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My intent is to HELP YOU and MANY of us.

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I've developed this web site over a decade of study.

I grew curious of 9-11 in 2005, and on investigation, I find a very different world surrounds us.

It is built on lies and deceptions so that certain people gain control over us.

They lie to profit, but avoid any responsibility for the huge calamity that their organizations, people, rules, statues and codes cause to innocent people.

But we, the living people, must come to realize these things are happening to us. As we come to see reality and slip away from the illusions, then we can find ways to improve our life: our health, wealth and security.

On the contrary, if we simply ignore the huge deceptions around us, that empowers and increased the evil in the world.

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.  On this web site, I try to bring primary events into focus so that you get a sense of the diversity and the depth of the conspiracies and the deceptions around us.

Many people feel they can't understand or do anything about this, so they ignore it.

Many of us have to realize what is going on so we can take actions to avoid harm.

Those who pretend or ignore what is happening are actually the ones who are advancing the evil against us.

YOU are a part of the illusions around us.

You must search, confirm and stand in truth.

Even a teenager can figure out these vast deceptions if they take the time to investigate.

Those of us who discourage others to think, investigate, and try to fix our problems are the core of who keeps us locked in a hideous status quo.

The false paradigm on us is that we understand our problems and there are existing ways to solve them.

That is the trick, the deception.  We do not understand both our problems and who is the source of our problems, so the corrective action we are now taking actually aids those who try to rule over us, taking our rights, freedom, health and wealth. 

Why, we wonder, why do conditions only grow worse ?

The first thing is to understand our problems.

They are many problems, 100s of on going deceptions, conspiracies. They are all interconnected.  

To think you understand what happened on 9-11, but to ignore the deception in the Federal Reserve, or to see the evil in vaccinations, but to continue to pay a mortgage loan, you are just ignoring the root of the problem.


Here is the entirety of this web site:


YOU CAN KNOW.                    Truth will out !  (Truth will become apparent). is a way to follow and confirm information.

 A New Reality is my strategies on following information to the basic truth.


Many people chose NOT to KNOW obvious things, hoping to avoid THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to resist evil. 

They just want benefits and pretend there is nothing wrong in their world.

As more of us come to know of these obvious evils, there must arise a common goal to slow or stop the evil.

To find and share information is a beginning.

 Any teenager can find and confirm what I try to show.  You can spend huge time looking for more detail or proof.  I just try to show you enough to get you interested or curious.

I am NOT trying to prove everything to everyone.

I am trying to wake people up and to get them to help us learn and talk to others.

I am responsive by e-mail, phone, visits, conference calls, web site updates, mailings, and much more.

This research and sharing with people has been my sole effort, 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for a decade since Fed. 2005.  I derive no income, but I hope I am building a network of concerned and intelligent people.

Why ?

If many of us do not look at the reality around us, huge masses of people will die, be injured, be deceived, and huge forces of evil will rise and hurt us all.

I have an uncompromised faith.

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.  Why hope for what we know and have ?  Have faith that you will gain what God wants for us. 

Hew. 11:6 We must believe in Him and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

God Bless you.        Ted    or 2 b tru        You can help me, I/ we can help many.  Let's talk !


Another perspective. 

You can find support or information on almost any way of thinking.

You have to use your intuition, your truth detector, be prayerful and submissive to God.

Even if you are looking or thinking in the wrong direction, if you stay open to new information, you will eventually be turned around to follow truth (unless you are  greedy, evil, rushed, angry, mean, lacking patience and gentleness).


I crossed over. I went to prestigious college, and served on National Boards of Architects. I thought I knew what was going on in the world.

By accident, I started to study 9-11.

What I found was OPPOSITE to what I already knew.

I was sure the odd things I saw were just WRONG, but I chose to follow and investigate them.

The more I study, then and now, the more I see nearly the whole world in every field: - medicine, - law, - history, - education, - science, etc. they are all deceived by a small group who manages their field dispensing money (bribery) and force (threat, loss, injury or death) to cause the rest of the world to assume that what is popularly known is true and is the best that can be achieved.


There is evil around us, most of which is hidden.


