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Conference call 26 Jan notes

China Chicom Military watching over uSA to protect Biden-Harris rule

000 Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez and Tiana Islam

    Was ceremony pre recorded a day in advance so what the nation
    saw was not live but a play back of a pre recorded event ?

002 Q predicted Scare Event

003 Trump put barricades around the foreign city of Wash. DC.

    Trump cannot rule over the united States of America from a foreign nation, from DC !

004  Hunter's incriminating laptop, Troops in DC, foreign missiles in uSA

005  Vaccine danger, it's not really a vaccine !

006 Biden took Illegal Inauguration, completing his crime.  US Military has this covered.

    X 22 Report Trump in 30 days hopes to complete uSA take over of UNITED STATES Corporation.

007 Military in DC all turned away, showing their backs to exiting Biden motor case.

008 Lin Wood, Trump will come back into office.  009 Correct fraudulent Inaugural

010  Gene Decode - Optics - PsyOps

011 Robert David Steele  012

    001 Links from 1/19 conference.

    2021-01-19 Conf. Recording 4.5 hrs.   & Links

Everything is broken

How Trump captures the Deep State

Tweets Pompeo Wood Trump Pence

Tweets Pompeo, Lin Wood, DC Sting

Restored Republic 2021 01 01 most important   

Swamp Empty - Marshall Law

The Plan - US Military

Vaccine Jan 2021    Vaccine Research and Danger    Masks        Covid Protection 

    Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day, 16 Jan. 2021    by Trump
News-2021-01-15  USA is corp. since 1871, DC under lock down,
        25,000 troops in DC, 250,000 foreign troops on US borders.

News-2021-01-14 OID

News-2021-01-13 Deep State, Law

news-2021-01-10 Depopulation, US Corp, Fed Reserve, Conspiracies, Crown Rules, Illuminati, Rockefellers $ 500 Trillions

News-2021-01-09 Restored Republic, Voter Fraud, Pandemic, Vaccine, Nashville bomb at AT&T Building

.         Pedophilia Essays Hydroxchloroquine HCL treatment recipe explained  Great Reset

News-2021-01-08 empty

News-2021-01-07  HCL Fauci, Vaccine, funding sources 5G

Simon Parkes - suspicious

Trump Declassified Obama Documents - Lou Dobbs 2021 01 15


> Ben Fulford Report '20-12-30

> 01    For people new to suppressed conspiracies

> 02    News on Voters Fraud, Pandemic, Great Awakening, Reset & other

> 03     more articles

> Hydroxychloroquine recipe

> 87,000+ doctors/ nurses- Truth on false pandemic    HCQ Hydroxychloroquine misc-images

Eliminate the Soul    Benjamin Fulford-'21-01-01

US Military is taught We the People are enemies of the UNITED STATES.  links of 1,000s of pages here.

Diplomat Immunity - Copper Moon Shine Stills

Wikileak's Footage of NASA filming the Moon landing on Earth.  They never landed on the moon, all done on Earth, the entire moon landing was a fraud.

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