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Titles listed have descriptions below - recommended viewing to understand events of today, Truth Seekers, Charleston, West Virginia

1.                  911 In Plane Sight- Power Hour Radio

2.                  911 the Great Illusion

3.                  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

4.                  Alex Jones : American Dictators

5.                  Alex Jones: 911 the Road to Tyranny

6.                  Alex Jones: America: Destroyed by Design

7.                  Alex Jones: American Union

8.                  Alex Jones: Bilderberg 2006 Expose

9.                  Alex Jones: Elite Serial Killers – JFK, RFK, MLK

10.             Alex Jones: Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State

11.             Alex Jones: Masters of Terror

12.             Alex Jones: Matrix of Evil

13.             Alex Jones: Police State 2: the Takeover

14.             Alex Jones: Police State 3: Total Enslavement

15.             Alex Jones: Report December 12th 2005

16.             Alex Jones: Special: In Studio with Cele Castillo

17.             Alex Jones: TerrorStorm

18.             America: Wake Up or Waco

19.             Blind & the Dead- Televangelists

20.             Bloodlines of the Illuminati- Prophecy Club, Ftz Springmeier- Texe Marrs

21.             Capitalist Conspiracy: an Inside View of Intl. Banking

22.             Chemtrails: Aerosol Crimes

23.             Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports- Alex Jones

24.             Conspiracy of Silence

25.             Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove / Order of Death Alex Jones

26.             Fiat Money System and the New World Order

27.             Freeman Perspective: Codex Magica

28.             Hate Crime Laws: Making Criminals of Christians

29.             Illuminati - Icke, Hilder, Gunderson, Maxwell & Everard

30.             Illuminazi 9-11 - Hilder

31.             JFK Conspirators: The Clint Murchison Meeting

32.             Loose Change

33.             Loose Change: 2nd Edition

34.             Loss of Liberty

35.             Monopoly Men- Fed. Res.- Stockwell

36.             Nutricide Codex Alimentarius- pharmaceuticals

37.             Operation Backfire- NOW Local Police

38.             Painful Deceptions- Eric Huffschmidt

39.             Re-Open 9/11 - Panel of Experts

40.             Satanism and the CIA: International Trafficking in Children

41.            Secret Wars of the CIA no desc.

42.             Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed  (2 DVDS)

43.             Texe Marrs: Bloodstained Hands of Big Brother Gov.

44.             Texe Marrs: Gulag USA

45.             Texe Marrs: Illuminati Mystery Babylon

46.             Texe Marrs: Project L.U.C.I.D.

47.             Toxic Dust Whistleblower–Maj. McCormack Ground 0

48.             Trance Formation of America- O’Brien, Phillips

49.             What I’ve Learn of Foreign Wars CIA

50.             World System and the Illuminati 2 DVDs Fritz Springmeier

51.             Lightbringers- Concealed History of Freemasonry

52.             Underground Bases – Phil Schneider

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 <-- to top index 911 In Plane Sight- Power Hour Radio

Why were America and the world never shown the video and photographs of the Pentagon, BEFORE the outer wall had collapsed showing only one 16 ft. hole. Many people do not realize that the outer wall did not collapse until a full 20 minutes after the initial impact. See these astonishing photographs and video footage for the first time.

Given that the outer wall of the Pentagon had not yet collapsed and the only hole is approximately 16 ft. in diameter - how does a jetliner over 44 feet tall and 125 ft. wide fit into that hole as shown in the crystal-clear and close-up photographic evidence from the Pentagon? Furthermore, can physics explain why there is no damage to the Pentagon's upper floors where the tail section would have hit?

“I heard a very loud, quick whooshing sound. I was convinced it was a missile. It came in so fast – it sounded nothing like an airplane.” Lon Rains - editor for Space News (Pentagon eyewitness)

In the aftermath, it was reported by media sources that a giant 100 ft. crater was plowed into the front lawn of the Pentagon as the result of a powerful airliner crash? Why does photographic evidence overwhelmingly show that this was absolutely not the case? Why no crater? Why no skid marks? Why no burn marks? Why was the entire world deliberately mislead? Examine the video and photographic evidence for yourself.

How does a Boeing 757, constructed from lightweight aluminum, penetrate over 9 ft. of steel reinforced concrete? Photographs and recently discovered computer animations help shed light on this unexplained feat of physics.

At the World Trade Center, why did firefighters, reporters and other on the scene eyewitnesses describe a demolition-like, pancake collapse of buildings One, Two & Seven? Hear the outrageous admissions made by the building lease owner recorded on video, plus shocking new video evidence helps to answer some of these important questions.

What is the bright flash on the right side of the Boeing 767, seen just before impact on both the North Tower & the South Tower, captured on video by 5 separate cameramen including CNN and ABC? Slow motion analysis reveals startling verification of this extraordinary event and begs the question, "What is it?"
Find out what former military personnel think this could be.

Why were there numerous reports of bombs & explosions going off in and around the WTC before any buildings had collapsed? Hear & see the testimony of the reporters, rescue teams and eyewitnesses who tell a different story of potential demolition charges, unexplained explosions, and vehicles loaded with explosives as reported on live television the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Why did a FOX News employee, who witnessed the second tower attack, report seeing no windows on “Flight 175” a commercial United Airlines jetliner? Why did another eyewitness report that United Airlines Flight 175 was not a commercial airliner? What kind of plane hit the second tower?

Is there some type of exterior swelling protruding from the undercarriage of “Flight 175” ? An independently conducted computerized digital analysis says yes. Where was this "instrument" attached? How could it have departed from a commercial airport without being noticed? What purpose did it serve in the attacks? Full-screen television blow-ups directly from CNN and other mainstream sources reveal the intricate details of this strange anomaly.

