Many years I did not believe in conspiracies.  Now I know how to find facts.

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Why Hemp is Outlawed    Vaccinations    Mercury & Autism

How do we think, how do we learn ? Most of us have risen through a public education system, even college. Those who rule our world, control us by the information that they feed us.  I had never realized there was another reality.

Our lives are based on the information that we have, which is easy and abundant and echoed by those around us.

If we get alternative information, we can consider or reject it. We are conditioned to reject things that are different.  But, if you get the facts, and expand or research them, then you too can join the millions who have found most things are a real conspiracy, locked up by those who would not want you to know the facts.

We live in a world of authority, government, corporations, many tell us particular things. It is wide spread, most everyone knows the history and facts we have.

But the internet is changing our ability to get information.  If you have a clue, or a dissenting voice, you can search further on the internet.  Depending on your skill and experience, you may find a mother lode, or a vein of others who echo or expand the facts on a subject.

As unbelievable as it sound, we find that we are prisoner to our world of information.  The sweeping facts of why we live, and think as we do has never reached most of us. They do not know of an alternative.

On 9-11, I followed the still small voice, then led me to increasing information, revealing hidden truths.  I affirmed it through noted engineers, scientists, researchers adn more. I found echoes of their information in public records from NASA and many  public sources.

Now I unwind the threads of conspiracy through court cases, Congressional Record, Senate Investigations.  The deeper information is available.

I use to rely on the widely known and trusted authorities, but now I see I can piece the veil of Secrecy, and follow facts and logic until I get to the real causes of evens.

You too can make this leap to reality. For sure, America's freedoms quickly disolve as we unthinkingly follow our authorities. 

We hope to awaken more to the realities around us.


The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and the Birth of a Synthetic Economy

Hemp offers many products inexpensively.  Andrew Mellow, DuPont and others successful taxed & outlawed it to the boom of the Chemical Industry.

Products that were once abundant, natural and cheap, now all come from their profitable Chemical Industries.


David Ayoub, M.D. goes through the relations of Mercury to Autism as well as its
connection to National Security Study Memorandum 200; for population control - Showing its shocking connections to today's GAVI.

There are really two types of superficially similar conditions called "autism", early onset (infantile) and late onset (regressive).

Runtime: ~90 minutes

Early onset is caused by perinatal asphyxiation, either through prolonged labor and compression of the umbilical cord, or (more commonly) through the standard medical practice of premature umbilical cord clamping: clamping the cord IMMEDIATELY at birth, while it's still pulsing with oxygenated blood, before the child has breathed on its own. It gets worse: up to 50% of the child's blood is left trapped in the placenta, causing severe infant anemia which has already been tied to long term cognitive deficits even when iron supplements are given. Here are a couple references:

The other, more recently epidemic form of "autism" is caused by a combination of mercury exposure and a specific genetic trait which hinders the body's ability to purge itself of heavy metals. This was conclusively demonstrated in a study done in 2005 which has been flushed down the memory hole:

I'm no expert at these things but I've done some research and it's inconceivable to me that these facts aren't known at the highest levels of the FDA, NIH and CDC. There is of course a serious coverup going on, which is bad enough. But what's more disturbing to me is that we have a "medical profession" which can be so profoundly STUPID and ARROGANT to subject kids to such dangers for the sake of its own convenience, and which is now unable to stop for fear of the legal consequences of admitting its own guilt. They apparently intend for this to go on indefinitely.

And it gets worse still:

If any of you ever has kids, do them a big favor: ditch the doctor and find yourself a midwife. Mammals have been birthing without medical interference for millions of years, in 95+% of cases its no big deal, and a good midwife can handle the remainder. Watch a dog give birth if you don't believe me. We've been so brainwashed that we don't even know how birth works any more. But the body hasn't forgotten, if it's given a chance.

Dr. David Ayoub Calls Out the AAP American Academy of Pediatrics

Google: vaccination Ayoub

Mercury & Autism, David Ayoub MD. Explains,

The Global Vaccine Agenda, "Must See"
Part 1 of 12    See the rest here: more...

David Ayoub MD. Explains that Thimerasol is a preservative in our vaccines comprised of mercury and could be the cause of many so called mental disorders, such as Autism.

After presenting nearly an hour of evidence about the KNOWN dangers of mercury and its ultimate affect on "population growth," this clip goes to the question:

Is there any evidence they are doing it on purpose?

-- Is there any evidence the mercury in the vaccines serves another goal?

Detailed facts about the effects of mercury on the human body will make you wish youíd skipped that last vaccine.

Quotes from this video I want to introduce you to the villain in this story.

This is Thimerosal, which is ethyl mercury, itís an organic mercury.

Itís used as a preservative in vaccines.

Its an Eli Lilly trademark theyíre still making money on this until 2010..

They no longer manufacture it but they have a license agreement on this.

What is in the solution of the vaccines look like a very small amount .01% and that really put a lot of regulators to sleep they say well itís just a small amount it contains 25 micrograms (mcg) of mercury.

Still sounds like a pretty small number. Let me give you a perspective.

Water contamination with mercury is defined in parts per billion. 2ppb means that the water is not usable toxic waste, if it has 200ppb, itís defined as toxic waste.

Fish, about 1000ppb EPA will allow over that itís inedible.

Vaccines have 50,000ppb. If a doctor dropped the vial on the floor it would be toxic waste, yet theyíre comfortable injecting this into infants.

An interesting study done by a parent physician, and this makes sense, want to know if mercury poisoning is autism, just study all the cases of mercury poisoning and study all the cases of autism and compare the list.

Its not real hard science, but its practical and itís a place to start.

There were 181 papers reviewed of either autism or known mercury poisoning.. organic mercury, not ethyl most of these were methyl which is very close chemically the kind in fish for example.

There is over 100 traits.

This is physiological, biochemical, anatomical you name it that are in common.

I mean, we have some enormous similarities between mercury poisoning and autism. And these, twins just for fun I made a list, to your left, of how many traits I can make anyone believe these twins were twins.. were the same thing. I came up with 18.

I couldnít come up with any more traits.

So over 100 features its not hard science, but itís a start.