True US History

by Ted Elden © Sept. 2010

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14th Amendment US Citizens US is corporation Federal Reserve Act
16th Amendment Income Tax NOT Birth Certificate US is Bankrupt
US citizens - enemies of US (corp.) Contract is only law Redemption
Confirmation by Congressmen Be Sovereign- File UCC 1 Accept for Value

 Advantages to be Sovereign


To look for a specific thing in a specific place, you may not find it. 

Look in many places to find & confirm US History    hidden from news & school.


I can tell you briefly, the hard facts.

Use the internet, learn how to learn, how to find, confirm these facts repeated from many sources, until your find some authority you respect.  The facts are easy to find & confirm, but they will rarely or never come to you in public sources, like news, books, or college.


Understanding what the facts mean, and how they inter weave, gives you an understanding of our loss of freedom.  When you see what you can have, you strive for it.  It is a vision most have lost.


Those who understand these implications, have found a clear way out from their controlling us.  The process is called redemption, to redeem your freedom.  Here are basic facts:


- July 9, 1868, Congress adopts to constitution 14th Amendment, Section 1,   All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. (14th amendment US citizens)


(Slaves, who didn’t own property, were not citizens of their states. They became US citizens.  Eventually many people also volunteered to be US citizens – volunteering (for benefits) to be under control, under the jurisdiction of the “Dist. of Columbia” corp. Before 1868, there were no US citizens.) 

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- 21 Feb. 1871, US Congress pasted act to form “District of Columbia” corporation, and later named it UNITED STATES.  Their laws only have jurisdiction over people who live or work in the 10 mile square of Washington DC, and territories they acquire like PR, Guam, federal prisons & court houses, and those who volunteer. United States has different definitions, 1) for the whole country, 2) just the 10 mile square around DC.   The 2nd definition is used in U.S. law.


Most Americans live in any of 50 (sovereign) states.  US laws, like paying income taxes do not apply to them, unless they volunteer. Most believe they are mandatory laws, but they are just voluntary.


- 1913 Federal Reserve Act gave to a consortium of private, foreign banks, the privilege of controlling US currency.

(ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. ch.3)


- 1913 16th Amendment , Mar. 15 (was never properly ratified by 2/3 majority- proven with certified court documents in Law that Never Was by Bill Benson) (supposedly) requires US citizens to file & pay (unapportioned) income tax on their earnings.)  Shortly after US Supreme Court rules the 16th amendment gave them no new taxing powers.  (Tax is only required of corporations.)


- 1917 US Congress passed Trading with the Enemy Act, making it illegal for any US citizen to trade or do business with a country with which the US was at war.

- 1921 Sheppard Toner law required every person born in US to get a birth certificate. – Supreme court determined this is unconstitutional, but it continues today. A birth certificate, a title is recorded on each “person” born. They are “registered” (title yielded to) with vital statistics and traded / sold in international markets.  A child is considered worth between $ 650,000 and $ 2 million in future earnings, and or credit.  The US gov. takes a credit for future spending on each birth certificate of you strawman name.  A corporation, a trust is started based on your NAME in CAPITAL LETTERS.  This is your Strawman who is legal entity, treated as a corporation, making it mandatory (for US citizens – corporations) to pay income tax and suffer under US laws.


(You are not a corporation, you are sovereign, free, but you have to declare it to be so, as you are presumed to be US citizen under US laws.  Until you rebut their presumption, their laws are applied to you. You are not your strawman, but you can file UCC1 and gain control of your strawman.)

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- 5 March, 1933, FD Roosevelt declared the US (corporation) was bankrupt.  He changed Trading with the Enemy to include all US citizens as enemies of the US (corp.).  He seized their (titles) property, incomes, children, into perpetuity, and gave them up as collateral to the international bankers thru the Fed. Res. The Fed. Res. Then gave the US gov. unlimited Fed. Res. notes to spend, and hence was the beginning of big government, many buildings in Wash. DC, many social programs.  The gov. became the source of all spending (of fiat currency).


FDR took away gold as backing for currency. (Gold was removed from Ft. Knox and shipped to Fed. Res. Bank owners in Europe. see Dr. Peter Better.)


