Panic in Washington [DC]

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The giant is already awake. Patriotism is the Overwhelming majority. So on top of that the paradigm shift has increased exponentially. Media outlets aren't going to reflect anything close to the truth. Sedition on both ends of the neo corporate globalist insurgency neocons globalists neoliberal globalist or the mocking bird clown pretenders will keep pushing a defensive defeatism with increased censorship because every movement passing more people are snapping awake .. the dominion ballot switching has no cover. Their power will be short lived because they only have power through deception.

The overwhelming majority is Trump unity patriotism shunning anyone or anything that isn't America first.

Patriot party confirmed registered. Think brixit party on steroids. You have every deep state pundit of sedition screaming foul. Nothing can stop what is coming to the for in the context of a new free America. There exponentially destroying what is left of there emotional collateral. As I stated often; this is the entire destruction of the globalist insurgency and that includes both parties. The skull and bones new world order surrender caucus and the neoliberal globalist communists because they are identical in higher loyalty oath to destroy the republic entirely by any means necessary. There is no left or right anymore.

It is simply patriotism against sedition to despotism. America first only or slavery .

Worried about another Impeachment? Again! and Again. It's exposing the collusion and treason of many. AND it has another huge upside. Legal actions against the deceptions. Betting against DJT is a loosing proposition. Last years show beyond any doubt... that he and Patriots: ARE IN CONTROL. For the Nation... For the People.

William Robinson:

"....Hypothetical. As a private citizen President Trump does not have the legal restrictions that would be placed on him as an acting president. He can sue for defamation. He can have a full legal defense introducing evidence relevant. Basically impeachment would be a free for all deluge of information and a legal counter-suit constitutionally to face your accusers. He can file for legal damages and go after the media like a boss and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it.. he can even challenge the position of the presidency itself introducing evidence there without restrictions.. how do you release evidence and burn down the hijack. .

If you continue to be the president the country stays locked down people get hurt and they keep denying The Cure but if you give it up people's lives are saved and then you can come back and hand them all their ass as a private citizen and there's really not a damn thing The Establishment can do about it. They found nothing and trying to make something up out of their ass with as much evidence as has been gathered publicly these people are completely screwed. There is a reason that they are terrified of Trump. He still holds the Trump card."

*Move and Countermoves* We have just learned that Trump had to be out of the public view for this period.. This phase in part, includes that a large percentage of citizenry realize the existence of a DS swamp & that we've been forced to function in societies purposely structured with two Tiered governments & two Tiered Justice systems. One for the common man, the other as leverage for an oligarchic class or cabal Syndicate who maintained positions of power & control over their operators & all citizenry. .

Trump could not have remained President for #DECLAS with the barrage of DS MSM still mind controlling the masses against him. He would have been labelled a dictator along with all their other TDS Projections. So Moves and countermoves. #5DChess Besides. Continuing his Kabuki theatre role, Bi-bi-biden is now doing a splendid job Redpilling the Nation. And he's only been bumbling the job for 4 days          .

Everyone deserves though, to know who is issuing instructions in sleepy Joe's ear. "Salute the guard" was one such order. Rather than actually salute, as he walked toward the guards, he parroted the instruction out loud, just as he repeated instructions or prompts in the Presidential debates & the now numerous times he's been pulled out of his basement for public display.

All is fair in love & war, especially with these dirty career thugs.. Here in our digital era, the information war is fierce, but with new interfaces & formatting, this stage is where finally, White Hats have gained the upper hand. They are positioned for FULL defeat against these Ancient Royal Bloodlines who took power through breeding control programs, superior knowledge, albeit low frequency, & technologies. It's also why, joined in alliances, [they] could operate [F]alse [F]lag events like sinking the Titanic, WW1, WW1 1, JFK, 9/11, Vietnam & M.E. wars. To topple that much power required knowing who was actually pulling the strings and how they achieved full control for millennia.. These last 2-3 technological decades with digital tracking recorded their slow unravel. And those who can see are witnessing the glory of our great emergence & timeline of renewal."

