Coral Castle was built in Florida, built by Ed Leedskalnin, a 100 lb. man in 1920s to 1940s.

He worked alone for some years building it with very primitive tools. He moved stones that weigh more than those used in the great pyramid and or Stone Henge, England.  He claims to have discovered the secret of the ancient builders, the secret of gravity.

He wrote a book that explains Magnetic Current.
I have a digital copy of it - you can get it from

Of all who have observed, wondered, strived to understand what Ed did, how he did it, Jeremy Stride has developed an impressive web site with slides that relate specific things of Coral Castle to secrets of Free Energy (anti-gravity) and secrets enshrined in the Masonic Lodges.

Go to and study carefully Jeremy's findings.

From the 1870s, Michael Faraday made discoveries on properties of magnetism & electricity. James Clark Maxwell described these properties in quaternion equations - some say are clues to understanding free energy & anti-gravity.

Here is link to deeper understanding of Free Energy

To understanding Coral Castle  

Leedskalnin has left us answers to the secrets of knowledge of the ancients, the secrets of the universe, about growth, life, how all things are, are built, how energy and growth occur

Awaken to the Base of Energy, how real atoms are built and work. How energy flows.