New World Order coming to America and the World

A cable news channel near Erie Penna. contacted me for my copy of
Ira Contra Hearings - Rep. Jack Brooks Rep. Democrat Texas
asking Oliver North about Contingency Plan of the US Government
to suspend the Constitution.

The plan is in effect, and the chairman declined to let it be discussed.
This was decades ago, they have much advanced and yet,
the public and the national news doesn't talk of this. Are we asleep ?

They are building concentration camps for American Citizens,
vast grave sites, large number of coffins, planning for great holocaust on US soil.  Why ?

Here are YouTube video by amateurs that show what news will not.
Why will the news not show this info. ?  They were bought out
see   War of Words   at

America: Destroyed by Design -
FEMA Concentration Camps - includes:
Ira Contra Hearings - Rep. Jack Brooks Rep. Democrat Texas

FEMA Coffins Exposed !

Mass Grave Sites Phoenix, AZ

Shepard Ambellas on Alex Jones TV 2/2:
New Mass Grave Site in Arizona !!

If you learn how to use the internet, you can confirm this information.

See how to search to confirm information

.    Search subjects.
Fresh Organ Harvesting in the U.S.A.
refer to HB 1274 by the GA House of Rep.

Dept. of Defense DODX 40043 41222
Texe Marrs - Cattle Cars for People

Rex 84, Operation Gardenplot, Project Artichoke
.    (gather & imprison American in USA)

Georgia House of Representations 1995/1996 Session
HB 1274 Death Penalty, Guillotines

I did not believe this either, until I found 1,000s of pages confirming.

Wake Up America.
While you PRETEND this isn't happening, it grows !