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In order to send a very strong message to the world and other people thinking they can take over this country, they will get a very strong message coming soon.

 What you see below is the Gallows! Washington DC will be turned into a place to visit and witness the DS world.

 It will be paraded for all those to see so that we never have to experience another invasion.

 In the near future, you will witness Treasonous people being hung in front of the White House.

 The House they wanted to destroy and steal its wealth.

 This will be their final resting place and a moratorium to their crimes against our beloved America.

 For the first time, our nation will return to public hangings.

 Here is the stage for which they will stand and hang by a rope.

 The end won't be for everyone but for some its a necessary path to deter future invaders and Treasonous actors.

 America will not stand for infiltration, stealing our kids, drug running, pedowood, poisoned medicines, bioweapons, fake science, predator schools, or fake economics.

 We are no longer par of the UNITED STATES OF THE VATICAN.

 We are now the American Republic for the People an by the People.

 Thanks to the White Hats, POTUS and his family, Star Beings, Military, and our very own Star Fleet Guardians (Space Force X); our country is now protected from those that are evil and soulless.

 The trigger will be the emergency alert on our phones EBS, and this is the sign that all is going to be revealed.

 Last night, the military set off fireworks after arresting many in the White House.

 Who, we do not know yet.

 The police of DC made 4 trips to the White House and fro to the airport.

 The arrested went to Florida to the military base to stand for tribunals.

 Afterwards, fireworks were seen in the sky.

 Look for more good news to come soon.

 The White House and the Washington Monument are all dark and have been since Trump left.



QAnon and the Great Awakening
So I did a little digging into Mar A Lago and I found that it was willed to the U.S. Government in 1973 by the heiress of Post cereal to be a winter White House. It was given back in 1981 due to the cost for maintenance. Trump bought it for roughly 10 million dollars. It has 3 bomb shelters and in 2017 Trumps press secretary revealed it had a SCIF also. So Trumps house has 3 bomb shelters, a SCIF and has been referred to as the Winter White House.
Mar A Lago has a SCIF and bunkers.

Guantanamo- Arrests Official Documents

FedEx is storing thousands of body bags. & shipping them out.