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Lockdown in DC, governments failing, Corporate Rule ending, Republic reforming

There are now 250,000 Chinese troops surrounding USA, 75,000 in Canada and the rest in Mexico.

They are waiting for Biden to be sworn in, then they will enter USA.  If Trump remains in power, they will stay out of USA.

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This is the basis to all the current activities:

USA 1871 - 19th President   3 min US Corporation ending, USA Republic reforming.

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D.C. under full Lockdown! Radios and Cell phones being Jammed! Jan 15th 2021" on YouTube

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BOOM & CLARITY from POTUSíS MEN * important *

Ted's summary of this article.

- 25,000 troops are now in DC, under the guise of riot control for the inauguration.

- More troops across the country - all major Democrat cities - are on standby which is 1hr recall.

Russiaís entire government resigns as Vladimir Putin plans huge constitutional shake-up

The Dutch Government has resigned.

Angela Merkel is stepping down.

Estonia's PM Prime Minister is missing.

Italian Government is collapsing.

And there are at least five times as many troops in the District of Corruption as there are in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

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Epoch Times article on Election Fraud Allegations

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They Can't Hide it any more, Everyone must know this. David Icke

When you control human perception, control what people think is real (news, education), then elite, rulers control all people.

Governments across world, are facing a showdown.  They will either rule by force (not by law) or the people will rise up to clamor rights.

Do what you know is right.

Experience a spiritual transformation.

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Trump Declassifies 'Foot-High' Stack of Russia-Gate Documents

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Latest on Nancy [Pelosi] & Chemtrails are real - podcast 926"


CCP + Hunter Biden s*x tapes

Declassified documents

1-15-20 State Dept. - Activity at the Wuhan Inst. of Virology.

1-15-20 List of Trump accomplishments.

1-12-20 Black Vault releases CIA documents on UFO.

Obama Admin. knowingly funded al-Qaeda Affiliate.

Voter Fraud - Epoch times.

Biden family Foreign Business Arrangements.

Chinese Virologist who fled China Publishes Evidence COVID-19 created in Lab.

Photos + video of Hunter Biden in various sex acts & perversions.

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Worldwide GREATNESS unfolding! TRUMPSARA worldwide, SantaSurfing 1/15/2021

Part 1:


Part 2:

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Trump & The Art Of War: Last Mover Advantage | Sgt Report

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Riveting! The Great Awakening & The War Against The Deep State: The Sequel (New Documentary)

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  Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Tells all that's going on
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Ted reports information that he sees from searching and from sharing and notes I receive.

If you want to know if something is true, or accurate, you can wait and watch, or search & investigate.

Often, it seems, you have to learn seemingly unrelated things before you can understand what you now see.  Mainstream news is a great deception keeping primary info away from you and filling you head with red herrings, distractions, exaggerations, mis direction, or general false flags.

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Did ANtiFA/ Deep State plan the attack on the Capitol while Trump was speaking 1 mile away to his patriots ?

BardsFM, The Power of Silence - 2021.01.12 First 41 min

Insight for who is running the country now.

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Rep. Marjorie taylor Gree- Impeach Biden yt

The End of the Banking Act
DIY Do It Yourself, Admin public servant