US Laws require that no one can have, hoard or use gold (backed currency) as medium of exchange.  You must pay debts with a promissory note (like Fed. Res. Notes)


Without gold and silver backing on our money, Americans have no constitutional money to pay their debts.  Any one who offers you a promissory note has fulfilled their obligation.  If you will not accept their promissory note, then they no longer owe the debt. The value of a dollar devalues quickly as it is not tied to a, limited quantity, precious metal like gold. Inflation, cause by Fed. Res. Printing more and more money is unseen tax, loss of value we all experience.


Fed. Res. is private foreign banks run for profit. They have no reserves, nor are they a part of original US government. Supreme Law proves this in court cases.

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- 1938 Erie RR vs. Tompkins.  Here after common law is no longer practiced in America.  Contracts only are law.  If there is no contract, there is no law. (US laws name things that cause you to be in contract.   “US laws”, statues, codes usually define a person as one who breaks “their” corp. laws.  A person is defined as a child, corporation or organization (not a living breathing man or woman.  You are not a person, you are not under “their laws.” Unless you volunteer, agree to the :”contract” of the court or the law suit.  It is all voluntary – but we were never told that.)

7. In 1946 we lost our government and courts through the Administrative Procedures Act. [ just looks at contracts, fines & fees]

8. In 1965, silver was taken away as a means for paying “DEBT”, the Universal Commercial Code – world wide- UCC became the supreme law.

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Redemption is the process to
re establish your freedoms.


I believe you need to understand (verify) the preceding history to know what is going on.


Then you can take specific legal actions to extract yourself from a corrupt government and losing situation.


12 families own most assets in the world, and control the nations currencies, and therefore their governments, laws and policies.


They operate thru a Federal Reserve in most all countries.  When you understand their deceptions, you can step away from their control.


US laws are private, copyrighted laws, under British control.  (US is still a colony of Britain.  BAR attorney stands for British Accredited Registry a group of lawyers loyal to the US courts – i. e British rule)


Maritime or Admiralty laws give Britain control of all US courts. Note the yellow fringe on all flags in any court room.  It indicates a foreign nation has taken over the US government / courts/ law.


Common Law, practiced for 2,000+ years is encoded in Uniform Commercial Code and is superior to any other law, like - Admiralty or US laws, - equity or banking law.


Understand about your strawman.  Look at any of these to see your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS: - drivers license, (certificate of) title to car, deed to home (you don’t have title, just user options as long as you pay taxes. State has the true title as you “registered” it, you gave them the title.)


Name in CAPITALS: - any bill or letter from: - utility co., -  charge card , - property tax or any tax, - any court, government, any bank, any corporation.  They all write to you in all capital letters, to your strawman, pretending you are a corporation, under their laws. They address themselves in all capital letters and, as US Postal Service directs, capitalize their cities and streets. 2 letter state and zip code designate  a federal district of US Corp. (Wash. DC )  (see Federal Zones by Supreme Law) Spell out your state, don’t use zip, you can use US Post Office to mail letter anywhere for 3 cents – rate set by Congress, not US Postal Service  (private co. rate). Amazing Truths

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Be Sovereign: File your UCC 1  at Sec. of State UCC office, of your birth state, with a copy at your Co. Court.  This gives you control over your strawman, which still allows you to contract and work in real world, but exempts you from actions against your strawman.


Issue Common Law Copyright your name, so if anyone uses your name (bill, court case) you can fine them $ ¼ million or more for their breaking your copyright !


Many people and I can give you much more information and specific forms to use.  Here is a good source:


Subtle Change: If a frog is dropped into boiling water, he’ll try to escape.  If dropped into warm water and slowly heated, he will not notice, and grows apathetic to try and escape. Why we are deceived.


Inertia – how we think. A stopped car is hard to move, a moving car is hard to stop.  Inertia – things resist change.  Whatever we learned, or long time thought, it’s hard to convince us things are different.  People herd together, clinging to popular opinion, to stay in the in crowd.


Tarzan can swing thru the jungle as he releases old vines.  When we establish new truths, we have to let go of old ideas.

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Confirmations by Congressmen

Ron Paul, TX, discusses History every American should know, 1871, US corporation


James Trificant, OH, 1993 Congressional Record, discusses 1933 US Bankruptcy.


You can easily confirm the facts mentioned above by internet searches.  At first you doubt you can know truth, but the deeper you get, the more confidence you will have. (I am rank amateur – but I’ll stand in court against lawyers and judges – because I have and have already filed court documents – stating the truth.)

