We the People Foundation


Please help make a better world thru cooperation.

If we each simply do what we can,         we can transform our world !

Our government has   illegally    wandered off on various endeavors,
seizing many freedoms of the people.

To restore government to it’s Constitutional limits, let's petition !

Bob Schultz of We the People Foundation, has for decades,
been acting & and traveling the uSA to engage people. 

Elden met Schultz and signed these Petitions for Redress of Grievances [on line] relating to

- [use of] Armed Forces … in Iraq without … Declaration of War

- Right of People to Keep and Bear Arms

- Federal Income Tax &       - the Federal Reserve System

- failure … to Enforce the Immigration Laws  & Control Borders


Other errors to correct:

- Abuse of Rights by the "USA Patriot Act"    - War on Terrorism

- Abuse of National Sovereignty (no NAU)

- - - - -

“If money is wanted by Rulers

who have in any manner

oppressed the People,

they [the People] may retain it [their taxes]

until their grievances are redressed,

and thus peaceably procure relief,

without trusting to despised petitions

or disturbing the public tranquility.”

1774, Journals of the Continental Congress, 1:105-113



Please Go here – read & act,





We shape our world by


who we know and applaud,


and whom we ignore and avoid.


 Schultz has brilliant plan and many working with him.


He just wants to enforce the laws we already have to stop the US government

from doing all the illegal things that hurt us and people around the world.


The more you learn of Schultz,

 you will find, like Gandhi,

Schultz is on the best course for fixing our world.


Help & support him !