<--  index     911 the Great Illusion

End Game of the Illuminati, Our Choice: Fear Or Love?
This important film will help open your friends' and family's eyes to the great illusion that the mainstream media has created around the September 11th attacks. The narrative of facts reinforced by visual evidence, poignant images and original music will compel the viewer to leave the old explanation behind and move toward a greater awareness of the New World Order.

"This is one of the best 9/11 films I've ever seen. It covers the broad spectrum of facts exposing the globalists' orchestration of 9/11." -- Alex Jones

<--  index     A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

Surrounding the earth, beginning at an altitude of 1,000 miles and extending an additional 25,000 miles, lie lethal bands of radiation called the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Every manned space mission in history (including Mercury, Gemini, Soyuz, skylab and the Space Shuttle) has been well below this deadly radiation field.... All except Apollo. Recently uncovered footage of the crew of Apollo 11 staging part of their mission proves that the astronauts never made it beyond earth orbit. The goal was to fool the Soviet Union about US strategic capability during the height of the Cold War. Deceit, Greed and Injustice.... A sad thing happened on the way to the moon. The truth will astound you!

<--  index     Aerosol Crimes – Chem Trails

The bombardment of the population with chemical compounds every day across US with ChemTrails. Is this part of a secret government program to mass-drug the country or something much simpler?

<--  index     Alex Jones: 911 the Road To Tyranny

The government needed a crisis to convince the people to willingly give up their liberty in exchange for safety. now the painful facts are in.

The dark forces of global government are funding, training and protecting terrorist networks worldwide. 911 the road to tyranny part II documents the ruthless history of governments orchestrating terrorist attacks against their own people to scare them into total submission.

In this brutal expose you will witness the birth of a global police state that surpasses Orwell's nightmarish vision. It's all here: the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the modern implementation of fear-based control and, most frightening of all, the new world order's future plans. This is one film you cannot afford to ignore. The future of free people everywhere is at stake.

<--  index     Alex Jones: America: Destroyed by Design

Find out how the sovereignty of the us is being subordinated to global interests: foundations at the presidio, United Nations, Chinese interests, Panama Canal.
see how the united nations indoctrinates our children. see interviews with witnesses of Oklahoma bombing.

<--  index     Alex Jones: American Dictators

American Dictators is a 90+ minute expose chronicling the degeneration of America's political process. Alex Jones rips away layer after layer of the false left-right paradigm and finally reveals the 2004 election for what it is -- stage managed theater that would make Shakespeare proud.

American Dictators details:

That Bush and Kerry are closely related on both sides of their families,

That Bush the Skull and Kerry the Bone have both sworn an oath to a secret society with deep connections to organized crime, intelligence agencies, and the occult.

That the "Order of Death" known as Skull and Bones has its members at the highest levels of every sector of the US economy -- from banking to government.

Jones travels back to the elite encampment in Northern California, the Bohemian Grove where he infiltrated and got the only video footage of the bizarre rituals conducted by the bushes and others.

American Dictators shows that while Bush and Kerry spout different rhetoric their actions are almost identical. The film also takes a revealing look at Ralph Nader, the dark horse would-be political spoiler of '04.

Alex Jones takes you to the front lines of the fight against the expanding Police State: the new Super-Patriot Act and National ID Card, as well as some of the newest and most shocking revelations surrounding the September 11th cover-up.

American Dictators is a must-see for anyone who wants to know the truth concerning how the global elite has hijacked both parties and is giving the American people a false choice. By exposing this rigged game where the global mob owns all the horses, American Dictators is able to unlock minds so then freedom loving individuals can decipher the mainstream media propaganda for what it is: a Military-Industrial complex operation.

"Long after the election of 2004 is over, American Dictators will be just as pertinent to current events as when we first released it, because it exposes the fraudulent system itself - a system that continues to repeat the same tricks over and over again. American Dictators exposes the scam." -- Alex Jones

<--  index     Alex Jones: American Union

Expert Bob Dacy joins Alex Jones in studio to discuss the plan to merge the US, Mexico and Canada into a sovereignty stripping American Union - a move towards global government of which the Bush administration has quietly set about creating the infrastructure for behind the scenes.

Dacy also discusses the NAFTA Superhighway, set to snake across the country and synthesize with toll road tracking systems that suffocate Americans everywhere they travel, via GPS black boxes installed in all cars by law.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Bilderberg 2006 Expose

Unseen on the ground footage from Alex Jones' 2006 Bilderberg expose. This video features and exclusive interview with Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker, footage of the global elite as they mill around the Brookestreet Hotel, and unseen extra footage of Alex Jones bullhorning the Bilderberg Globalists.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Alex Jones interviews Walter Burien, commodity trading advisor (CTA) of 15 years about the biggest game in town.

there are over 85,000 federal and regional governmental institutions: school districts, water and power authorities, county and city governments -- and they own over 70 percent of the stock market. an absolute must-see to pull back the curtain of lies on the private takeover of our society.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove / Order of Death

To celebrate the five year anniversary of his historic infiltration of the Bohemian Grove, the occult playground of the global elite, Alex Jones presents his newest film, The Order of Death, an amazing and horrifying look into the rites and rituals of the modern day descendents of Babylonian mystery cults.

Jones' "Dark Secrets: Inside the Bohemian Grove" documented the first ever hidden camera incursion into the Grove and the bizzare pagan ritual, the Cremation of Care, practiced by its members, all men, including both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Henry Kissenger to name but a few.

