Chem Trails Enlarge photo 2  Death in the Air - In the sky over America;     toxic, heavy metals, biological agents

Daily, across the US, and around the world, planes fly over head, spraying toxic chemicals, heavy metals, viruses or organic materials, and possible Morgellons nanotech fibers that grow within your body.   ChemTrails- Spain- Slide Show

There are many purposes; to cause sickness & death, to layer the atmosphere for interaction with HAARP to control weather, effect mind control, search for deep or hidden things; underground resources, cities, bases, ...

World Wide Slide Show of equipped planes & cloud patterns

Unmarked white planes may be Russian, who have permission to fly over, thru the TOS, Treaty of the Skies.
They've been observed, photoed, noted, since 1990s.

Contrails are the water vapor, condensate that jets sometimes causes.  They disappear rapidly.

Chem Trails may linger in the sky for hours or days.  In our area, I can observe clear skies to all horizons, then 6 to 10 planes will cross over,  In less than an hour our skies are covered, a diffuse cloud that lasts for days.

Strange Days, Strange Skies: pages of Chem trail photos, morgellons, postage stamps, Disney logo with chem trails.  Page 1   2   3   4

  Nano-Chemical Poisoning of the World                         Aerosol Crimes & Cover-up  Chemtrails over Charleston, W.Va. 20 Mar.'12

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails  Could a strange substance found by an Ark-La-Tex man be part of secret government testing program? That's the question at the heart of a phenomenon called "Chemtrails".

ChemTrails - the Smoking Gun - extensive proof of government involvement, funding, sponsorship, multidisciplinary research, policy making and implementation of global atmospheric modification under the classification of 'Geoengineering.'  Photos of interior of planes configured to disburse chemtrails.

Google Search terms: ChemTrails. Carnicorn, Morgellons, nanotech,
HAARP (government project in Alaska that works with Chem Trails),
MK Ultra, Mind Control, Weather Control, USAF to Control Weather by 2020

ChemTrails - Strange Days, Strange Skies - Chem Trails World Wide Phenomena

polluting skies in US & around the world - dropping chemical, heavy metal toxins & biological agents - to control us

Evergreen Air  the CIA front

located at Pinal Airpark-Marana Arizona..a longtime CIA/NSA secret facility for more than 40 years.. is the prime modification center that modifies a wide range of aircraft types to conduct the "covert" Chemtrail spray operations that began over the entire united states in November of 1998 ... prior to this, selected areas of the U.S. had Chemtrail operations to test all the technology employed in these Chemtrail spray operations and to determine the operating parameters related to aircraft performance envelopes and optimum atmospheric conditions ... once this was accomplished ... . Tthe nationwide program began and is being conducted under more than one program code name ... the 2 program code names most often discussed are "Operation Clover Leaf" and "Operation Raindance" ... .within months of the operation over the united states beginning ... Chemtrail spray operations began over wide parts of dozens of countries with the most notable exception being China.


Air Traffic Controllers Concerned Over Chemtrails  Chemtrail Contrail Solutions, International Chemtrail Awareness. How to stop chemtrails

in your state / country. What are Chemtrails ? World renowned Chemtrail Contrail authority William Thomas explains chemtrails and how to stop them.  best selling book Chemtrails Confirmed and in his documentary film Chemtrails Mystery Lines in The Sky

Chemtrails Aerosol Operations Chemtrail Phenomenon
Chemtrails Secret Confirmed :: Environmental and Health Concerns :: Air Pollution  by author William Thomas

It started in the winter of 1998. Sky-obscuring "chemtrails" have been observed by thousands of eyewitnesses–including pilots, police officers and former military personnel–over Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia and allied European nations. Within Canada, Victoria, Vancouver, the BC Interior, Moose Jaw, Edmonton and much of Ontario have been hit particularly hard.

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)
Chemtrails - Contrails
Chemtrails Campaign Adds To Air Force Woes
Chemtrails spraying in sky, September 2001 Star Beacon. UFO Page in Lithuania.

Chemtrails, Sept.  2001 Star Beacon. UFO and other phenomena - at night sky and during dreams or in another fields of life. Lithuanian

Crank Dot Net | Chemtrails
Idaho Observer: Chemtrails Nationwide reports indicate "spraying" agenda stepped up in recent months
Asheville Magazine: Chem-Trails Article in Asheville Magazine on anti-bacteriological agents
Rep. Kucinich's HR 2977 Names Chemtrails as an 'Exotic Weapon'
Chemtrails Over America

Enlarge photo 3

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Chemtrail Sunscreen taught in US School  Wed, 26 Nov 2008 Lisa Long

C Loverain <>

Date: November 26, 2008 2:13:44 PM HST

To: 911Truth Australia <>

Health- Look up at the sky, and beware of chemtrails.

