The Take Down     1/2    Empowering Better Humans.

Currently, we are in the systematic removal of all old systems and the people who are holding onto them !

On this 6 dimensional war and clean-up, you can see where all that is evil and wrong with our world is leaving. Those who are egotistically, ignorantly, or unwilling to adapt to a new world, are showing themselves with the mask. They are all being escorted off of this planet [world]. Some are being done forcibly and others are allowed to take themselves out. Yes, I'm speaking about the CV [ covid ] bioweapon shot. Who in their right mind would put something in their body, without researching the end results or ingredients? How about the numerous people we see covered and enveloped in plastic and masks to save themselves from a smoke screen fake plandemic? What happens to these people?

I have wondered why the military is allowing for the covid shot to enter into hospitals? What is the real story? If you use common sense, you can see where the mis-use of vaccines have been poisoning people for 50+ years. Its not just the Covid shot but all shots. You can also analyze all the modalities of Western Medicine and discover that it too is a scam and has been intentionally killing people for years. Why? Because we have been living in the underworld of Moloch. We have been subjected to evil, lies, deceit, con jobs, poisoning, mis­guidance and the limitation of choices. All of the DS [Deep State] systems were put in place to control us and to give them the opportunity to steal our kids, our lives and our wealth. Furthermore, they created a world that made the humans the slaves (Paris Agreement [Accords] and the Organic Act of 1871 [UNITED STATES Corp.]. They lived in palaces, castles, mansions and in the best areas the planet. They got the beach side homes and we got what was left. The slaves learned, the more you paid in taxes, the better your life circumstances. If you allowed the government to take care of you "FREE", you got squealer trailers, the Bronx, or even homelessness. We worked our butts off so they could get gold, art, fancy clothes, designer cars, precious stones, and elaborate vacations. It was all a set-up so you lose and they win.

The purpose of the Covid shot and the 5 pharmaceutical companies that are now making the bioweapons, they are going to bring down Western Medicine. The whole evil operation known as Western Medicine, is about to be exposed on a global scale. Once people learn the full extent of their crimes [the unseen rulers], they [We the People] will never go back! The doctors, nurses, and other personnel "will not be able to walk down the streets", remember? They have killed, tortured, and poisoned our loved ones. Some people have experienced this awful system of demonic medicine, and they have the scars to prove it. After the Nuremberg II trials are over, No One will return to Western Medicine modalities! No one will ever have a surgery again. No one will ever put poisons in their body again [Med Beds coming].

As a Human Race of enlighten beings, we will begin to take care of our bodies. We will be taught how to reach the full potential of Arch Angel Humans and have full homeostasis. We are moving away from Natural Health, Western Medicine and into Quantum Health. How about those that keep running back to their doctors, or taking their poisoned pills of petroleum, or getting bogus surgeries for a hug [??] ? What happens to these people?

I found this on Frogman's channel.

"Saving America is not the hard part, keeping her saved is the real struggle. Only a massive cultural shift can achieve this." "The Biden Show" triggers self-identification of the "dangerous morons" and Authoritarian colluders in our society. Their loss of credibility in turn forces a reordering of power among the people towards Patriots. A lot of arrogant and prideful dangerous morons are about to get the hardest lesson of their lives and their conceit and carelessness is exposed. Academia is set for a revolt and revolution, mass media for implosion, "sick care" medicine for replacement. It's an apocalypse of authority".

I have covered this information in bits and pieces over the years. I have spent years teaching people the difference between healing yourself vs. the fraud presented by the "White" coats [doctors]. For those who will not change, or adapt, they will want the CV shot. They will be allowed to leave the planet so we can move forward and change. We need to grow into a 5th dimensional world. Hanging onto the past or old ideologies will only stick us in the same 3D controlled mud. We can't do it anymore and the time is now for change. We are not only removing the evil ones, foretold in the bible 5:5 [?], but also the layer of people who will not change. It has to be this way so we can change. Q, the military, digital warriors, and many more; have been working for the last 15 + years to educate people as to what is really happening in our world. Those who would not listen, would not research, would not be apart of the knowledge boom; those sleepers are not meant to carry on. They are too far behind the progress of the Patriots. Curious, I wonder how many of those people taking the Covid shot are narcissistic? How many think they are above everyone else and that their world would not be affected by the change?

How many are just plane lazy? Their mindset will lead them to the "Biden" trap and we Patriots are watching it happen. For millions, its too late.

Very soon, the Covid scare will be over and the truth will be revealed. What will the shotters do then? How will they process the information that they are not long for this world? How will they feel once they realize that their own stupidity and ego brought them down? I believe this type of self inflicted demise will leave a knowledge stamp on their soul's memory. Maybe this is what God [Yahweh] is hoping for, so in the future these people will listen and observe. Your body is a gift from God, so we need to cherish it. This is a hard lesson for a lot of people to learn.

For the rest of us, I guess we sit back and watch the end of this movie. There are great things to come and we have a seat next to the galactics. We have the seal of the Golden Star and our "coach ability" is one the ET's can teach. The rest of the humans, not so much. You know them, you have witnessed their attitudes, and their superior "better than you" mentality. Our humbled, tired, and well learned experiences has earned us a place in 5 D. It has not been easy and as we watch our loved ones leave, this is yet another bridge we must cross as we go into the promise land.

Med Beds are coming, and maybe the scare of killing yourself as an ignorant slave, is what Q was speaking about? I guess we will have to wait and see. "Scare Tactic is important", remember? Satanic operations are being driven to take the CV shots! Do you see it?       Empowering Better Humans.     Ted Elden