Common Law to avoid the jab- David Icke

Common Law Is The Answer
To avoid dictates. Vax. Masks. Soc dist. Etc.

- David Icke

There Is A remedy For This Imposed Evil Fascism, Its COMMON LAW! SEE: Thousands Of People Are Awakening To The Covid Hoax BUT WE MUST REFUSE TO COMPLY WITH THE TYRANNY David Icke Speaks About How Businesses Can Reopen And People Can Escape The Fascism Under Common Law And Overcome The Fascist Impositions Of The State David Icke

(*Note*. By registering (recording) your birth under common law (the true law of the land) means that you are lawfully removed from the state statute law and are removed from all covid regulations and so called mandates!!) A medical exemption is not a lawful exemption, as it is just a recommendation by your doctor! Only by registering (recording) under common law will you be lawfully exempt from the fascist covid rules