Does this look like random incompetence or a
Fascist coup d'Etat

How would you perceive the following sequence of events if you were watching this unfold in another country?


Supreme Court judges betray their oath and prevent votes from being counted in a national election to install an unelected president. (Coordinated nationwide election fraud provides him a second term.)


Nine months later a spectacular mass murder takes place in a major city that involves three skyscrapers imploding into their own footprints within ten seconds each, pulverizing all of the non-metallic constituents into a fine powder that covers the city. Evidence from the crime scene is immediately removed and the unelected regime obstructs investigation into the crime for over one year. Without evidence or trial, foreign patsies are blamed for the crime by a Commission appointed by the unelected president.  The unelected president and his regime relentlessly invoke the memory of this shocking event to justify:  

  • The most radical reconstruction of the Government in fifty years

  • Systematic destruction of civil liberties and constitutional protections

  • Systematic transfer of government services and functions to private corporations

  • Ongoing seizure and privatization of public assets by corporate and foreign entities

  • Dictatorial seizure of unconstitutional Executive authority with presidential signing statements

  • Government surveillance of citizens: phone, Internet, banking, medical records, library records

  • Government infiltration, harassment and arrest of peace groups

  • Arrest and murder of journalists; seizure of their equipment and film

  • Government kidnapping, detention and torture of thousands of harmless citizens

  • Wars of aggression perpetrated under false pretenses

  • Nationwide detention camps constructed for future purposes

  • Blackwater mercenary bases within the country's borders

  • Regional Fusion Centers used by police to collect information on every citizen

  • Secret Government databases mark one million citizens as "terrorists"

  • Military units deployed to control the civilian population

  • Unconstitutional Presidential control of State National Guards and local police

  • Dissolution of national sovereignty through secret agreements with transnational conspirators

  • Relentless propaganda that misinforms the public through controlled media outlets

  • The regime is filled with ideological extremists and political appointees who hold duel citizenship:

  • The duel citizen Attorney General refuses to denounce torture or enforce Congressional subpoenas.

  • The duel citizen Secretary of DHS is granted authority to waive all laws without judicial oversight.

  • The duel citizen who leased the demolished skyscrapers is awarded billions of dollars in insurance claims by the duel citizen Judge who concurrently forbad victims to file claims against the government.

  • The duel citizen White House Chief of Staff recruits Goldman Sachs colleague as Treasury Secretary

  • Trillions of dollars disappear from Pentagon accounts under the duel citizen Comptroller of the Currency.

  • Congress systematically destroys financial sector regulations that protect the public

  • The unelected president declares authority to suspend the Constitution and take over financial institutions

  • The Federal Reserve Chairman and Treasury Secretary encourage and protect Wall Street fraud

  • Trillions of dollars in fictitious Wall Street derivatives fracture the country's financial system

  • Middle class savings, pensions and retirement accounts are eviscerated

  • Middle class property is devalued and confiscated nationwide through mortgage and foreclosure fraud

  • Perpetrators of the fraud are rewarded with billions of taxpayer dollars  

  • The Federal Reserve Chairman expands his authority in defiance of constitutional mandates

  • The Treasury Secretary eliminates Goldman Sachs competition and consolidates its monopoly

  • The Fed Chairman and Treasury Secretary use taxpayer loans to buy stock in private financial institutions

  • The national debt escalates to trillions of dollars as the currency collapses.

Taken as a whole does this look like random incompetence or a fascist coup d'etat?


Coup d'etat: a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics, especially: the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.


Nikki Alexander

Ventura , California

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Most of use have been conditioned our entire lives not to see obvious things before us.


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