Collapse of the US by early November
The Reckoning

By George Potts Thompson, Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Russian Professor Igor Panarin postulates the collapse of the US by early November. He is “Doctor of Political Sciences, and Professor of the Russian Diplomatic Academy Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Panarin states: “Of note is the recent election of the Democratic Party in Japan whose leader ( Yokio Hatoyama ) has vowed to transfer Japan’s monetary reserves…. into a different currency. China will also begin to dump the Dollar, and Russia will demand payment for its gas and oil in Rubles.”

Obama is Monetizing the US Debt

Obama is Monetizing the US Debt (printing money and devalueing the dollar). The FDIC is BROKE and cannot cover a large number of bank failures, and 400 banks are set to fail. Commercial real estate loans are the next shoe to drop, just as Gerald Celente predicted.

The US Treasury is broke and cannot “Bail Out” anymore US banks.

Obama has appointed dozens of unvetted and unaccountable “czars”, most with openly Totalitarian and Marxist worldviews—and ambitions.

“Green Czar” Van Jones is a convicted felon, Ex-con, and self declared Communist. The “Diversity Czar” Lloyd desires the eradication of all dissenting opinion on the nation’s radio stations. Obama now seeks, through legislation complete control of all Internet communications, in the event of some “Crisis.”

These people are tyrants. These people are totalitarians. They plan the destruction of American liberty and its replacement with a Totalitarian Marxist / Fascist State like China. The execution of this is already underway, and fairly far along in its destruction. Former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes forsees Obama’s use of Crisis and Chaos preventing the 2010 Congressional elections.

Our utter Destruction is well under way by any measure. Half of American’s savings evaporated in eight short months, and THAT was no accident. The “US” unemployment number is 16% not that phoney 9.5% Obama is shoveling. In some states closer to 25%.

In Nazi Germany they nationalized the banks, the auto manufacturers, and the Health Care System was then overseen by ardent Nazi Eugenicists. Any of this template sound familiar? Obama is now going after not only CIA Case Officers via his AG Eric Holder, but Congressman Gerald Nadler (D-NY) wants Cheney and Bush personally investigated now for possible “War Crimes.”

Obama’s czars are a Government alongside the existing one. A Commissariate like in Soviet Russia. After some “Crisis” the old system will be eradicated under THE PATRIOT ACT, Martial law will be declared, and Obama’s CHANGE will now be upon us.

Jerry O’Connell is correct about what may happen on 9-12 at the Rally in DC. “Agents Provacateurs” might just be sent to foment a riot, resulting in a violent crackdown by Obama’s thugs. American Liberty is under attack ALREADY by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

Did you observe the politicians at those Town Hall meetings? Totally oblivious to their own Constituent’s wishes, like they know something that we don’t? Perhaps they are secure in the knowledge that they not fear the outcome of a 2010 mid-term election?

The Government is not America. The PEOPLE are America, but their government now sees it’s own citizens as threats. Recall that DHS Memo? It’s WAY long past the time to vigorously remind them of that, but I fear their game’s afoot, and they simply don’t give a Damn what We think. Our Elected officials now are would be Feudal Lords.

Obama and his crew of Chicago Political Thugs, SEIU Union Goons, ACORN anarchists are complicit, and the architects of our downfall
Dr. Panarin’s prediction had one last chilling comment:

“In my Opinion the probability of the US CEASING TO EXIST by 2010 exceeds 50%. At this point, THE MISSION OF ALL INTERNATIONAL POWERS IS TO PREVENT CHAOS IN THE US.”

How will they “PREVENT CHAOS” within in the United States. By what Action or Mechanism?

Panarin is not some academic sitting in an Ivory Tower at some Russian university…. He’s a member of their Government’s diplomatic arm, and his job is to forecast “trends” so Putin and his henchmen can plan strategically for future events for the Russians to exploit.

William Ayers plan was always to foment the collapse of the US System and “Invite” Military Forces from China and North Korea into the US to “Keep Order.”

If Panarin and Gerald Celente are correct, our collapse is to be expected sooner rather than later, And as Glenn Beck has so bravely pointed out, Obama and his crew of Chicago Political Thugs, SEIU Union Goons, ACORN anarchists are complicit, and the architects of our downfall.

If it is not treasonous to bankrupt the nation and her people, and then plot and execute a plan for the eradication of the American Republic and Freedom itself, I don’t know what IS.

-- "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell   "Si vis pacem, para bellum"

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

The main problem with America is stupidity. Not to advocate there should be capital punishment for stupidity. However, why don't we just take the Safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?