Conference Call recording 4.5 hrs. & notes:  2021 01 26

1.       Bitocoin – How it can be manipulated.

2.       Dumbing down of America -

3.       The past may control the future; 

This is an overview of how MSM “creates” the past which drives the future.

4.       Someone said they did not see the inauguration editing -short video Star Trek Disclosure at Biden Inauguration Hoax - POST PRODUCTION EDITING applied to PRE RECORDED

5.       Simple one page Covid letter and an overview of:

   a.       The Constitutionality of the lockdowns and masks

   b.       Science showing ineffectiveness of masks

   c.       Science showing that the PCR test is not a valid test for Covid

   d.       Laws governing vaccines – Nuremburg code

   e.     The highlights are on the main page,  an important warning here, and what you can do here.  Look for this wording in the top paragraph of link below.

   f.      COVID Self Defense Tools for Small Businesses -