone ( i killed the clerk !? --of my cousin vinny )

It cannot do dynamic risk assessment.

It is unable to refine own knowledge to wisdom.

It is blind to subjectivity.

It cannot evaluate potential.

It cannot self improve with experience.

It cannot unlearn

It is prone to catastrophic forgetting.

It does not understand basics of cause and effect.

It cannot judge subjectively to veto/ abort.

It cannot foster teamwork due to restricted scope.

It cannot mentor.

It cannot be creative.

It cannot think for itself.

It cannot teach or answer students questions.

It cannot patent an invention.

It cannot see the big picture.

It cannot figure out what is morally wrong,

It cannot provide natural justice.

It cannot formulate laws

It cannot figure out what goes against human dignity.

It can be fooled easily using decoys which cant fool a child.

It cannot be a self starter.

It cannot understand apt timing.

It cannot feel.

It cannot get inspired.

It cannot use pain as feedback.

It cannot get excited by anything.

It has no spontaneity to make the best out of situation.

It can be confounded by new situations.

It cannot figure out grey areas.

It cannot glean worth or value.

It cannot understand teamwork dynamics.

It has no intention.

It has no intuition.

It has no free will.

It has no desire.

It cannot create path breaking scientific tools.

It cannot set a goal.

It cannot start from scratch.

It cannot be subjected to the laws of karma.