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"The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" and

What They May Be Planning Now

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For over 14 years, