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Education: Carnegie Mellon Univ. Bach. of Architect '71, &  studied - Photography, - Engineering, - Advanced Math, WVU, Univ. of Chas.

Blair Academy Prep School -, Blairstown, N. Jersey. - member of Gold & Key Club, honorary society to introduce candidates to Academy, - Rocket Club, Colorado Outward Bounds (survival) school. Mountain climbing

Born: Charleston, West Virginia, May 1948 to Architect Henry Elden & WVU English Major, Stenographer Evelyn (Carskadon) Elden

Youth: Grew up in rural Fort Hills suburbs, Charleston, roaming in forest areas, endowed with pets, forest, natural world.

Career - Architect, interacting, designing, & building projects across the state up to $ 5 million in value; - hospitals, post office, Federal Court House, public buildings, homes, lodges, prototype designs, new construction, renovations, site work, landscaping, interior decorating & furnishings, photography & presentations, field construction supervision & administration.

Architecture Resume

Teacher: - George Washington HS & Adult Education on these subjects: Windows, Internet, MS Word, Access, Excel, Netscape, full term course on Auto CAD.  He has served as tutor on many subjects to many people.  Elden quickly grasp complex things, and simplify and aid others in their assent to knowledge & skill. Also on world events, news, media, 9-11, conspiracy, language & perception, and how to think !

Lecturer: Statewide to civic groups, colleges

Overview:  To Elden, the world is a swirl of consciousness, grasped and manipulated by media / language.  Learn the word, sources, symbols, develop techniques to work them, and the power of the universe is within your grasp.  Similarly, avoid or ignore any field of media / language, and be impaired, limited, restricted.  Elden work's both left & right brain, logic & deep structured sciences, and sensitive intuitive perceptions.

Computers, like human intelligence, have the ability to aid, multiply, expand and speed virtual thought, through perception, memory & access.  Elden may be light in human affairs, with just 2,000 named associates, but in a world of thought, he sits on a library of 1/2 million files -containing information on many subjects, in many forms; video, photos, graphics, e-Books, articles, symbols, languages, manuals, books.

Beyond having vast libraries (intellectual items - e-Books, photos, video) Elden is accomplished in his ability to both find and use what he has collected, and more importantly, is experience, efficient, even gifted at his intuitive and scientific method to "Pierce the Veil of Secrecy" and extract arcane and little known information from the ether (cyber space).

Intellectual Property: Personal Library:  He's acquired the Great Books series of classic authors published by Britannica with Index of Knowledge, and a vast electronic library 2,200+ Books & e-Books from Scribd.com, 2,100+ DVDs, 10,000+ articles, photos, animations from underground, as yet, not fully digested. Elden manages about 2,000 web site book marks, has posted 1,000s of pages at my his site www.abodia.com

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Abilities: Our abilities are only limited by our thought, only limited by our language.  Facility with computers expands, intensifies, speeds and extends reach of consciousness & manipulation.  Elden does many things, with many computers, many languages, many resources, to focus on his projects.He's learned / used many computer programs  , languages:  Algo, Fortran & Basic & bible codes.

Media/ Language: - studied, prepared & lectured on several occasions, ... continuing to develop and intensify human consciousness, understanding, learning with media / language.  Developing book & college course on subject.

Special Skills: Computer Guru: - entered the world of personal computers in 1978, programming applications, acquiring advanced equipment, developing Elden Computers, retail sales, service, custom application & training of computer applications, serving 350 clients, $ 1/4 million in sales.  Elden has 30,000+ hours on his keyboard, programming, ... 

Computer Software / Facility: He has taught his computers to listen to his voice, take dictation, and to print his thoughts in his own handwriting - the ultimate in custom, personal communications.

Computer Software: - MS Office suites, Auto CAD, Cadkey, Data Cad, and other CAD, search, applications.  Currently diverse in graphics, photo manipulation, video editing & enhancements. 
He's been a teacher of many of these applications to students and or clients who purchased computer system from him.

Software Diversity gives Elden a team of intelligence assistants:  He's acquired, mastered, uses, 100s of different programs, so he effectively have a diverse team of intelligent, specially trained assistance at his beck and call, intuitive and responsive to his thinking, and yet, not a drain on his budget and resources.

