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Regarding 6 Jan.  2021, 1,000s of people at the Capitol Building, and within that crowd you stood firm and delivered yours speech so America would know we're all being lied to and people don't have to die.  Then a dozen FBI agents broke down her door, swarmed with automatic rifles, hand cuffed you and without reading  your rights threw her in a jail cell for 4 days without even a phone call.  How then could you expose the lies, how then could you reclaim your rights ?  What could you do to save lives because we're all being lied to and people don't have to die ?

Despite being canceled by the media and the Big Tech, despite earning the distinction of being the most censored event in social media following 20 million views at my doctors summit, America's frontline doctors has become a national and International movement.

I'd like to explain what I see now and what's coming.  It has been one year not since the virus, that's been 16 months.  It's been one year since doctors knew early treatments did work, since epidemiologist knew lock downs did not work.  It's been decades since every scientist in the world knew that masks don't keep out respiratory viruses.  So let's quickly dispense with the scientific facts.

1.  Per the CDC, the chance of surviving Sars-Cov 2 with no treatment at all, is virtually 100% for the young and middle aged.  It approaches 95% in the untreated elderly.  And with early treatment, it is nearly 100% survivable.  Those numbers are from the CDC.

2 There are now close to 300 studies that show early treatment with common medications work.  Doctors who deny their patient's life saving medications should be sued for malpractice.

3 The legal basis for dispensing a vaccine at warp speed as if there is an emergency of which there is none and that there is no effective treatment of which there are now several.

4 Everything about this pandemic was handled in the opposite way as to what is taught in medical school and public health schools.  Literally public health textbooks teach the following 4 precepts:

1st quarantining healthy people is not effective

2nd the frail should be protected

3rd early treatment is best

4th herd immunity occurs naturally into a crowd of population.

That's what the textbooks say.  We've done none of it.

5 Johnson and Johnson and Astra Zeneca have been paused but don't let that mask the fact that the VARs database shows more than 2,000 deaths related to all 4 vaccines.  Why are Johnson and Johnson Astra zeneca paused but Modern & Pfizer, with new technology and far more deaths are not ?  Ponder that.  It's not enough time to give you my opinion but give that a think.  People need to give voluntary informed consent for all medical treatments but even more so for an investigational agent.  However we're seeing the opposite.  We're already seeing employers and businesses attempting to enforce masks and vaccination over anyone they control.  The science is being so recklessly ignored that it's undeniable that something else must be going on.  The real problem is not that people are ignoring science, not the governors are killing actual people, not school boards have proven they don't care about children, and not that mayors and city council's have tried to eliminate the middle class.  It's not even that American people have revealed their soft underbelly of complacency in the face of tyranny, These are huge problems to be sure but comprehending the overarching reasoning for these huge problems requires a paradigm shift.  Almost all human beings have an intrinsic me to believe in something bigger than themselves.  It's irrelevant if a person's self identifies as atheist.  Inevitably they will simply substitute a different belief system than believing in God.  That could be for good, such as helping orphans or could be neutral, such as building the largest Lego collection on the block or it could be for bad, such as joining a criminal gang.  This undeniable fact of human nature has always been exploited by tyrants which is why churches are the # 1 target socialist and Communist dictators.  Churches have the capacity to connect people to something greater than themselves and people will be loyal to that sense of belonging, That sociopath exploit people's need to believe by substituting something evil is not unusual but the worldwide nature of the delusion and tyranny is.  That sentence bears repeating.  The delusion and the tyranny we are experiencing is worldwide and this has never happened in the history of the world.  The only way to explain the scope of the problem is to recognize that humanity has birthed and new religion.  Recall that the French revolution birth to the Cult of Reason which completely rejected the possibility of God and ushered in the era of dechristianization in the formerly Catholic country.  I don't know about you, but I don't think the French ever recovered.

Imagine that a similar cult is sweeping the globe.  Here is my proof that we're in the throes of a new religion.

1st the facts are not relevant.  There is a mountain of evidence for more than a year as well as for decades prior to this episode that nothing about Sars Cov 2 warrants the response it has caused.  Answering factual questions such as: does early treatment work, does lock downs work, do mask works is the silly as asking if the world is round.  Asked and answered, the fact that we are still answering [asking] these questions is proof that facts have become irrelevant.