"The Order of Death" picks up where "Dark Secrets" leaves off. This new work exposes the connections between the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones and other occult secret societies. Jones explores the roots of the Grove and its links to occult networks dating back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.

This new film delves deeply into the history of the Grove where powerful men make decisions that affect the world but are completely hidden from public scrutiny. "The Order of Death" details how the Grove has been the backdrop for some of the most earthshattering events in human history including the development of the Starwars program and the Manhattan Project.

Jones' newest foray into revealing the occult also had him butting heads with local protesters of the Grove who, like the owl-worshippers inside, try to conceal their own occult practices.

"The Order of Death" also features never before seen footage captured by a daring former Grove employee including an astounding look inside the owl worshiped at the Cremation of Care ritual.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Elite Serial Killers – JFK, RFK, MLK

Alex is joined by prolific author Robert Gaylon Ross to discuss the assassinations of Lincoln, RFK, JFK and MLK. The history of the Rothschild family and how they bought off England after the battle of Waterloo and their influence in the Napoleonic Wars is also dissected.

In his book Ross tells who the shooters were, where they were standing when they fired their shots, who organized the events, and who wrote the checks to pay the killers of these four fine men. Ross also talks about the astounding testimony of LBJ's former mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown - who before her death asserted that Johnson and other Dallas politicos arranged JFK's assassination the night before it happened.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State

Evil has spread across the land. Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State exposes the high-tech control grid that is being set up across America as you read this, be prepared!

Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen. The Constitution has been shredded and America is now a Police State. This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrations.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Masters of Terror

Blows Sept 11th wide open with the latest revelations!!! Very interesting in two hours, Alex Jones reveals the globalists' master plan for world domination. In this powerful expose, Jones explains why the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the populations into accepting tyranny. The masters of terror details the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash, the cashless society control-grid, implanted microchips, mind-control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on us soil, the USA Patriot Act, and Homeland Security taking over the states.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Matrix of Evil

Matrix of Evil contains footage from speeches and conversations with Alex Jones, Congressman Ron Paul, Colonel Craig Roberts, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Frank Morales

<--  index     Police State 2000 -

Exposes the growing militarization of American law enforcement and the growing relationship between the military and police.

Witness us training with foreign troops and learning how to control and contain civilian populations in operation: urban warrior. You will see special forces helicopter attacks on south Texas towns, concentration camps, broad unconstitutional police actions, search and seizure and more

<--  index     Alex Jones: Police State 2: the Takeover

Alex Jones exposes the problem-reaction-solution paradigm being used to terrorize the American people into accepting highly controlled and oppressive society.

From children in public schools being trained to turn in their peers and parents, to the national guard and army patrolling our country's highways, the takeover reveals the most threatening developments of police state control in our age.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Police State 3: Total Enslavement

Police State: Total Enslavement The greatest evil that mankind has ever faced is among us: a scientifically crafted global dictatorship sworn to enslave every man, woman and child. The United States government, at all levels has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World Order clan. The events of Sept 11th mark the initiation of the final sick push of the illuminati to consolidate their one world order and transform earth into a prison planet.

In over two and a half hours, Alex Jones chronicles in stunning detail the true character of the globalists. Learn the master plan of the blood-thirsty elite to financially, physically and spiritually imprison not only America but the world.

Total Enslavement is the third installment in the critically-acclaimed Police State series and is a must-see for all who love freedom. This film documents the nightmare rise of the Homeland Security dictatorship, Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the Total Information Awareness Network, government-run white slavery rings, the new prison surveillance economy and much more. The very future of humanity depends on exposing government-sponsored terrorism and how the globalists pose as our saviors when in fact, they are the terrorists.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Report December 12th 2005

This report features footage from inside a Masonic lodge and an in-depth talk (albeit biased) by a Mason on the origins or Masonry, its structure and its role in society today . Afterwards, Alex discusses secret societies and the nature of power and also covers the latest news.

<--  index     Alex Jones: Special: in Studio with Cele Castillo

Alex Jones talks with former DEA agent and author Cele Castillo live in studio about John Negroponte, the fake drug war and US Agencies smuggling drugs into the US.

<--  index     Alex Jones: TerrorStorm

Throughout history, criminal elements inside governments have carried out terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them. TerrorStorm reveals how, in the last hundred years, Western leaders have repeatedly murdered their own citizens while posing as their saviors.

In TerrorStorm you will discover that September 11th, the attacks of 7/7 in London, and many other terrorist events were self-inflicted wounds. You will witness British Special Forces troops caught in the act of staging terror attacks in Iraq and see official US government documents laying out plans to hijack passenger planes by remote control. You will learn how the Reichstag fire, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the US-backed Iranian coup of 1953 are all interconnected false-flag terror events.

This powerful documentary explores the mindset of the average brainwashed Westerner. It delves deeply in to the systems of control which have been scientifically-crafted to imprison their minds and keep their eyes closed to the realities of the world around them.

Special Features

- Over an hour of the most powerful moments from the historic 9/11 & The Neo-Con Agenda Symposium in Los Angeles, California featuring speeches and commentary by world-renowned experts who expose 9/11 as an inside job including:

·        BYU Physics Professor Steven E. Jones

·        Actor and Activist Charlie Sheen

·        StarWars Program progenitor Lt. Col. Bob Bowman

·        Filmmaker Alex Jones

·        9/11 Scholars for Truth Founder James Fetzer

·        Terrorism Expert and Historian Webster G. Tarpley

- Trailers from other Alex Jones documentary films
- Music by A Scanner Darkly's Graham Reynolds

<--  index     America: Wake Up or Waco

This video documents how the U.S. Government grossly overstepped Constitutional Boundaries, as well as the cover up that followed with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas

Have an opinion on Waco based on what the media fed you? Now get the rest of the story!