Public Relations:  As the front person in several of his own companies, he's made personal contacts & presentations with diverse people & organizations.  He's seek approval, acceptance, cooperation,

 to know their inner goals & desired, to direct his effort in concert with them, to aid them (& me ) in accomplishing our goals. - Teacher, tech. support, craftsman ...

Computer Searches: It is not unusual for me to gather 5,000 or more pages of information and with special software; review, categorize, summarize, simplify and manage the information.  He has written and mailed at least 1/2 million letters, and advertised to millions of his various work efforts from his own personal company.  Elden's abundant energy, make progress.  Where others believe they can think thru a project (spending little physical work), Elden typically blindly acquires, sorts, evaluates and focuses 100s of pages of data before reaching a conclusion or making a decisions.  The broader our knowledge base, the more enduring, functional & satisfactory are our conclusions.

Elden works very hard to find simpler, easier ways to do complicated things, then does them many times, more trials, more successes !  His inventive, spontaneous, uninhibited thinking can reach broad spectrums of possibilities, many of which others never consider.  Elden has 10+ Terabyte of data storage - files, documents, photos, databases, animations, videos.

Idea Fisher software, developed thru the minds of many, it  aids to expand  thinking.

Resources:  A bank of 6 networked computers / video editors.

100s of dedicated computer programs; like: CAD, graphics, search engines, ..

Achievements                           ^ - - - top index

Clients: US: 7,000+ Colleges, Professors, Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Prof. Organizations, Libraries, Fortune 500 Companies, and international, W. Va. School boards, Federal, State, Private organizations, 2,000+ photo clients.

Photography: 1/2 million images, working thru 1,000+ of subjects, 25 years; film, darkroom, digital, video, and computer enhancement, editing & manipulation.

Sciences: took advanced calculus, mathematics, non-linear algebra, & special engineering, studied directly Feynman's Physics Lectures as summer reading in HS.  His lectures were the Princeton Univ. textbooks.  Took College Physic course on TV at 6 am with his architect father while Elden was teenager. Studies other on line course and for other colleges like Univ. of Ohio (culture, history & science- Ascent of Man)

Awards:  Class leader in Mathematics & Science Awards, and designated participate in state science fair, representing the 3 D orbits of electrons & atomic structure.

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Architectural Projects: Published, honored, designed & built in various capacities, different organizations & locations throughout W. Virginia. From $ 1/2 million dollar homes to $ 5 million public works / gov. projects; hospitals, post offices, courts, lodges, schools, colleges, ...

Presentations: - Have exhibited across the nation in most major cities, NYC, Atlanta, Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Washington, Seattle, Dallas, Kansas, ...

Speaker: - 15 years Member of Charleston Anvil Club (Prominent doctors, College Presidents, Lawyers, Professionals), at Rotary & Civic Clubs across W. Va. including but not limited to: Charleston, Beckley, Huntington, Parkersburg, Fayetteville, Oak Hill, Milton, Elkview, WV State University, So. Charleston High School

Editorials: dozens on diverse subjects, published locally and across the state.


Member: Charleston Rotary Club

Honors: former member of:
- National Council of Architectural Registration Boards,
- West Virginia Board of Architects, appointed by Gov. Moore,
- Intern Development Program - NCARB

- American Institute of Architects and committee (s).
- Ohio Arts Council, W. Va. Producers Council
- Gold & Key Club at Blair Academy, ambassadors  
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Publication & Awards - International 1st Place Award for Photography, 1st Place Winner National Poetry Competition, Poetry in Print, Albuquerque,  $ 500 prize, 1st Place - Annual Penna. Poetry Soc. award poem on FL Wright's Falling Water.

Published 150+ articles / writings / poems / photos in national publications, many selected as contest winners for cash prizes.
  Many press releases & cover issues; including but not limited to: American Inst. of Architecture, Progressive Architecture, Laboratory Products Review, and 100s of others.

