DC Tea Party 9-12 Sept. 2009 pictures not seen on national news !


Love the Walnut organization (see below)......unfortunately,
I'll have to start working harder if
I'm going to join an organization that doesn't get government funding.  


https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1213056/Up-million-march-US-Capitol-protest-Obamas-spending-tea-party-demonstration.html?ITO90 ),


This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement, which developed in the post-WWII, Cold War environment has now fully matured into the most significant political movement of the 21st century. I believe that this day could be referred to in the not too distant future as the day that changed America . This was the day the great silent conservative majority finally found its voice. 

Many of the attendees were quite meek and timid and were unsure of exactly what to expect, this being the first time in their lives they’d been involved in a protest movement. Their fears evaporated early in the day and I saw people reveling in the camaraderie , the joy and sheer civility that was exhibited at the entire event. Chants of “Freedom, freedom, freedom”, “No more czars! No more czars!” carried through the air without the slightest hint of rancor or incivility which is the norm at the leftist rallies I have photographed over the years.

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The two photos above show a tiny fraction of the two million ABC estimates attended. I saw signs and heard lots of comments comparing this event to Woodstock . At the time this photo was taken, around 1:00 p.m., Pennsylvania Avenue was still jammed completely, and the mall was packed from the Capitol Building past the Washington Monument . See aerial photos here.


Protesters came from every state in the union. This man came from San Antonio , TX . He said that he was really sorry he hadn’t brought his family. He stated that being a black conservative he was afraid to expose his children to what he expected would be a lot of liberal abuse. He was thrilled with the tenor of the event and the fact that no liberals were present to harass him. He spoke about how incredibly intolerant the left is to black individuals who don’t bow to the party line.


These Ohioans took a day off their rodeo bullriding schedule. They said they’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Mike Pence (R-Indiana) was one of the speakers who addressed the crowd: “After years of fighting runaway government on this hill, you people look like the cavalry to me..I believe we are on the verge of a great American awakening.”

San Diego radio host Mason Weaver said from the podium: “I came here because I thought you might want to hear a black man speak without a teleprompter…This government is trying to make a nation of dependent people. Americans have always been independent people…This is not a Republican thing, it’s not a Democrat thing. It’s not a black thing or a white thing. It’s an American thing…We the people are telling them ‘No more! We’ve had enough!”


In the very center of the photo, above the Silence is Consent – Can You Hear Us Now sign, you can see Pennsylvania Ave. , which at this time is totally blocked with protesters who cannot move forward to the Capitol area. Sorry, full up.


There were notable differences though, in the behavior of these attendees. Although the legend of Woodstock is that there was a friendly atmosphere of camaraderie, the truth is that most people were there for the drugs, sex and rock and roll. Today in D.C. there was a true kinship amongst these people based on shared values and intellectual understanding of what America is and how its future is imperiled by big radical government.

No one was having sex in the Reflecting Pool let alone the mud, and I saw no one projectile vomiting on the steps of the Capitol. There were no warnings to avoid the bad acid which would send you on a trip to the hospital. Not just a different era, but a different level of civilized behavior and thought. Oh, and by the way, these people didn’t leave tons of garbage behind when they left. Actually they left no trash behind at all.


Obama Lied, Capitalism Died.


We are the mob!


    Support Class Envy! Redistribute Wealth.

  Madam Speaker: Kiss Our Astroturf!

    The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Obama Himself     – - –    Compassion is Voluntary, Not Compulsory!


WALNUT – Workers Against Lazy Non-Producers United Together — the conservative answer to ACORN. Didn’t have to ask them if they were receiving any taxpayer money like radical left-wing ACORN. Different DNA!


Proud members of the “Angry Mob” and they’re armed with their votes.


   Your wallet…the only place Democrats are willing to drill!  – Don’t share my wealth – share my work ethic!

   Right-wing extremist armed with the constitution.


Who are the commie czars?



Marxism – the opiate of the asses – Posters from the Peoples Cube are proliferating amongst protesters.


Stop Making Profit! — Report all Capitalist Activities to flag@whitehouse.gov


World’s #1 Crypto-Marxist. Endorsed by Fidel Castro: The most powerful progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency.” – GRANMA, Havana , May 26, 2008


Nancy Pelosi has accused patriotic tea-partyers of “carrying swastikas” implying that they are Nazi sympathizers. This event was wall to wall hammers and sickles and words like “socialist” “communist” and “Marxist” etc. It continues to fascinate me how long the Democrats will tolerate this without ever commenting on it. Either they like it, or there’s something to it.


Ever present at Tea Parties are Sons of Liberty reenactors. The couple on the left is from Tennessee and the young lady on the right is not but she joined in the photo. The clothing for the couple was hand stitched by the lady on the left.

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Thousands (millions ?) rally in Capitol to protest Big Government   fourwinds10.com


Some media reports 10s of 1,000s    National Park Service (model) shows over 1 million.

Recent pictures.  You count them.  I’ve been to rallies there.  Looks more like a million to me.

Please Some initial comments at the end – The national media lies, lies, lies.  It is not a good source of accurate info.

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New York Times Shows their Bias on 912 Protest

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How Many People Were in Attendance at the 912 March in DC? Over One Million for sure

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·                 Pictures: Thousands Rally In Capitol To Protest Big Government

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How Many People Were In Attendance At The 912 March in DC? Over One Million For Sure

I am shocked to see how wildly the reports vary on attendance at the 912 DC rally. Can we no longer trust anything we hear from the media today? Not even bare facts like the number of people who showed up to a march in Washington? ABC News says 60,000. The U.K.'s Daily Mail reports 1 million. Who's telling us the truth?


60,000 - 70,000? Not even close
In addition to ABC News' report of sixty to seventy thousand, the Associated Press, MS-NBC, and other mainstream media news outlets reported: "Tens of thousands of protesters fed up with government spending marched to the U.S. Capitol on Saturday."
.           This figure is blatantly, embarrassingly false. Take a look at this crowd estimate schematic used by the National Park Service to estimate the turnout at President Obama's inauguration this January (visiting the link provides a detailed explanation of the graphic):

Now take another look at this picture:

And this one taken from much further back (see the teeny-tiny Capitol Building way up in the upper left?):

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New York Times Shows Their Bias On 912 Protest


By Don  |  September 14, 2009


On Saturday the largest tax and spending protest in American history took place in Washington D.C.  While the crowd estimates varied from the tens of thousands (Washington Post) to 1.2 million (National Park Service) with other estimates falling somewhere in between.


While the liberal media did their best to play down the importance of the protest the fact remains for those in attendance or watching on C-Span or Foxnews.com that it was by far the largest conservative protest on record in Washington. 


The most egregious example though of trying to dismiss the protest though came not from the Washington Post or Los Angeles Times which had page one stories on the event but from the New York Times.


The Times which carries on its masthead the slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Print” decided on its infinite wisdom that while the protest was worth covering it was only deserving of a story on Page 33