<--  index     Blind & the Dead- Televangelists

Televangelists Exposed!!!!
They're flamboyant. They're colorful. And they're deceiving and leading millions of unsuspecting victims with all deliberate speed straight down to the very core of hell....

They're today's most popular televangelists and ministers. Practicing their money-making craft with smooth tongues, corrupt personalities, and captivating charm, they have already delivered untold millions of souls into the waiting arms of their master, a rough beast whom the Bible calls Satan, the devil, the adversary, the deceiver.

Greedy televangelists and Religious Charlatans leading the world into a spiritual wasteland.....
A bombshell video exposé that accurately documents the tragic and monstrously harmful works of these evil men and women in high religious places. Televangelist such as Benny Hinn, Paul and Jan Crouch, Steve Brock, Steve Hill, John Avanzini, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Rodney Howard-Brown, and a host of other famous-name "Christian" televangelists and charismatic leaders.

Come see some of the world's top televangelists and teachers as they really are....

You'll recoil in astonishment to discover supposed Christian leaders scoffing at Bible doctrine: a televangelist and his associates sharing an opium smoking pipe: possesed people slithering like serpents at crusades: and thousands of worshippers blasphemously speaking in false toungues and breaking out in roaring, hysterical laughter.

<--  index     Bloodstained Hands of Big Brother Government- Marrs

By Texe Marrs

Was Jonestown and Guyana a CIA concentration camp experiment?... Did the CIA and FBI plot the assassination of JFK?... Did Franklin D. Roosevelt know in advance about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?... Did Clinton and the feds commit mass murder in Waco and Oklahoma City?

Did a secret government bomb squad engineer the massive blast that ripped apart the federal building in Oklahoma City and ended the lives of almost 200 men, women, and children? Before you say, "No, it's not possible. Our government would never do such a thing," you must obtain a copy of this shocking, new video.

In The Bloodstained Hands of Big Brother Government, internationally known researcher and bestselling author Texe Marrs presents a mountain of evidence and documentation. He fingers federal government insiders as responsible for a wave of bloody bombings and assassinations and a pattern of lies, deception, and illegal spying and surveillance, extending from the 1930s to the carnage at Waco and the Oklahoma City tragedy. Texe Marrs reveals that an evil clique of un-American, money-hungry greedsters and murderers has grabbed the reins of such powerful groups as the CIA, FBI, DIA, DEA, DOD, and BATF. Their circle of influence reaches into the White House and controls the halls of Congress

<--  index     Capitalist Conspiracy: an Inside View of International Banking

A video adaption of a documentary filmstrip tracing the history of a small group of people who control the money systems of the world.

<--  index     Chemtrails: Aerosol Crimes

An excellent investigation into aerosol activities, documenting the related environmental and health concerns associated with the observed activity, including excellent expert and anecdotal accounts, extraordinary footage and a reasoned speculation as to the possible motives. A must see for anyone with a love of our beautiful world and its blue skies...

<--  index     Conspiracy of Silence

This movie is a MUST SEE for every American! This documentary delves into all of the lurid details of the Franklin Cover Up, written by ... all » John Decamp, the documentary was made, and advertised in TV Guide, And before it was ever aired, the rights to the movie were bought and paid for by powerful & influential members of Congress.

Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.

This film was destroyed by the networks so the quality is low, but it is a very important film to see!

<--  index     Fiat Money System and the New World Order

Alex Jones is joined in-studio by independent financial researcher Dr. Bill Veith, to discuss the history of money, the counterfeit worldwide monitary system, and the recent spike in gold prices. This information is key for your financial future and you won't hear the mainstream talk about it.

<--  index     Freeman Perspective: Codex Magica

Join Freeman and Texe Marrs for a full 2 hours exploring the hand-signs and gestures of the Illuminati. Learn of the secret codes being used by leaders in politics, religion, and entertainment, to show their allegience with the occultic forces ruling our planet. Freeman and Texe show a wealth of knowledge and images that will change your veiw of reality.

<--  index     Hate Crime Laws: Making Criminals of Christians

In this unprecedented exposé, author and filmmaker Ted Pike rips the cover off a little known but grievously evil, growing conspiracy against freedom. "Anti-Hate" laws threaten our property, our liberty, and our very lives. The stage is being set for millions of innocent Christians soon to be arrested by jack-booted federal police, to be taken away to prison camps. Their only true "crime:" exercising their constitutional rights to free speech.

<--  index     Illuminati - Icke, Hilder, Gunderson, Maxwell & Everard

The Illuminati A feature length documentary exposing the global network of Secret Societies & Royal Satanists featuring David Icke, Anthony J. Hilder, Ted Gunderson, Jordan Maxwell & Chris Everard - for the first time all on one DVD.

Marcus Allen of Nexus Magazine describes it as "Mind Blowing!" - and it is.

The entire political system of the United States and Britain is being controlled by a small group of elite occultists who have all sworn allegiance to the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer. For more than two centuries, the aristocracy of Britain and America have been involved in Satanic Secret Societies which have seeded all the major positions of power in Politics, the Media and the Military.

THE ILLUMINATI draws on historical records, footage and photos which take the viewer on a voyage of discovery - it starts with the JFK assassination, through the dark depths of the two Gulf 'Wars', and brings you bang up to date with details of how members of the SKULL & BONES secret society engineered the 2000 and the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections.