They cannot deny me, but must prove me wrong. They cannot.  I know. I already wrote them letter, which they did not rebut.

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Learn how to use Accepted for Value to pay (with just your signature) any corporate bill, and learn why:
When you become sovereign and or learn how to do Accepted for Value, you can prepay all your expenses (bills from corporations) by just signing them, noting your Soc. Sec. # and send to US Treasury to pay.  Incredible. Learn how.


Only the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT went "BANKRUPT" not the forty eight states. The "FEDERAL CORPORATION" was now brought from under the covers and everyone was convinced that the answer was here.

The "Deceit" presented to the American People was now in full force. The governors of the 48 states of the united States all gathered at a Meeting with the BIRTH CERTIFICATES of all the citizens of their states in hand and pledged the energy behind the stocks, bonds, and notes created by the Federal Government who then sold them to the Federal Reserve Bank and at the same time place like "Dollars" of Federal Reserve Notes to insure the payment of the stocks, bonds, and notes. The problem was, the people could not pay a "DEBT" with a "DEBT", Federal Reserve Notes, without the Permission or Consent by Assent of the People. The deceit was "HOW" do you get people to consent to put a "DEBT" instrument against their property or assets.

By creating a "DEMOCRACY" form of government-in simple terms is nothing more than a COMMERCIAL, CORPORATE, CONTRACT form of government, which cannot do anything but create “DEBT". They then could not take the "REPUBLICAN” form of government away-they had to have a way to pay their "DEBTS”. HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION HJR 192 passed June 5, 1933 took care of the matter. The People were to be ruled by Public Policy-which is Common Law-or anything that is established that the people will accept. HJR 192 established the Public Policy for the "Money" that the People now did not have.

(1) The government would pay the "DEBTS" of the people - DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR. This would be done with Credit and the only people who could issue Credit was the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM.

(2) The people were to be given Preferred Stock in this FEDERAL CORPORATION.

(3) The people were to be given a Prepaid account in this FEDERAL CORPORATION.

(4) The people were the "Holders in due course of this FEDERAL CORPORATION.

(5) The people were to be "Exempt from Levy".

The people were then created into CORPORATIONS or FICTIONS through the Birth Certificates, Social Security Numbers, and Voting Registration. Through these fictions, the Stocks, Notes, Bonds were created. The Credit to pay the "DEBTS” would be established by the Signature of the People-“Money" created out of thin air. The Bank never loans "Money"-only Credit. Since "Federal Reserve Notes” are "DEBT NOTES" they are a LIABILITY to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS. The Deceit of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and their AGENTS (ALL CORPORATIONS) (ONLY A CORPORATION CREATES DEBT-it is a FICTION) (an ILLUSION) is to get the people to allow them to place FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES against their assets without directly saying so---for it is a FELONY for anyone to Request or Accept Federal Reserve Notes in payment of a "DEBT”. YOU CANNOT PAY A "DEBT" WITH A "DEBT".

With the passage of the Social Security Act, the real deceit began. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT would now take care of you from the Cradle to the Grave. The SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION was created as a "TRUST". The people apply for a SOCIAL SECURITY CARD NUMBER and the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION then as GRANTOR establishes each person as a "TRUST” or FICTION or CORPORATION-the name is CAPITALIZED such as JACK R PATRIOT is placed into the "TRUST” with the natural person, Jack Rabbit: Patriot as the Trustee. ALL TRUSTS or CORPORATIONS report to the Internal Revenue Service through a Form 1041. We as Trustees are told to file a Form 1040 as a Federal Employee and are charged Income Tax. We should be filling out the Form 1041 and no tax is paid or owed-remember we are Tax Exempt. All of the people were now held by Power of Attorney in the Bar.

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Advantages to be Sovereign:

You step outside of all US (corporate laws)  No obligation to pay taxes, fines, fees.  You are not a person, you're living being.  When you make common law copyright on your name, no lawyer, court, judge can attack you except by your permission.

Any bill (debt) you have, just sign the bill, add your soc. sec. # and submit for the US Treasury to pay for you.  Study this subject more to understand, implement and learn of details to achieve these goals.

Much more information available thru author Ted Elden ©,

his web sites Be Sovereign

and many links, books that he points too.