Aerosol Emissions Australia Wide

Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon

US Postal Service
mixes man made clouds with natural formations.

A Meeting

Clifford E Carnicom     Jul 26 2003        Edited Aug 17 2003

 A meeting has taken place recently between an investigative researcher and a well placed military source. The identity of both parties is to be protected. The source has intimate knowledge of at least one aspect of the aerosol operations, and asserts the following:
1. The operation is a joint project between the Pentagon and the pharmaceutical industry.
2. The Pentagon wishes to test biological diseases for war purposes on unsuspecting populations. It was stated that SARS is a failure as the expected rate of mortality was intended to be 80%.
3. The pharmaceutical industry is making trillions on medications designed to treat both fatal and non-fatal diseases given to populations.
4. The bacteria and viruses are freeze-dried and then placed on fine filaments for release.
5. The metals released along with the diseases heat up from the sun, creating a perfect environment for the bacteria and viruses to thrive in the air supply.
6. Most countries being sprayed are unaware of the activities and they have not consented to the activities. He states that commercial aircraft flying are one of the delivery systems.
7. Most of the "players" are old friends and business partners of the senior Bush.
8. The ultimate goal is the control of all populations through directed and accurate spraying of drugs, diseases, etc.
9. People who have tried to reveal the truth have been imprisoned and killed.
10. This is the most dangerous and dark time that I have experienced in all of my years of serving this country.
This information is relayed without qualification, as I am knowledgeable in the level of integrity of the researcher that has made this information available to the public. There is both risk and restraint that has been exercised in the preparation of this statement.

Clifford E Carnicom    Jul 26 2003

Aerosol Crimes
    "AEROSOL CRIMES & COVER UP copyright 1999-2008 by Clifford E Carnicom. Observations, Extraordinary Biological Observations, Magnetic Field Measurement ..."


CHEMTRAIL sunscreen taught IN US Schools

by William Thomas

A is for Apple.

B is for Boy.

C is for Chemtrails.

They're teaching children in the US that chemtrails are their sun screen !!
I believed that myth Johnny coWARd spreaded on TV, and now suffer
from lacking vitamin D, I believe on top of CFS that flu shots gave me.

In Japan, a very famous and popular kids program (like kindergarten, preschoolers)
had a song about chemtrails, saying they are planes drawing pictures in the sky.

Additional Notes Aug 17 2003 on the meeting & Carnicorn

The following personal and observations have been relayed to me by the investigative researcher referred to above:

I am the researcher that relayed information to Carnicom and I can tell you that the meeting occurred as stated. I see that my meeting opened up some dialogue. I have to ask: why are so many intelligent people debating the "tail of the dog"? Does it have fleas, long or short hair, or no tail at all. Look at the DOG. See the big picture here. Do you question that people are dying in record numbers from the aerosol operations? It is a fact that an increase in particulate matter increases mortality.

A top respiratory doctor has just written a book about the "breathing crisis." On the Today Show, not in some secret meeting place, he tells us that respiratory disease has gone from eighth to fourth place as a leading cause of death, soon to be third, in only FIVE years. The doctor says the increase in respiratory death is because of smoking. Now that seems a little off, since many people have stopped smoking, and yet in FIVE years dying from breathing is the major cause of death behind heart failure and cancer. It is also a fact that when oxygen is reduced, cardiac arrest goes up. He also advises "not to exercise outdoors". What does exercising outdoors have to do with smoking? Any chance that breathing heavy metals could be the cause of not only increasing death from respiratory disease, but also contributes to cardiac arrest and cancer? Go back to the DOG. Look at the bigger picture of what's going on with our health; stop debating the biological contents of an already deadly, efficient operation. Incidentally, "culling" was never mentioned in my report.

Give Carnicom some credit for his integrity in presenting this material. I risked my safety and the safety of others to get this information. I wanted the information for myself; I didn't get it for Carnicom or his site, but I did want to share it with others as a confirmation, not as a revelation, of what is going on. Many of you saw this and I appreciate your intelligence and wisdom. My thanks, also, to those of you who have followed up with some good research.