THE ILLUMINATI takes you deep into the forests of Northern California with secretly filmed footage courtesy of ALEX JONES, exposing the Bohemian Club's annual rituals and mock sacrifices - ceremonies which have been attended for years by U.S. Presidents, Vice-Presidents and CEO's from the world's largest corporations.

THE ILLUMINATI journeys to TIBET where China - the nation which George Bush describes as 'America'a Most Favoured Nation' are routinely beating and torturing innocent Tibetan monks. We expose how senior members of the British Royal Family were members of HITLER's SS. We then voyage deep into the heart of Westminster and expose the fact that Freemasonic temples exist within the House of Commons and that the Queen of England is Grand Patronness of International World Freemasonry.

THE ILLUMINATI exposes the links between ALEISTER CROWLEY, Freemasonry, the Royal Family of Great Britain and asks if TONY BLAIR is a Freemason. We then expose how the SKULL & BONES society at Yale University conducts it's rituals with secretly filmed footage from inside the 'TOMB'.

THE ILLUMINATI is a feature length documentary which runs for nearly TWO HOURS. The New York Gazette said: “The Illuminati is... an explosive exposure of the British Royal Family’s ties to Nazism, Black Magic & Zionist, Quabalistic Secret Societies. Quite astounding!”

Available now only on DVD. Not available on VHS. Not available in the shops.

Subjects Covered Include: Aleister Crowley & 33 degree Freemasonry • Albert Pike & The Ku Klux Klan • Tony Blair & The 1591 Studholme Masonic Lodge • Footage from inside the Skull & Bones Tomb • Winston Churchill & The Order of Druids • Masonic Lodges inside the British Parliament • The O.T.O. & The Golden Dawn • British Royal Family Members of Hitler’s SS • Satanic Possession • Devil Worship Amongst Hollywood Stars • How The 2004 U.S. Presidential Election Was Fixed

<--  index     Illuminazi 9-11 - Hilder

Who benefits from this atrocity? Islam? Israel? Or is it those who wish to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER on the smoldering ashes of American Sovereignty?

There's been a greater assault on our Bill of Rights in the past 120 days than in the past 200 years. Who'll call for a police state? Who'll call for martial law? Who'll call for national ID cards to give us "security?" It won't be Bin Laden. Are we watching the Nazi-ization of our true nation?

In this 86 - minute volcanic video, former FBI chief agent Ted Gunderson blows the lid off the "FBLies" involvement in the 1993 Trade Center bombing. THEY SET IT UP! Illuminati historian Jordan Maxwell, publisher Clayton Douglas at The Free American, Gunderson and Anthony J. Hilder are calling the attack at the U.S. an "inside job." America has been suckered one more time. This video will shake and shock you into a reality check.

"You're right! We are witnessing the Nazi-ization of this Nation. More Rights & Freedoms have been lost in the last 120 days through Executive Orders & our cowardly Congress than were lost in the past 200 years. Illuminazi 9-11 tells it all in clear, precise terms. This is the beginning of World War III. Make no mistake about it."

- Gary Richard Arnold, Forum Republican, Congressional Candidate

<--  index     JFK Conspirators: The Clint Murchison Meeting

An interview with Madeleine Duncan Brown, now deceased, the mistress of LBJ for many years, conducted by Gaylon Ross. Ms. Brown was with LBJ at the clandestine meeting the night before JFK’s assassination at Clint Murchison’s home in Dallas. Hear of her firsthand knowledge of the people and events leading up to that fateful day, and fill in the blanks of who was actually responsible for shooting JFK.

Madeleine Duncan Brown was President Lyndon Baines Johnson's mistress for twenty one years, so she knows very important facts that no other living person is aware of. She knows ALL about the Clint Murchison meeting the night before JFK was killed, because she was there the entire evening.

She names every person who was there, and what several had to say that evening. She also names several members of the mainstream news media that were there, but who never reported one detail of this historic event. Once you read The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK & MLK, then you MUST see this video, because it verifies what you have read.

<--  index     Loose Change

When America was hijacked who was it by??

Not by al Quaeda, not by bin laden but by a group of tyrants.. watch this DVD and you decide

What If !!!!

The twin towers were not hit by commercial airliners?

The world trade center was not brought down by jet fuel?

The pentagon was not hit by a 757?

There is no trace of flight 93 in Shanksville?

Conspiracy Theory? Its not a theory if you can prove it.

Exposing The Lies OF 9/11

The film that could change history !

<--  index     Loose Change: 2nd Edition

Loose Change 1 was the video that has been opening the eyes of the sleeping public. Now you must see Loose Change 2nd Edition. It's incredible. It is by far the best documentary made on September 11th conspiracy.

It's time we wake. Enough is enough. We are tired of being lied to. We demand answers.

What Really Happened on 9/11/01?

See for your self what the government doesn't want you to see.

This video contains excellent footage of 9/11 and documented evidence that our government is lying to us.

"Loose Change 2nd Edition" is the follow-up to the most provocative 9/11 documentary on the market today.

This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government.

Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day.

Warning: this film may change your life forever. the evidence is overwhelming.

<--  index     Loss of Liberty

On June 8, 1967, Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats launched a ferocious two-hour attack against the USS Liberty, an American intelligence ship operating in the eastern Mediterranean. Of the 294 men aboard the vessel, 34 were killed and 172 were wounded.

"The Loss of Liberty" tells the shocking, long-suppressed truth about the treacherous assault, and tears to shreds the shameful official story that the attack was a case of mistaken identity.