Personal:  Lifestyle: read, think, work endlessly on computer, but balance this with real world physical fitness like jogging. Elden lives & works alone in his own home studio with 6 computers, 2 cats. 
He's always been single, eats modestly, runs full speed 16 hours a day, day in and out.
Breaks & vacations are rare to him, as he is so enchanted, energized and urgent in his work. 

Early Development: Elden tried to patents a rocketry systems & an electronic guidance system while in high school, but was defeated by costs involved. Perhaps dyslexic in grade school, Elden took tutoring in reading, eventually took the Evelyn Wood & EyeQ Computer Reading Program, to speed & intensify acquisition of knowledge.  At age 35, Elden determined that a richer vocabulary would speed his thought, so he got 20 vocabulary books to add 10,000 + words to vocabulary in a year. Whatever he  undertakes, he does with passion, in the extreme.

Sports: - snow & water skiing, mountain climbing & rappelling, hiking, camping, jogging (35 years he's run Charleston 15 mile Distance Run), yoga, karate, cycling (50 mile races), motor cycling, skate boarding, jump rope, juggling.

Varsity Sports: Prep School & University: Varsity: - Track / Pole Vault, Swimming / Spring Board Diver, Riflery, Football- half-back.

Eccentric:  Many find Elden passionate, energetic, eccentric. They often labeled him creative, which is nice compliments.  Perhaps they mean he produces surprising and unexpected results from the tasks that he undertake. 
   He is not hardwired to predictable, mechanical, and pavlovian responses. 
   He tries to integrate all his experience, insight, knowledge and skill to any projects on which he embarks.  His diverse computer skills & software are the coup d'etat - they allows me a much wider pallet of options than most people, even then most teams have as resources.

Hobbies: graphic design, computer, programming, logic, writing, composition, meditation, concentration, computation. Whiff & Proof, Krypton, codes, enigmas, communications, learning, learning - in many media on many subjects.

Spiritual: studied the bible for 20+ years, studied Tao, Confucius, Buddha, Gandhi, meditation & TM

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Studio: - Little Rock award winning, with 10 hyperbolic parabolic - hypars - twisted wood roof shells has been broadcast many times on national TV Dream Builders Home & Garden TV, and featured in Dwell Magazine (national), news & other publications.  Visitors welcome for projects, meetings, discussion, and sharing information.  Elden works in;  architecture, photos, computers, design, & consultation through the valley, state, and beyond.  He pursues speaking engagements. He's personally distributed 2,000+ DVDs to awaken others to important information blocked and hidden by our national news.

Publications / Communications:  He's created many publications, catalogs, brochures, designs, presentations, having printed 1/2 million 4 color pieces, and distributing them across the nation and even internationally to aid in communicating with potential clients.

He's built & maintain databases, once managing about 100,000+ professionals for his marketing efforts. He has captured 10,000 leading US doctors full information from scanning 1,000 page directories, converting them to data bases and built relationships by mailing correspondence. By advertising & direct mail, he has  reached millions !

Friends: Elden knows college presidents: Hazo Cater, WVSU; Leonard Nelson, WVU-Tech; Edwin Welch, Univ. of Chas., Jerry Beasley, Concord College ... thru Anvil Clubs and work efforts.

Travel: to Europe a dozen trips for international abodia import business, adventure & snow skiing. Also Central America, Canada, Korea, Japan, to dozens of major US cities to exhibit present to doctors, architects professionals, abodia audio visual solutions

Adventures / Survival:

- Student at Colorado Outward Bounds (survival) School, Aspen Col.: mountain climbing, survival skills & tests.

- initiated a 3 day solo survival trek thru uninhabited rural W. Va., age 16, lost 14 lbs, 7" in waist, written up in Chas. News.

- survived rattle snake intrusion in sleeping bag under the stars in Yosemite, featured in Chas. news

- crossed the continent several times;
by - hitch hiking, - driving, - by train, - by plane

- traveled in Europe (dozens of times), Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, most major US cities, and many universities.

- built vast image library of landscape, historic, architecture, and artistic photo images from travel, adventures, events, personalities. 

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Ted Elden, tel 304 344 2335, a (@) abodia.com

c/o 3501 MacCorkle Avenue SE # 304, Charleston, West Virginia [ RR 25304 ]

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