UFO Conference returns to our Area - Charleston, W. Va.
Diverse references to many UFOs at bottom of page.

Frank Feschino ( Flatwoods Monster ) and
Alfred Lehmberg  ( UFO Magazine ) will be at the
"NEW" Alban Arts and Conference Center in
St. Albans, West Virginia on:

Sept. 3rd, 2009

5:00 pm to 6:25 pm.. Meet and Greet Authors and Dignitaries...
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.. Flatwoods Monster Documentary Movie...
7:35 pm to 9:45 pm Mothman Movie...

Mr. Feschinos' stunning documentary on the Flatwoods monster and Richard Geer's The Mothman Prophesies film will be shown at the Thursday night during Free Movie Night At The Alban Event.
The dignitaries will be on hand for one night only to sign and autograph books and magazines before continuing their trip
to Flatwoods West Virginia ! There they will be the Grand Marshalls of the "Green Monster Festival" on Sept. 4,5,6, 2009. Check ALERT below for a schedule of events. Though in the meantime?  Come on out and experience
Alban Arts and Conference Center in St. Albans !!!

Why is Elden & the Truth Seekers interested in this ?

It's abundant proof, key witnesses, a hoard of evidence to the fact
that primary news is excluded from local & national news.

We are deceived to listen to the news, 80 % true, 20 % false,
which leads us to wrong conclusions,
and enslaves us to those who have the power to control the news.

Frank Feschino spent 17 years researching his study,

culminating in his dense and elaborate books.
No other person knits together such extensive evidence and documentation on the days around 12 Sept. 1952, when the whole eastern seaboard was alive with UFO events, & USAF planes shot down in one 18 hour period.

USAF was commanded – of any UFO –

"If you cannot communicate with them, Shoot ‘Em Down.


With their aggression, the UFOs responded, shooting down an unprecedented number of USAF aircraft & highly experienced, war trained pilots, over US skies.


Stanton Freidman, a nuclear physicist, has also presented in the Charleston area,

notably on the Roswell Arizona crash 1947 and other related subjects.

Elden © has 1,000s of files, DVD documentaries and much much more, he cannot post.

Contact me any time to come and view collection, perhaps take some things with you for further study.

Yes, I have meet, know many people who have seen UFOs,
and or been abducted.

UFO How it Works  www.ufoHowTo.com  (site may be closed - look in archives) indicates there are 7,000 patents in the US patent office of flying craft that do not use propellers, wings, jets or rockets.

They use electrical, eltrogravitics, magnetic, plasma alone and or combinations.

Since 1920's Thomas Townsend Browning has been developing & showing anti-gravity technologies eltrogravitics reported in Sigma Rho book. 
Viktor Schauberger, Anti gravity propulsion inventor of the repulsin and more. developed for Hitler in WW II.

Book & video of Phoenix Lights, Secret Space by Enigma Channel, Fast Walkers,

Area 51 - Space Port, Tunguska 1907 crash in Russia , UFO near Harrisburg Penna. Crop Circles by Andrews Collins.


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