<--  index     Monopoly Men- Fed. Res.- Stockwell

During the Wilson presidency, the U.S. government sanctions the creation of the Federal Reserve. Thought by many to be a government organization maintained to provide financial accountability in the event of a domestic depression, the actual business of the Fed is shrouded in secrecy.

Many Americans will be shocked to discover that the principle business of the Fed is to print money from nothing, lend it to the U.S. government and charge interest on these loans. Who keeps the interest? Good question. Find out as the connective tissue between this and other top-secret international organizations is explored and exposed. Hosted by Dean Stockwell.

<--  index     Nutricide Codex Alimentarius- pharmaceuticals

Never heard of it? That's because the faceless, unelected international forces behind it don't want you to- and because a compliant corporate- owned media won't tell you.

Codex is a anti-democratic attempt to overture existing US laws in favor of pharma-friendly international trade rules.

Codex would actually criminalize high dose vitamin C and other common nutritional suppleements, making them as illegal to possess as heroin or cocaine. Codex would also make mandatory inoculating all the world's animals with growth hormones and antibiotics, as well as irradiation of all foods not consumed locally and raw.

UN agency studies indicate that if the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, (VMG), is allowed to go into global effect, a minimum of 1 billion people can be expected to die from simple starvation. At least 2 billion more people can expected to die of the preventable chronic diseases of toxicity and undernutrition the VMG institutionalizes.

Codex will go into global effect 2009 - unless we wake up, get informed and take united action.

<--  index     Operation Backfire- NOW Local Police

Excellent presentation detailing NEW WORLD ORDER infiltration of local police departments and sheriff's offices and how local police will be used to implement the globalist agenda --- and how some officers are determined to fight back

<--  index     Painful Deceptions- Eric Huffschmidt

This video shows that the conspiracy is much larger than US Government believes.
Flight 77
The aircraft that hit the Pentagon appears to be a remote controlled drone.
The World Trade Center
Explosives appear to have placed in both towers before the attack to cause the towers to disintegrate into dust.
Building 7
It was a 47 story, steel-framed building that disintegrated at 5:30 PM, also from explosives. The 23rd floor was the Mayor’s "Emergency Command Center," which had its own air supply. This appears to be the command center for the attack on the towers.
Plus, an explanation of turbofans, explosives, the Oklahoma City bombing, the media that Americans mistakenly refer to as our "Free Press," and why deception is the main weapon in this war to control us.

<--  index     Re-Open 9/11 - Panel of Experts

The World Trade Centre Twin Towers:

Were they brought down with explosives?

DVD Lasting approximately 3 hours examining all the evidence of how the 9-11 atrocity MAY NOT have been an act of terrorism

This will undoubtedly be the most informative DVD you will ever watch!

The disc examines many if the questions that have to be asked about the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, and through using real video evidence, examine ALL the possibilities of what happened on that fateful day of September the 11th. From this point on, the rest of your train of thought about the events of that day are up to you but you will have more information than you did before you watched this essential viewing.

Some of the questions you will ask about that day will be:

Was it really a plane that hit the Pentagon and if it was, where is the wreckage?

How could such a large plane leave a hole so small in The Pentagon

Did fire bring down the World Trade Centre?

Why did an explosion appear to happen even before the 1st plane hit the first tower?

What happened to the people who witnessed these attacks?

Where are and what happened to the Black Box flight recorders?

And the question we should all ask:

Did the US President really conspire to bring down the World Trade Centre with explosives?

Once you watch this documentary, you are then free to decide – what did actually happen on that day.

Confronting the Evidence

A panel of experts are called to examine the evidence and offer an explanation of why just about every detail of what happened on 9/11 is incorrect. With this evidence, they ask to have a whole new investigation, into the tragic events that unfolded on that day that will be in the history books forever.

<--  index     Satanism and the CIA: International Trafficking in Children

Ted Gunderson shows the link between Satanic ritual-abuse, drug trafficking and the international trafficking in children by the CIA.

<--  index     Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed  (2 DVDS)

Many believe that we are the generation that will witness the return of Christ. Jesus said that those alive for His second coming would be subject to the greatest onslaught of deception ever leveled at the body of Christ - and that this deception would be predicated upon signs and wonders. For many professing Christians, this could be on e of the most important videos you ever watch. The lies, deception , false miracles, and faulty theology of the charismatic movement are exposed. This documentary features international Bible teachers and authors- plus experts from the world of music, illusion, and medicine- and combines their knowledge and expertise to present the most shocking expose of deception to ever hit the church.

These discs present years of careful research and undercover investigation into the teachings and practices of leading televangelists and those claiming an anointing from God. Follow how the illusion of miracles is maintained, how money is raised- and how it is spent. Through hidden cameras, see and hear for yourself some of the greatest lies, heresy, and deception ever- all being fed to an unsuspecting church in the name of God.

<--  index     Texe Marrs: Bloodlines of the Illuminati- Prophecy Club, Springmeier

Who really controls world events from behind-the-scene?
Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this video presentation, given at The Prophecy Club, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties. Discover the amazing role these bloodlines have played-and are now wielding-in human history, with family names such as Astor, DuPont, Kennedy, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, and Krupp. You'll also learn of the secretive, Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S.A. and around the world. Along the way you'll find out why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed;
who created the United Nations; who controls the two major U.S. political parties; how the Rothschild

<--  index     Texe Marrs: Gulag USA

Concentration camps in America? Feds set to toss millions of innocent Americans into gruesome factories of torture and death?… Could it be? Sounds preposterous. Yet…in this video, Texe Marrs marshals overwhelming evidence so convincing it boggles the mind.


