The Federal Reserve - a private foreign corp. of Fractional Banking -   always leads to bankrupt nations 

All countries in world have a Fed. Reserve, like U.S,  They're controlled by 13 families.who control money world wide.

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Federal-Reserve-Money-Creation < - Video - overview how Fed. Res. collapses nations. Web of Debt - clear & short  Wealth Money Fraudulent gov. money policy increases debt, bankruptcy, stress, and moral breakdown

Federal Reserve is private banks control over Americans.

International bankers, with money & control, work together to increase their wealth & power, stripping citizens, governments of capital, property, rights, liberties. In history, it seems our governments have increased human rights, but, in fact, this cabal of intl. bankers has increased their financial strangle hold on citizens, business, governments worldwide.

In 1913, the Intl. Banker prompted & passed the Banking Act.   The US Constitution requires that our government print money, interest free, and set interest rates.  But instead, the Banking Act lets the Federal Reserve, a group of private, foreign banks, issue Fed. Res. debt notes (currency) and set interest rates.

Emergences (pretended) of war, famine, etc. make our U.S. government borrow more and more, increasing our U.S. debt (with interest) to them. Fed. Res. is unconstitutional.  The 16th amendment to US Constitution makes American citizens subject to pay back these loans through their personal income tax.

The more U.S. government borrows money (wars & emergencies), debt & interest increases, our money is depreciated, inflation rages.  Huge debts for our children !

Fed. Res. raises and lowers banks interest rates to increase their Fed. Res. profits.  Fed. Res. continue to concentrate their power and control.  In all areas, banking, food, health, ... there is rapid change where those in power are increasing their power.

The stated advantage is the Fed. Reserve is working to protect citizens, business, but they're really just increasing the power, wealth, control of the controlling elites, the bankers, over the rights of citizens worldwide - increasing power of the few over many.

In America, we once had 1,000s of newspaper owners.  Now just 9 corporations control our mainstream; news,TV, books, movies. 

In all things; banking, food, health, the world moves towards greater concentration of power & control, the few over the many, with less & less individual freedom !

The illusion is that the Fed. Res. protest us. The fact is they work for profit for foreign interest. They caused the '29 Crash, the foreclosure of family farmers in t mid west in 1930s and many other catastrophes, crushing the small and concentration money & power in the hands of a few - working towards world domination outside of individual country limits.

Fractional Banking aids of bankers, steals from individuals

People deposit money, gold, or valuables in a bank and get a certificate representing their deposit.  Then, rather than cashing their certificates (notes) and trading their gold for food & supplies, they trade the certificates representing the gold.  The bankers, storing the gold, soon found that few came for their gold at the same time, so they began to print and circulate more certificates without receiving any more deposits.

This was the birth of fractional banking, the beginning of inflation, when your dollars become worth less and less. 
   In America, the gold standard was removed, most of the gold was sold off or moved to European bankers. Later we were taken off the silver standard.  Printed money, fiat currency - money that has no finite tangible backing, loses value quickly.  Fed. Reserve notes aren't backed by a constant, like precious gold or silver standard so it's value fluctuates, or drops..

With fractional banking, you & I deposit $ 1,000 into a bank.  The bank may pay us 5- 8 % interest or $ 80/ annually on our capital.  In the mean time, the bank loans, not just our $ 1,000, but typically they loan out 8 to 10 times it's value.  They loan out $ 8 to $ 10,000 and even if they only charge 8 - 12 % or $ 1,200 / year in interest, we are only earning $ 80 a year on the money we loaned them. 

They multiply their earnings based on fractional banking and or loaning many times what they actually have.  It is legal, but it does not help individuals.  It helps bankers multiply their wealth.

They know that not everyone will draw out at the same time.   

Those who borrow, usually just write checks from their bank accounts, often they just exchange with check from other banks with no actual withdrawal of the deposit.

Hence banks can earn 8 to 12 % or $ 1,200 annually on the $ 10,000 they loan from our $ 1,000 deposit, while we earn 6-8 % or $ 80/ annually on our $ 1,000 investment.  So banks prosper 8 to 15 times as fast as we, who placed the original deposit.

Ron Paul, Texas Congressman has proposed disbanding the Fed. Reserve for many year.  Others are trying to do this too.
Supreme Law, attorneys have proven thru court cases that the Fed. Res. is not a part of our federal government. (see 31 Questions at )

Realize what is really happening with our money, how the US is entering deeper and deeper into an unending cycle of borrowing money from foreign bankers, increasing our debt and interest payment, the continual devaluation of our money.

When more money is loaned from the Fed Res. the Fed. Res. prints more notes - which are obligation to pay them back with interest.  The interested is not created. So the more gov. borrowed, the more of our existing capital, property & assets fall into hands of Fed. Res. as we try to pay back our increasing interest.  The Fed. Res. is linked around the world to hold the entire world in slavery, working to pay them back principal & interest.  Most have no idea that the Fed. Res. is not a part of gov. and is the insidious hand of a few controlling the many without their knowledge or consent. Similarly fed. inc. taxes are not owed to our gov.

Search Federal Reserve,  Eustace Mullins, G Edward Griffin  - Creature from Jekyll Island (formation of Fed. Res.), Rep. Ron Paul, NESARA

Freedom to Fascism movie by Aaron Russo explains  Fed. Res. as do others. When you understand, let's end private Fed. Reserve.  

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Rising debts and increasing bankruptcies are the result of Congress suspending the free coinage of metals - into money - and switching us to bank credits as our medium of exchange. These acts converted our nation from a wealth monetary system, where people created money for society's benefit through the fruits of their labor, to a monetary system, where now ....

All new money is loaned into circulation as an interest bearing debt.
... system only creates the principal and never the interest, the debt is always greater than the money supply.
This fraudulently created debt forces American citizens to borrow constantly so the system can function. Eventually, the process becomes unworkable as society, mortgaged to the hilt, can no longer afford to borrow. This debt creates extreme stress for us as we struggle to meet impossible money obligations. The results are: a constantly rising cost-of-living, layoffs, family breakdown, increased drug and alcohol use, an increase in crime and a general moral breakdown.

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