Overview of What is Happening   11/20/2008        Search / Learn Monopoly Men, Fed. Reserve, How Money Works

In all things, we are moving from the diversity in individual freedom to submit, yield to higher authorities.
The Elite who rule over us are consolidating, concentrating their money & power.  There is a conversion of diverse real things to systemized synthesized things
that can be controlled;
natural food & clothing crops, concentrating energy - needs to oil.  The more uniform is the world, the more easily our controllers can manage us.

The shift is promoted as if it had advantages;
    health, safety, economy, but in fact, it is the reverse.
Submitting, adapting, accepting the controlled commodity, we all fall under increasing government & corporate control.

.    Reality is often the opposite of perception. 
The guise is that we are expanding freedom in our governments, when we are quickly loosing our individual rights, not to governments, so much as to the corporations that are taking over government functions. 

Government is privatizing most things; meals, services, prisons, care for the poor & elderly. www.USAvsUS.info

Monsanto developed terminator seed.  Now, each year the farmer has to buy more seeds from Monsanto. The seeds are patented.  No one else can make, sell or use them. That would be punishable as a crime.  Seed for eons was diverse and easily available.  Moving and legislating the mandate of using the seed, shifts power and control from the farmers and supplied populations to government and corporations.

Money, banking, mortgages, politics, food, energy, pharmaceuticals, ... 
All things are moving from diversity to
uniformity & concentration of wealth & power.

The more uniform, the easier for a few to control the many.

The bible predicts this in Revelations. 
None will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

We submit, conform to authorities so we can buy, sell, trade, eat, sleep, keep health, cooperate, blend in.    . 
All this is an illusion.


You are best able to     - keep your own health,
exercise, diet, avoid stress, drugs, and deceptions.
                            - manage your own money, retirement, - manage your residence, your property, your life, ...   etc.

When you yield to illusion that powers over you is better,
more secure, more efficient,
.    you yield to their taking advantage of you for their profit.

Cell phones are growing popular, a necessity. 
Who considers that they track your every move,
are easily monitored?

Electronic currency, buying via credit cards, popular, but easy to monitor, control, limit your access.

But whom shall we trust ? When you yield all control to others, you are then under their mercy.