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Your time, effort, intelligence & understanding are precious and are important to us all.
The quality of your life is based on information you get.
Life is about managing information - determining truth !
We are in extreme times of change, upheaval & chaos.
Seek Yahuah, our creator. Listen to His Holy Spirit, your intuition.
You cannot know truth until you see it.
Many who "already know" are stuck in untruth.
They cling to what they know and ignore what they might learn.
You must understand some things before you can even imagine deeper truths.
Ted, this web author, is no one important, but he hopes to guide you to
incredible people who offer a ray of hope, incisive information so
you might understand the hard truths around us.
Save yourself from illness, theft, harm, loss, lies & deceptions etc.
Truth will make us Free. John 8:32
I mailed nearly 40,000 letters with 2 cent postage to awaken others.
I can't continue to mail, e-mail, conference to individual people.
I pray you might read this website - step away from crippling false beliefs
from government, public health, Gates, Fauci, WHO, WEF, NIAID, NIH, etc.
ted     at