2021-01-19 Conf call notes - Kalisa

Covid vaccine is Not a Vaccine 15 USC Federal FDA 41

Spanish flu resurrected

War castes laid out


Dr Frances Boyles- vaccine is biological weapon

Covid Plan 

Gates compared to serial killers

Clinton pardons terrorists who become head of BLM/ANTIFA

   2nd link  https://www.brighteon.com/c7a8c91c-07d5-49af-8aac-eebc2c626c18

History of Kazarian Jews

Good history on the Khazarian plan in action

Biden [ photo missing ]
Proof Hunter Biden is a pedophile.
Notice drug paraphernalia on the table, a stripper pole, and a child. What was he doing there? We all know
The media won't cover that. Press is worse than China's