Vaccine Jan 2021

From Jocelyne, Nurse Practitioner: Your health & survival depend on this knowledge. You can NEVER detoxify from the harmful effects.


Pharmaceutical companies have total immunity from being sued from ANY vaccine CV-19 v. including damage leading to permanent disability & death.  These companies are now attempting to save-face (cover-up) by stating deaths or serious effects are related to known and unknown pre-existing conditions.  


Note: there are several video links enclosed.


#1)      Video: 典his is not a vaccine, it is irreversible genetic modification.


Dr. David Martin-

This is not a vaccine,

It's a pathogen !!!


#2)      Pfizer data 41% death injection rate + harmed 

53 Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine VRBPAC Briefing Document 


According to Pfizer

COVID-19 Vaccine Report

Published 10th December 2020





#3)      Health & FITNESS

FDA: Six people die

during Pfizer/BioNYech's

coronavirus vaccine trials

Egypt Independent



4)         More Death and Fever from Pfizer Vaccine than Covid.

William J. Banks | Paris | 9 December 2020



#5)      Pfizer & Moderna Shots:
Reported Adverse Events

Adding Up:

Seizures & Uncontrollable shaking.

Watch this video



#6)      'Doctor Heinrich Fiechtner Warns



On Prime TV in Germany / 5 minutes w/ captions.


It is NOT about a "virus"

It's about Control !


Some think that the vaccine will be the end of masks.  Think again... 


In addition, the long-term effects are staggering for children & adults psyche...and masks are the evidence of the level of acceptance...erasing our uniqueness.


Thinking about all that....


Be kind and compassionate to others.  

Connect w/ like-minded people. 

Minimize confrontation. 

Imagine a bright future.

Find your soul family.

Forgive & detach.  

Pray. Meditate.

Hug someone.