-Congressman Jack Brooks, angering Lt. Col. Oliver North and cronies by exposing the existence of top secret FEMA plan, Rex 84, a scheme to roundup American dissidents into camps and suspend the Constitution.

-The forcible incarceration of innocent Japanese-Americans by socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt in "internment camps"…and the brutal treatment resisters received.

-The 2,000-plus Communist concentration camps in the U.S.S.R., where millions perished. The testimony of a former Soviet persecutor.

-Railroad cars, complete with chains and shackles, designed to transport victims to camps—discovered in the U.S.A.

-Sightings of actual concentration camps inside the U.S.A., with guard towers and crematoria, prepared for a signal from the elite to begin their heinous operations.

-The U.S. Air Force manual (Garden Plot, Plan 55-2) outlining the operations of camps to imprison civilians.

-"Operation Cablesplicer"—the secret plan to identify and target resisters to the New World Order and arrest and incarcerate these men and women when the order is given.

-The torture tools to be used in tomorrow’s "chambers of horror," to include high tech laser weapons, thumbscrews, chainsaws, electric shock, branding irons, skull crushers, and guillotines.

-Historical examples of concentration camp horrors in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Japan’s imperial regime, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and in colonial Africa.

-The Coming Great Day of Purification—in the United States!

-The satanic rationale for blood to be shed, the sick religious doctrine of the Illuminati, and the New Age plot to "purify and cleanse" mother earth of "negative karmic influences."

-The hidden U.S. history of concentration camp programs and government-sanctioned mass murder and genocide, including the occultic Phoenix Program in Vietnam, in which tens of thousands of men, women, and teenagers, convicted of no crimes, were abducted, imprisoned, tortured, raped, mutilated, and killed. These horrendous crimes were approved and supervised at the highest levels of the U.S. intelligence and military communities, with the express knowledge of our U.S. Congress and Presidents Nixon and Johnson.

-The inside story of Pastor Jim Jones, his socialist Peoples Temple, and the CIA’s massacre of over 900 in Guyana. Jones prison camp was, in fact, an experimental, mind control death camp, and the victims did not commit suicide—they were ruthlessly murdered by a CIA hit team.

-Dozens of former U.S. military installations in over 28 states converted to federal prisons and to "internment camps"—waiting for innocent citizens who refuse to go along with the fed’s plot to suspend the constitution’s Bill of Rights.

-Secret underground bases, subterranean "cities," and miles-long tunnels and caverns in Texas, Kansas, Virginia, and elsewhere, to house millions of pre-identified citizens scheduled to be imprisoned as threats to national security.

-The United Nations role in the genocidal massacre of almost one million men, women, and children

<--  index     Texe Marrs: Illuminati Mystery Babylon

The Illuminati leaders of Mystery Babylon have put their stooges in the highest offices. Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, is one of them. So is Russian President Vladimir Putin, France's President Jacque Chiraq, and Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In a tremendous new video/DVD exposé, Texe Marrs unmasks this Luciferian sect that has used its cunning, treachery, and massive wealth to such unbelievable advantage. Virtually every major nation on earth has by now fallen into its hands.

The awful, staggering truth must get out. We are no longer a free people. Illuminati Mystery Babylon is reaching the zenith of its power, and our very lives are now at risk.

<--  index     Texe Marrs: Project L.U.C.I.D.

Texe Marrs unravels the secrets of Project L.U.C.I.D., the covert government operation destined to devour the whole world. Soon, every person on Earth--even newborn babies--will be issued the universal biometrics I.D. card. Resisters will have a mind control biochip surgically implanted in their brains. Under Project L.U.C.I.D., powerful computer databases, spy satellites, video cameras, wiretaps, and more will detail and control every aspect of your life.


Documentary on how George Bush Senior played an integral part in the JFK assassination.

Do you think there’s nothing importantly and excitingly “new” to be learned about who killed JFK?

Well, think again!!!

JFK II, a high-payoff Documentary film, by John Hankey, picks up where Oliver Stone’s JFK left off. In JFK II many well-known facts (multiple gun shots) and names (J. Edgar Hoover, Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald) are connected to some new or lesser known facts and players to reveal a spider’s web. The web is carefully woven by the film maker of the personal, family and institutional relationships of the very powerful. The film goes back in time, then outward along the lines of relationships, and then forward -- each relationship incontrovertible.

<--  index     Toxic Dust WhistleblowerMaj. McCormack Ground 0

Major Mike McCormack is a hospital technician and civil air patrol pilot who worked the ground zero site for eight days after the collapse of the twin towers. McCormack describes his experiences on the day of 9/11 and the subsequent cover-up that exposed countless rescue personnel, police and firemen to toxic dust from which they would never recover.

McCormack is one of the real heroes of 9/11 and was the man who found the American flag that was later displayed as a token of unity atop the rubble. Within hours McCormack was coughing up black mucus and within days he was coughing up blood as the toxic dust that was deliberately covered up by the EPA poisoned his lungs along with all the other rescue workers, police and firemen who were being used in photo ops by Bush and his cronies while their very livelihoods were being endangered by a government cover-up. Days after he gave this speech McCormack was raided by a federal New York SWAT team and framed for a minor gun possession offence.

<--  index     Trance Formation of America

Trance Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control. Cathy O'Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency's MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation. Chiseled deep into the white stone of CIA's Langley, Virginia headquarters is a partial verse lifted from the Holy Bible and writings of Saint John "....and the truth shall make you free." This statement, like the agency, is total reality. The Building that is engraved upon houses the world's most successful manufacturer of lies to facilitate psychological warfare.

