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How to handle traffic tickets:

tried and tested...traffic tickets and rebutting the assumption by


Here is what I do and recommend to all that ask.  It has worked in many states from PA., NJ, ARK., WISC., COLO., TEXAS, NM., OH., OK., CALI. That I have personal knowledge of.
Ark. was an appeal when I was notified to help. Same statement and appellate told the attorney to work it out. Client said no and end of it.
Take the ticket or copy and attach a paper to it and send to the clerk of the court.. Write on paper this.
"The Constitution of the United States of America. Article 1, section 8, clause 17; I'm not an United States Citizen. I'm a state national"  (or one can use American national ,).
Vacate this ticket for lack of jurisdiction."  Sign your name. 

In the past I did not recommend to vacate the ticket and the court would send everyone a notice that they were convicted or warrant and we just replied again the same statement and that was the end of it. Adding that measure to vacate may eliminate that notice. It's something I just started recommending. The rest is tested many times  and works. 


Best regards,  C.Danielson


he explained more: Article 1 section 8, clause 17    interpreted


the jurisdiction of the United States is land they purchase goes on to state for specific purposes.  The United States assumes your their chattel.purchased slave till you claim otherwise.  Voluntary subject because one is ignorant.


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What your birth 'certificate' really is, is just a 'Certificate of Title' to the U.S. citizen, just like you get for your car. Legally, you don't own the fictional U.S. citizen, and legally you don't own your car. The government holds the title to both of them, and issues you a Certificate of Title for your car and a Birth Certificate for the U.S. citizen. They are claiming this property as theirs by presumption. And it is, until you rebut this presumption. In the past you have gone along with this presumption because you didn't know the truth. You are the true owner of this property, your birth certificate. The government is just a holder of this property



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