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Portrait only pricing          04/20/2016

W E D D I N G   -  P O R T R A I T   -  R E C E P T I O N

 near 2 Ramu Road Charleston, West Virginia  [ 25314 ]     www. abodia. com   -   tel 304 344-2335
near Univ. of Charleston on MacCorkle Ave. at Porter Rd.     
304 344 2335      Little Rock Studio near Top O Rock

Prices depend on location, date of event  
and date payment is received.

Simplified Listing:

Wedding Photography      or      Video Pricing
Suggested Images / Times
Choose Hours & Print Size for price
30 % deposit
payment & contract reserves photographer for your wedding date.

Best Pricing by time:

$ 250 for set-up & first hour, $ 125 for each additional hour.
Buy the image set for 20 % of contract, or buy individual print.

Get prints 30 each, 8x10 prints from $ 3, whole albums under $ 100.

Pricing with Prints:

Photo Time # proofs Images  # You Keep 5x7" Prints or Get 8x10" Prints
2 hours 60-90 40 $ 550 30 $ 600
4 hours 100-140 65 $ 650 50 $ 800
6 hours 140-180 95 $ 950 80 $ 1200
8 hours 180-220 125 $ 1250 100 $ 1600
Additions $ 5 / ea. $ 10 / ea. $ 14/ ea.

1st number of proofs if in film, 2nd larger number if in digital.
Add video to our photo contract at the same hourly rate.
Portrait Settings; Bridal Gown, Engagement Couple, Couples Love Story 
on our 5 landscaped acres overlooking the capitol city skyline. $ 50 to $ 250.

Upgrade to 8x10 prints for $ 10 ea.   Portrait only pricing bck 26 fe 03 Portrait

More extensive packages available w/ portraits, albums & or video. Inquire !
If you purchase video only, video rate is 50% greater.

 Prices based on paying in full 6 month before event,
or add 15 % each month closer to event, until fully prepaid.
add 30 % for each: video work without equal photo work, holiday weekend, digital photos or work by Ted Elden.

Pay for prints only !
No charges for equipment or travel.

We can provide Albums (100+ styles) from many sources including:
Art Leather, Leather Craft, Albums Inc, Tap Albums, Renaissance, and others
including long enduring heirloom leather albums.    Sample Pricing:

$  45 8x9" 20 - 5x7 prints
$ 125 12" square 24 - 5x7 or 12 - 8x10 prints
$ 165 12" square 48 - 5x7 or 24 - 8x10 prints

We offer 100s of different albums, from $ 35 coffee table album
as displayed at bridal fairs & in studio. $ 200+ for 11x14" print album

Minimum Times beyond Charleston & Kanawha Co.
4 hrs. Morgantown, Lexington. KY, Princeton, Athens & Columbus OH

By arrangement, images can be proofed, viewed, printed
or purchased  from Photo CD or over the internet.

On a budget ?  Pre-purchase negatives or source images 35 % more than listed prices. 
Purchase your negatives or source images for as little as $ 3 ea. / negative in quantities.
Then make albums, reprints, enlargements without copyright fees.
Negatives are from film, source images are digital images from digital cameras or scanned images.
Best prices
are for clients who plan ahead, reserve & pre-pay early.

Prices at on-line labs: 4x6 @ 12 , 5x7" @ $ 80 ,  8x10" @ $ 2, 11x14" @ $ 5
Prices from on-line labs
Local labs may cost slightly more.

We can do far more; preparing photos, albums, video & DVD. 
Studio Portraits of Bride, Engagement or Love Story of Couple,
For Your Reception, we can prepare: a matted portrait or montage for guests to sign,
a Slide Show  or Montage of photos from your youth, your romance, or your Portrait.

We can photo you Rehearsal & or dinner, & or Bridal Shower.

Most brides engages us for 4 to 8 hours, but we have done much more; 
We've spent up to 19 hours over a 3 day weekend  with some bridal parties.!
Of one wedding, the family ordered 10 Art Leather Craft Albums 
of 40 - 8x10's prints in each album for various family members - 
spending $ 1000s more than the modest initial photo package. 
 This was an elected option, the client must have loved the photography !

We typically photograph & video throughout the full time 
we are with bride and bridal party at the celebration.

Our prices lists the least amount of coverage & images we can do 
at our lowest price,
yet we can do far more.  

For the higher base price that most studios charge
you'd be astonished at what we can create & deliver.

Ted Elden prefers to use all digital equipment,
offering more images, diversity, greater quality in exposure, composition,
and more options with your album, prints, and purchasing your source images.

Elden's Sony Alpha 12 MP camera offers over a thousand variations on creating each image. 
It takes much skill, dexterity, knowledge & experience to operate effectively 
such a complicated optical & technologically advanced instrument.

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