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" Begin by forgetting what you have learned. "      more quotes

Disclosure    450 military & gov. witnesses gathered at Natl. Press Club May 05 under Dr. Steven Greer to testify of what they know, saw of UFOs, events, crashes, recoveries, and bodies.  They publicly testified, fearing for their lives, as to what they know.

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"Cutting Through the Matrix" Alan Watt LIVE on RBN: You Will Love Big Brother: " Hang on to Sanity from Things Precipitous, ...

Gun Control - loss of freedom

Free Energy:  deriving energy without supply a source like coal, gas, oil or wood.

1875 Patent on Earth Batteries

Earth Batteries - collects energy around us to deliver voltage & watts of electricity for practical applications

If different elements- like sheets of zinc and copper- are buried in earth, electricity current is generated;

For greater current, add sulphur on the metals, so damp earth may increase action with the sulphur on the metals.

Knowledge is used for covert uses. Since recorded history began, secretive groups have exploited the majority by withholding huge advances in technology. This has not changed, and will not change in the near future.

The Swiss ML Testatica     Small Christian Community that has free energy generators in use for 15 ? years.

Experimenter's Guide to the Joe cell

Quotes - on thinking - Voila !

" Since corrupt people unite amongst themselves to constitute a force,
then honest people must do the same "
Count Leo N. Tolstoy

" There is no ideal crucible, no crucible so perfectly sealed and protected
that it can be considered a closed system,
a unit absolutely isolated from the rest of the universe.
Raymond Abellio, circa 1975

The essential is to get rid of deeply rooted prejudices we often repeat without examining them. "
A. Michel 1959

There are none so enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Goethe

" Sunlight is the best disinfectant; electric light the most efficient policeman ".
Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis 1913 - advocate of Open Government !

Secret Societies rule our world, by Deception they do rule.    By Deception they do war.

Evil can not survive the light of day.