2md Beliefs control the outcome.  People routinely say things like: I don't believe early treatment works, or I don't believe Fauci's lying or, my favorite, I believe an experimental treatment is safer than a decades old drug that we've used for billions of times throughout the world.  That's a belief.  It's not just a rejection of facts, it's an acceptance of a belief in something other than fact.

3rd Believers need to convert others.  Since when did a patient or a doctor let alone a reporter or politician care about anyone else taking a legal medication.  In 2020 hydroxy chloroquine became a morality's test.

4 Non believers are condemned.  If you don't wear a mask, if you don't plan to take an investigational medication note the moral righteousness of people who believe differently.  You are being dehumanizing in their eyes.  How else to explain the magnitude of a worldwidem universal delusion that rejects facts, relies on belief and has produced fanatics committed to converting or condemning the others.  This is a new religion.  If you believe that each human being is a free soul under God, you understand yourself to be religious, but it is a mistake to believe the other side is not religious.  In fact they are fervently religious/ They just don't have a single constant deity.  Currently their deities are people like Fauci, Gates, the WHO, the CDC, even Pfizer and Moderna.  How did this happen ?

Fear, as they say there are no atheists in a foxhole

Humanity was pummeled with fear for an entire year.  It became very easy for tyrants to exploit westerners,

who for years have proudly proclaimed they don't prioritize religious beliefs.

to fight westerners self identification … these persons have actually been indoctrinated to the new religion of Public Health.

So going forward in 2021 together, we face two opponents, the sociopathic, evil, greedy policy makers who are committing massive crimes against humanity, no mercy.

There are 100 of these unindicted criminal still in power.  I'm under no illusion that their victims, those 100s of thousands who died, millions who became unnecessarily ill, the hundreds of millions worldwide who slipped into poverty, those started using drugs or lost their business, the billions who could go to the his funeral or their best friend's wedding or their own graduation.  I've no allusion that they will receive Justice but America's Frontline Doctors will do everything possible to shed light on their evil behavior through the courts, through the media and to empowering the citizens of the world.

I'll explain more on that in a moment.  I caution any misguided reporter who wants to criticize my next statement that I am a daughter of Holocaust Survivor, and I know no more than you ever will on the subject.  The NAZI era did not come to an end in 1945.  What followed Nazism them was the Nuremberg Trial where Nazi doctors were hanged.  What came out of the Nuremberg Trial was the Nuremberg Code which recognizes for all the time that no human being can ever be forced to participate in a medical experiments.

The names of the perpetrators of the covid evil will eventually be is repugnant as Nazis and we hope the post covid era will be a rededication to human freedom just like Nuremberg followed Nazism.

But we have a second front on this war on humanity and that is the hundreds of millions of people across the world who've now been twisted into holding a sincere religious belief in the religion of Public Health.  You must recognize this enemy too.  On our sovereign plank, we must do battle also with the masses who are blindly following evil.  Perpetrating evil on a mass scale always has required mobilizing good people to do evil actions.

If the masses can be tricked into proving morally repugnant behavior such as pressuring persons to take an experimental medication do not excuse them, because "they know not what they do.  "

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.  It no difference to the oppressed person if the oppressor had an evil intent or is nearly ill informed.  Until good people snap out of their religious fervor they are the enemy as well even though these people are our neighbors, our

our friends and family.  Even most of them would never have fallen for these lies had they not been force fed fear  24/7.

They are assisting in the world wide movement to execute human freedom.

There are now millions of people who do not see a fundamental problem with forcing someone to take an experimental medication.

Dominion over one's own body is

in law is firmly established in the United Stets and Europe and the entire free world ever since the Holocaust in Neurenburg.

And yet people are literally talking about forcing people as if this is OK.  How else to understand the magnitude of a world wide universal delusion that has produced fanatical behaviors committed, fanatical believers committed to forcing others to convert or be condemned.  This is truly a new religion.  I didn't use this phrase as a joke or as a pretext.  It's to get you to see the problem for what it is or we're all going to be enslaved.

The facts are knowable to every man woman and child.  There is nothing uniquely different about this 7th Corona virus known as Sars Cov 2 that requires any unique public response.

If it policymakers had simply kept their grubby hands out of the cookie jar and let the doctors and nurses do their job, the world would not have suffered as it has.  Under this fact pattern, if you are now silent when another person is being coerced into taking any type of medication, you will be contributing to the evil.

Don't be silent.  The Civil Rights Battle of our time is to the medical apartheid that is nipping at our heels.  Just today I saw a sign in a church separating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.


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