People control us by their force or threat or by their persuasion. The later is better, it is more enduring.


But most of us are controlled by being deceived.


Since we do not understand what is going on, we often do that which hurts us more and benefits those who are oppressing or deceiving us.

 Many handlers in the middle (police, judges, attorneys, doctors, ...) are helping the evil, behind the scenes people who set up the evil system, like war, and killer chemicals in chem trails (air), fluoride in water, GMO in food, toxins in vaccines.

The handlers are just trying to get their money, hold their job.
They have no interest to learn that they are participating in illegal, unlawful activities, propogating lies and deceptions.

You may not be able to make big change or effect many people, but everyone can do something.

You must begin in knowledge (in truth). You can learn all you need to know from the internet and/ or from other people. You can do all this with little or no money. 

Here are the 3 things I think you need to learn:   

Be able to Read, Think and Type (ask internet a question).

Pray, study bible, grow close to Jesus, listen to the Holy Spirit, seek God's help and divine intervention.

You may think this is a physical battle, government or attorneys taking your house, property, fining, taxing or jailing you.

In the end, everything is really a spiritual battle, we are ruled by principalities.

Be careful as to whom you listen in your prayer.  The devil himself can do great tricks and miracles to deceive the very elect (the Christians) but if you stay open to your insight, eyes, awareness, God will lead you to your best conclusions, even if you have temporary loss along the way.

We have to be ready to make sacrifices to get to our best reward.

If we dodge the problems around us, we are only stacking our future with more problems.

When I stood against police, judge, jailer, I was afraid, at first. (I am not afraid anymore).

When I stand in the truth I know, I find that "authorities" threaten me a while, but seeing how firm and confident I am, they back down, retreat, go bother someone else.

... peace ....

By the way, there are 100s, even 1,000s of conspiracies around us and going back as far as we can imagine in history.  Many will never know how they have been deceived and what they lost.

I think we are deceived because we are too bound in the physical world. We're not perceptive, aware, watching, thinking about what is going on  around them.  And we are blind to the leading of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, their intuition.

It is hard to push a car to get it moving, and hard to stop it once it is moving.

That is momentum.

It's the same with our thinking. The longer we think a certain way, the more we are convicted that it is right.  NO ONE wants to CHANGE.  But change we must.  We must first seek, find, stand in truth, then trim our sails or modify our lives so that we are not aiding and abetting anyone who is harming, or deceiving anyone. To help a criminal, is to be a criminal.

Some people will only change if they can see an immediate benefit.

Some times we have to change to stand in truth.  Our benefit will come, but maybe later and in ways that we did not imagine.

I learn and stand in the truth I can see.

I have progressed thru many court cases.  I now think this is funny, but maybe my biggest victory.

I studied law a decade. I found a 10 page document I think is entirely true, so I recorded it at the court house as a back up should anyone challenge my actions in a court case.

Because I recorded that document about law (The document is true, and even if not, I have a right to free speech, to express my opinion.)  See Lawful Protest at

Because I recorded the document they arrested me, charging me with 2 felonies and threatening to put me in jail up to 20 years.

When I showed up for the pre trial, they asked "Where is your attorney ?"

I said "I don't have an attorney", nor will I accept a public defender (another free attorney).

The administrator then said this specifically:

"The STATE cannot talk to you (the live man), the STATE can only talk to attorneys." 

         The STATE & law only deal in fictional corporations, not with real, live men.

The magistrate thought about this a while, then told me. "The prosecuting attorney dropped all charges."

They had no case and they had no jurisdiction. I knew that, but I was surprised that they knew that.

Specifically when the administrate came to me in the lobby,


When the administrator learned I had no attorney she said this
(This is unbelievable but absolutely true ! )

"The STATE cannot talk to you, the STATE can only talk to attorneys."

If you engage or accept an attorney, then you surrender your rights to the attorney to represent your ALL CAPITAL NAME - the corpse or corporation listed on your birth certificate, putting your body under 64 million codes).

I knew that but I am glad they know it too.  They are often bluffing.

Sometimes you can bluff too.  When you are right, then they give it up or abandon their claim on you.  I have bluffed before and found bluff was correct, so I learned from my bold actions.