Ted Elden, Photographer Extraordinaire

People Photography reveals interaction of people. 
In our images, you'll find joy, laughter, delight & enchantment, even mystery.
Expressions result from getting along with, involving, & engaging people,
to find areas of interest, to relax & inspire them.

Far more important than the camera, is 

the photographer's ability to charm, delight, engage his subjects 

to reveal, in their images, something personal;
candid & natural, to delight those who'll view the photos.
Then his capability to use a range of environments, props, poses, camera,
lighting, editing & software to transform those images.

Trust your most precious moments to our professional, experienced, caring skill.
Poem of Elden's Portrait Photography


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Ted Elden received his Bachelor Degree at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Penna. where he studied photography. 
He has attended seminar / workshop / studies on a variety of specialized subjects,
including studying directly with Donald Jack, nationally famous wedding / portrait photographer.

Elden's interest, experiments, experience centers on people, portraiture, story telling & or fantasy.

Elden's works have been published nation wide.  
He's received national & international awards for his photography.

In his 3+ decades of dedication to photography, he has owned & used 39 separate camera systems,
including Swiss Sinar 4x5 ($ 3,500), Fuji Medium Format, Revere Stereo camera, Leica,
Minolta Maxxum
, Mamiya, Sony Alpha, Samsung, and may other digital and or video systems.

In his creation of over 1/2 million images
he has at least 500 different subjects, with 500+ samples of each.

He is well versed on many advanced camera techniques including;
lighting, soft light, back light,
remote light, natural, amber sunset,
multiple exposure
, special printing techniques; water color, canvas, spray finishes,
silhouette, shadow, solarized prints.
In the 1/2 million images I've created, you'll find traditional, classic, but beyond,
much innovation, imagination, spontaneity,
a unique view of People & Places in time of events & circumstances that often cannot be repeated.

Current equipment & techniques include; film & digital camera for art effects, video & slide shows, diverse media; prints, canvas,
Photo CD
, Video tape, title, editing, effects & DVD.

Elden has photographed in 40+ states of united States, Europe, 
Asia, Central America, Canada, & in over 35 separate countries.

His images have appeared in 100+ separate national publications.

Ted Elden has 35,000+ images displayed in illuminated Abodia Slide Storage System at their
Top O Rock Studio,
the round glass office above MacCorkle Ave. at Porter Road, near Verizon Phone Co.
This has been a source for magazine & newspaper editors, 
and a creative idea source for our clients.

We currently have over 20,000 digital images on file from recent weddings/ events/ portraits.

Our portable Studio lighting & backdrops can be transported to any location as our assignment & or clients may require. 
Recent works have included photography in W. Va., Vir., Penna., Ken., Maryland, D.C., Calif., Colo., N.J., ...

Others assist in various phases of our work, scheduling, assisting in organizing people & events on site,
managing & setting up equipment, reprints, albums preparation, & working as a team since 1974

  Of all things, photography is the unique product of personalities in time.

I'd love to assist anyone with any project.  Just ask, I'm sure we can find unique and creative solutions.

Ted Elden - 304 344 2335  a (at) abodia.com Charleston W. Va. serving W. Va. & beyond

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Elden is registered Architect, 25,000+ hours of diverse computer experience, adept with computers & 100+ different programs, has designed, built / owned over 300 separate computer systems, developed Abodia USA & international selling to professionals, universities & US corporations in most US states and many foreign countries; developed, printed & distributed millions of promotional brochures / literatures, secured 100s of national press releases, some which ran on trade journal covers in many diverse fields, exhibited or presented in most major US cities.

Elden is / was a member of many organizations, active Charleston Rotarian, Toast Master, writer, nationally published & award winning poet, involved in yoga and diverse sports; spring board diving, water & snow skiing, scuba, hang gliding, rock climbing, camping, motor & bicycling & fitness, meditation & intensive studies on diverse subjects.  He enjoys the process of change, in mind, body & spirit.  He lectures to Civic Clubs, students & public on a plethora of subjects including but not limited to: 911, language, media, How We Think, computer applications, Stonehenge, free energy, Tesla & much more.  He has lived and worked in Penna., Calif., Ariz., worked with Paolo Soleri, architect, city visionary & Frank Lloyd Wright Disciple Wm. Arthur Patrick. Elden studied at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Univ. of Ariz., W.Va. Univ., Blair Academy in Blairstown N.J.  
Here is some of Elden's poetry.
-In the Cloak of Night about Meteor Shower won
$ 500 1st place prize in national contest. Fallingwater won the annual state championship in Penna.,
cover of 100 page book, 1st in over 1000 entries.