We are winning!   Stores Drop Masks


This is why I do what I do.  by Peggy Hall


For over a year, I have been educating people on their God-given rights, including the God-given right to BREATHE.


And, I have researched and prepared the country's first-ever "US CIVIL RIGHTS PROTECTION" cards and "DIRECT THREAT" cards which are available on the website for free. (download and print out #5 here:


Thousands of HEALTHY AMERICANS have now learned about their rights and the laws that protect them.


And THOUSANDS of HEALTHY AMERICANS are standing up and FIGHTING for these rights, many times paying a huge price in the bargain, getting arrested, handcuffed and thrown into jail.


Often these charges are dropped and there is never even a court appearance because even the judges have to know how UTTERLY ABSURD it is to charge someone with trespassing simply because they were trying to put food on the table.


How insanely ridiculous is it that we have to FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL just to participate in these BASIC activities of normal human life such as...


... putting food on the table


... getting medical care


... watching our kid's athletic events


... taking your pets to the vet


... traveling by bus or plane


But what is even WORST (I like to say "worst" for emphasis, because worst is worse than worse) is that:




(Well, if you watched my videos called, "DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVE" then you know exactly how I feel about that.)


I will never relent! But I will never give another penny to Sprouts or any of these oppressive stores. Thank you to all the wonderful Healthy Americans and others who have fought the good fight! We are winning!


These stores are now reportedly "allowing" customers in without masks:


Trade Joe's



Not that I care!


I will never give another penny to those tyrants that so blatantly discriminated against millions of people...


And in many cases, these psychopaths called the cops to have LAW-ABIDING citizens arrested... for daring the BREATHE!!


I will NEVER GROVEL and "thank" the slave-drivers for "giving me back" freedom.

No sir, no way, no how.


I have lived and shopped MASK-FREE for over a year.


I shop at Ralphs (Krogers), Von's, Albertsons, Walmart -- and farmer's markets.


So, even though I will NEVER give my business to these HORRIBLE stores that have shown themselves to be TRAITORS to freedom-loving Americans, it does give me a great sense of satisfaction that WE ARE WINNING!


And we are NEVER going to stop.




I plan on going to Sprouts and TRAITOR Joes to linger and show off my God-given bare face... and tell them that I am never going to give them another penny, and I will encourage others to do the same.