Phoenix Lights Highlights1  3 Mar. 1997 

UFO ? seen by 10,000 ? people – articles below 


Dr. Lynne Kitei, Terri Mansfield and Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle formed Phoenix Lights 3 in 2007 to enhance the public acknowledgment, showcasing and strengthening of Phoenix as a primary gateway for UFO disclosure. The historic Phoenix Lights event was the largest sustained sighting of a UFO in our country in the 20th Century—over a longer period of time and over a larger geographical area than any other UFO sighting in modern times. Phoenix Lights 3 was formed to validate the experiences of the thousands of citizens across Arizona who witnessed the mile-wide craft sighting of March 13, 1997, as well as the tens of thousands of citizens with personal sightings and experiences. Lives changed and perspectives realigned. The possibility of peaceful disclosure is a reality.


Phoenix Lights were observed by 10,000 people in Phoenix area and beyond 13 Mar. 1997  Gov. & Air Force offer stupid explanations of the illuminated mile wide craft or phenomena moving across the sky & state at 30 mph ?  (I have book(s) and video documentary)



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