Isaiah 23:15


412th Theater Engineer Command TEC strengthens readiness during Operation Castle

Operation Castle Rock continues for Soldiers of the 412th Theater Engineer Command, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The training is designed to prepare the 412TEC to meet Army readiness demands, as well as to prepare the 412TEC to meet and overwhelm any potential threat.

 Plain Clothes marines? Casual ? Marine 1 in the shop?

    The only way to ensure permanent change without the collapse of society is to declass as a scripted movie.

You have to see, feel, and experience the red pill for yourself before the will to change sets in.

The future of the world is being safeguarded via blockbuster film.


Thank you for your cooperation Q


Our initiative Is now complete success.

You have allowed us to lake your country without firing a single shot.

By your lack of actions and full trust on Trump. we have created the biggest false flag ever devised Q. Operation Warp Speed was our plan from the start, and you gave us permission by your inaction, to engage and fully deploy an array of objectives using mRNA biotech. Now, people are lining up for it. it will drive the entire population down for the next several generations, harming and killing thousands in the process. Our plan is now in full effect. New COVID restrictions and mandatory vaccinations will be enforced. Those that refuse will be reallocated in one of our FEMA camps.

"We'll be using the army...'

Both parties have agreed In 2016 to keep unity around OWS at due lime. ]As OWLS we see[ Drops were crafted to create a sense of engagement. Topics, selected.

Information, measured.

No leak was truly damming.

We wanted you to think 'something' was being done, that's all and you  did the rest.

You have fabricated a movement far greater than our models could have anticipated. Have you ever questioned the phrase "You are watching a movie?" That's because WE wrote the script for you.

Now you most face OUR reality. [CHECK MATE].

- - -

Article is part of the Davos Agenda:

More than 2,000 leaders will join the virtual Davos Agenda under the there of   A Crucial Year to Rebuilt Trust" from 25- 29 January.

Twenty-fire heads of stale and government will join to address urgent need for global cooperation.

Six-hundred global CEOs to represent the private sector in 140 sessions live- streamed to the public.

Civil society leaders, academia, arts and culture, as well as youth, will be represented.

With the COVID-19 pandemic underscoring the need for greater global cooperation, political and business leaders from 25-29 January to take part in the World Economic Forum's virtual Davos Agenda event.

- - -


The White House is dark for a week, no one living there since the supposed Inauguration Ceremony shown on 20 Jan. 2021.

That is FEMA/ Military temporary prison.

It will house prisoners ho are awaiting military tribunals.

I have a feeling that some trials will be very public, as will their sentence be shown  carried out.  America will demand to see proof.


Can ANYONE confirm it is real??? 

You are watching the destruction of the old guard

- - -


images: CIA Changed Their Logo ft No Longer Says UNITED STATES Of AMERICA - JUST CIA

Let's Get Kraken; @GhostEzra

So never in recent history has the White House been completely dark inside and out for a week straight. I'm sure someone just forgot to pay the bill or something, Totally normal folks, move right along.


The people who tried to gaslight you into thinking there was such a thing as the Office of the President-Elect' are going to lose their  minds over the Office of the Former President.

 Read more

Statement from the office of the former president.

- - -

   Force One view of Mar-A-Largo the new White House.

Warrior 32

QAnon and the Great Awakening So I did a little digging into Mar A Lago, and I found that'd was Willed to the U.S. Government

In 1973 by the heiress at Post Cereal to be a winter White House. It was given back In 1981 due to the cost for maintenance. Trump bought It for roughly 10 million dollars.. It has 3 bomb shelters: and In 2017 Trumps prow secretary revealed it had a SCI also. So Trumps house: has 3 bomb shelters, a SCIF and has been referred to as the Winter White House.

"Former President Trump on

   Panic in DC - Take care 4

Monday established an official post-presidency office in Palm Beach County, Fla., setting up a vehicle for future public appearances and statements."

Air Force One view of Mar-A-Lago, the now White douse (for now).

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Panic in DC - Take care 4

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