Computer Lesson Donation


Send me $ 10 (donation)
Iíd like to  distribute a short instruction booklet of how to manage info.  
I do not read small text on web sites/ e-mails, and odd backgrounds.

I simply convert all for easy reading, like my web pages.

Most suffer or donít read things that are hard. 
I make them easier, in a few seconds so they are easier to read.


I do not suffer as things are but I change to make them easy.


Ted Elden

c/o General Post Office

Charleston, West Virginia [ RFD 25301 ]


304 344 2335   a (at)


I have many computer lesson plan available for those who realize or desire to use the internet, pdf files, DVD, video,

to mine the world of precious knowledge !


A computer & software can expand what you think and how you work.  Like a diverse secretary, it can ease and speed many tedious tasks.


I have at least 100,000 files / e-books, on 1 computer, so I don't have papers and stuff all over my home & office.  It is just in the computer, where I can quickly, easily find, read, print whatever I want.