Clif High: The Return of Trump | Prophecy | Before It's News

Trump is the ultimate liar, he’s epitome of evil, his own family has denied him, his businesses are under indictment, he bankrupted 6 companies, his original name in German equals 666 in gematria, his apartment in New York was used in the movie “The Devils Advocate”, he had an artist paint a mural of Apollyon the Destroyer aka Abaddon the angel of the bottomless pit in his living room.

Clif High has been spectacularly accurate in many of his past predictions.

This 1˝ hour video reveals when WW III will be fought, and EXACTLY how.

Because each war is different, but nations tend to fight present wars with outdated tactics of past-wars.

So WW III is a war on the minds of all peoples on earth -- in a global effort to enslave us.

It is being fought even now, as we speak, and Clif reveals the Timelines, Strategies, Tactics and much more.

TRUMP WILL RETURN, but not as most people expect. Because Trump has a SPECIAL PLACE IN HISTORY.

This is the CLEAREST EXPLANATION of the present situation, that I have ever seen.
Don't miss it!!!  Watch and learn how to prepare for the Holocaust now unfolding !


Clif High from HalfPastHuman.  He's been making accurate predictions for 20+ years.