Posted Aug 17 2003

An interview that discusses the contents of this statement in greater detail is available at the following web address:


America Sky Watch Network   Feb. 5, 2009

Geo-Engineering is the artificial modification of Earth's climate systems.

Geo-Engineering projects range from DECLASSIFIED experimentation (like iron particles being dumped into the oceans to attract algae, which sequesters carbon and slows global warming) to HIGHLY CLASSIFIED experimentation like AEROSOL SPRAYING.

The aerosol spraying projects have gained the nickname "chemtrails" for chemical trail. The word was DERIVED from the word "contrail", short for condensation trail, the term for the familiar exhaust trails from jet engines. As the picture above shows, a normal condensation trail is thin and disappears in roughly 90 seconds, depending on atmospheric conditions. Aerosol spraying trails spread out for hours, combining with other trails until cloud cover is achieved.

This website's function is to alert the public to the ILLEGAL HIGHLY CLASSIFIED AEROSOL SPRAYING projects that have gone beyond EXPERIMENTATION and are now ramped up into full global assaults on natural weather patterns. Either ignored or intended, these assaults are contaminating and damaging our forests, waterways, wildlife and HUMANITY

Community watch groups, like SKYWATCH, have formed across the nation. Surface water tests, both by state governments and by Citizens, have alarming results. Aerosol Spraying evidence includes nation-wide surface water and air samples that are hundreds and thousands of times higher in aluminum, barium, sulphur hexaflouride, magnesium and a wide spectrum of other contaminants. Over a DOZEN US PATENTS have been exposed that describe EXACTLY those same contaminants being used via jet aircraft exhaust, to deflect sunlight back into space and thus reduce global warming. It should be noted here, however, that intelligent research by thousands of individuals world-wide has exposed further evidence that the aerosol spraying apparatus now above us, CAN be used for a host of other "experimentation".

This is ONE of the patents used to poison you: 5,003,186

Here is the Governments OWN patent office patent search by number url:

Put the patent number in the search engine and READ FOR YOURSELF!

NASA, under the guidance of the Bush / Cheney administration, has begun promoting a program to educate the public on "persistent SPREADING contrails" (NASA's own words). Meanwhile, international reports of large scale influenza, repertory distress, increased Alzheimer's and many unknown ailments are following intensive AEROSOL SPRAYING activities. The federal government is now scurrying to pass legislation that will make legal open ended weather modification projects that will legalize aerosol spraying, much in the same way the FISA BILL legalized the domestic spying activities THEY WERE ALREADY DOING.

This website is not a detailed research tool but will lead you directly towards EXPOSED EVIDENCE via several regional groups (LIKE "SKYWATCH"), to help you connect with this issue and to other concerned Citizens who have said "ENOUGH". Also, we hope you will investigate our other links and GET INVOLVED.

EACH OF YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and focus your anger and frustration where it belongs...AT THOSE WHO ARE SPRAYING YOU!



2- Read as much information as you can from the sites listed here and the links off of their sites.

3- Join or create a Citizens Watch group in your area.

4- Do what your CONSCIENCE believes. 

Here are Chem Trails over Charleston, West Virginia  20 March, 2012

Chem Trails aid the activities generated by HAARP.
Photo by Mike Twigger, Charleston, W. Va.

HAARP and the Jet Stream

Facts about the current Ownership of the HAARP in Alaska…British Aerospace Corp, or BAE, which is also a subordinate of an Israeli Conglomerate, own the HAARP…Suggest checking this out in Standard & Poors… Note a HAARP is located in Norway, and 2 in Russia developed when Pres. Ford and Henry Kissinger met with Leonid Breshnev in Vladivostok in 1976 and supplied Russia with massive magnets…  a meeting still kept very secret… This is the last thing we need in America, a system so volatile and dangerous, but no way in the hands of the Jews.. our sworn enemies…JRN

Google HAARP Pine Gap              (that is a town in Australia, There they have an antenna 5 miles deep into the earth to set-up & control electrical fields around the world.)

HAARP and the jet stream  

Disreputable evidence that the powers that control HAARP have deliberately changed our weather to the recent heat wave in the eastern United States which may destroy our entire fruit crop if normal weather returns and freezes off the blossoms of all the trees. The following charts document the information that we provided above.

Notice of extreme change of jet stream in Texas and location of HAARP's Wavelengths.

Save the images and recheck after the jet stream returns to normal. That would be over whelming evident

We permit their activity when we do not get involved, learn of this problem and alert our neighbor. As awareness spreads, so will the resistance.