How the news media fails us – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Fairness Doctrine


At the dawn of radio, 1927, the Congress established

the Fairness Doctrine - these 3 controls on media:

Airways belonged to public for their interest.


- Have local news broadcast (accept local input)


News department traditionally were money loser,

Media wanted to put on more entertainment,

but was require to have news briefings.


Reason Radio Stations periodically update you on the news,

part of original Fairness Doctrine


- Balanced Opinions

If they were to give an opinion, they had to give both sides.

If they broadcast Rush Limbaugh for 4 hours,

they had to have an opposite view for another 4 hours.


- Avoid Corporate Conglomeration

            hurricanes, country music, content desired by the locals, .     rather then national control of all news.

So you would not have program and content dictated by a couple of epicenter in remote locations.


Now 5 guys decide news nation wide

They’re only obligation is to profit, to share holders

They’re aligned and support who ever is elected rulers


1947 Congress saw what Hitler had done,

so they strengthened the Fairness Doctrine


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (son of Edward K) explains on video here:


Because of changes, 5 corporate conglomerates control all 14,000 radio stations, 5,000 TV stations, 80% of newspapers, all the bill boards, and most internet providers


5 guys determine our world (of news and information).