Swamp Empty - Marshall Law

We are under Martial Law.  1/11/2021

The Swamp is empty.


These people were arrest, in prison for high treason:

Pelosi (at 3 am), Joe & son Biden, Kamala Harris, Gov. & Mayor of NY

Also so arrested/ in prison: AOC, Zuckerburg, Pence, Adam Schiff.

Every democrat elected to office in last 8 years except 10 people, are all arrested, mayors.

Lt. Thomas McKinley a 3 star General in England, accepting transmission between Hillary & Chinese

McKinley over 7 feet tall did 1/2 hour presentation.

1 of Como brothers, arrested for selling voting machine language codes to the Chinese.

Special Forces, infiltrated Antifa this summer.

These special forces got Pelosi's laptop taken from the Capitol raid 6 Jan.

Little Egypt has military connections.