The "Company" uses truth and technology as their raw materials to produce 'pure' lies for control of you and American allies!

On August 3rd 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIAs TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK Ultra. On February 8th 1988, an MK Ultra victim, Cathy O'Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. Trance Formation Of America exposes the truth behind this criminal abuse of the Unconstitutional 1947 National Security Act.

"It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive,
compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think,
feel and act.

"The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes
himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective."
Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, 1958

<--  index     What I’ve Learn of Foreign Wars CIA

The ten segments of the video are as follows:

Martin Luther King Jr. He was not only a civil rights activist, he also spoke out against the US war in Vietnam. Some people feel he was assassinated after he criticized our involvement there and in other regions of the world.

John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, working for then Director of the CIA, George Bush. He spent 13 years in the agency. He gives a short history of CIA covert operations. He estimates that over 6 million people have died in CIA covert actions.

Bill Moyer?s "The Secret Government". It aired on PBS in 1987 and is as good as anything on the tape. Moyers is a very respected TV journalist who also worked for LBJ and has a very professional approach. He interviews many different people involved with the CIA and other government agencies. His documentary gives quite an overview of what has actually happened in the last 50 years regarding the CIA.

"Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair". This documentary played in the theaters and was made by Barbara Trent of the Empowerment Project It is narrated by the late Elizabeth Montgomery and tells the story that the media didn?t give us.

"School of Assassins". This documentary is narrated by Susan Sarandon and features Father Roy Bourgeois, talking about this school located in Fort Benning, Georgia, where soldiers from Central and South America are trained in the art of torture, terrorism, and assassination.

"Genocide by Sanctions". This short film produced and directed by Gloria La Riva, features former Attorney General of the United States, Ramsey Clark, as he goes to Iraq to show the terrible conditions that the bombing has caused there. UNICEF, the Red Cross and other world organizations estimate around 5,000 children are dying every month in Iraq, due to the bombing and the sanctions that we have placed on them. Over 1.5 million Iraqi?s have died! Clark goes into the hospitals and talks with Iraqi doctors, who say that these deaths could be prevented if they had medicine to give to the children. We bombed out their way of life, their water system, their food system, their sewer system, their communication systems and more. And Americans were lead to believe that this was a good thing.

Amy Goodman on East Timor, journalist and host of "Democracy Now" on Pacifica?s WBAI FM Radio in New York Amy is the best at what she does! On this tape she is talking about two genocides Indonesia has committed. First against it?s own people in 1965, then against the people of East Timor in 1975. Both of these mass slaughters were sanctioned by the United States government and aided by the CIA. (with pictures from Bitter Paradise, a video by Elaine Briere)

"The Panama Deception". It won the Academy Award for best documentary and was directed by Barbara Trent . This film shows how we attacked Panama and killed 3 or 4 thousand people in an invasion that the rest of the world was against. The excuse given was to get the drug lord, General Noriega, who had been on the CIA?s payroll for 20 years.

Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States, speaking in 1998 in Los Angeles. Ramsey?s talk is very powerful as he conveys the sorry truth about US foreign policy. He quotes Martin Luther King Jr. saying, "The greatest purveyor of violence on the Earth is my own government".

S. Brian Willson, the Vietnam veteran who lost his legs when run over by a naval train in Concord, Calif., carrying weapons that were headed for Central America. Brian is one of the most spiritual, courageous and honest activists who Wages Peace against our violent foreign policies. He is a hero in Central America where the people understand that he has stood up for their rights as equal human beings. Brian says that he doesn?t want mothers and fathers and children to be killed and maimed in our name with our tax money!

<--  index     World System and the Illuminati (2 DVDs) Fritz Springmeier

Who really controls world events from behind-the-scene? Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this videopresentation, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties.

Discover the amazing role these bloodlines have played-and are now wielding-in human history, with family names such as Astor, DuPont, Kennedy, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, and Krupp. You'll also learn of the secretive, Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S.A. and around the world. Along the way you'll find out why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed; who created the United Nations; who controls the two major U.S. political parties; how the Rothschilds invented and control modern-day Israel; who secretly founded false religions such as the Jehovah's Witnesses; and much, much more. A literal encyclopedia of rare, unbelievable information! Fritz's book, Bloodlines Of The Illuminati is a thorough study of 13 of the most wealthy and powerfull elite bloodlines known as the Illuminati. Fritz reveals the power structure behind globalization. He was framed and put in jail as a result. Bloodlines Of The Illuminati is an essential read for all researchers and truthseekers.

This is a 4 HOUR presentation!!!! This is similar to the 13 Bloodlines presentation but in much more depth.

<--  index     Lightbringers- Concealed History of Freemasonry

World premiere on 12 March 2005 7 p.m.!
During the Estonian Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia.
In the Tallinn Film House, Uus tn 3.

Jüri Lina's new stunning DVD documentary film:
"The Lightbringers. The Emissaries of Jahbulon"

Hand in hand with the book: Architects of Deception: The Concealed History of Freemasonry
The world we live in may seem frightening and confusing. The politicians and mass media claim that there is no pattern for the turn of events. The idea that there is a hidden connection between various destructive phenomena is usually ridiculed as a "conspiracy theory", which does not fit in with the official world-view.

<--  index     Underground Bases – Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider, a very brave man, recently lost his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. He was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck. According to some sources, he had been brutally tortured repeated before being killed. Phil Schneider was an ex-government engineer who was involved in building underground bases. He was one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys and U.S. intelligence and military forces at Dulce underground base.

In May 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked. This man's final acts should not go unnoticed.


<--  index