Port Chicago - Government testing, killing US citizens

First Atomic test, 1944 near San Francisco, probable nuclear bomb killed navy crewmen at Port Chicago

NEXUS: Port Chicago - USA's Dark Secret
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Port Chicago - Factbites
Africans used as Atomic Guinea Pigs
The Great WWII Port Chicago Disaster - A Nuclear Blast?
The Last Wave from Port Chicago - Author Peter Vogel
The Last Wave from Port Chicago authored by Peter Vogel
Atomic Bomb
Black sailors nuked by Navy in A-bomb test!!
Keywords - The Last Wave from Port Chicago
Keywords for The Last Wave from Port Chicago by Peter Vogel explains in detail the history and atomic bomb possibilities for the 1944 explosion.
Memorandum on Port Chicago Disaster | The Manhattan Project | Historical Documents | atomicarchive.com
For: Rear Admiral W. R. Purnell, USN From: Captain W. S. Parsons, USN Subject: Port Chicago Disaster, Preliminary Data
Movie Review: Mutiny
PMag v06n3p07 -- Accidental Nuclear Weapon Explosion
Port Chicago
Port Chicago
Port Chicago bomb - Google Search
Port Chicago Disaster - Nuclear Blast?
Port Chicago Disaster (Morgana's Observatory)
Nuclear mistake(?) in US at Port Chicago before Hiroshima (and the Port Chicago Mutiny)
Port Chicago Naval Magazine War Diary
Port Chicago Naval Magazine War Diary
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Subject: Re: Atomic bomb explosion in Port Chicago, California Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 01:5
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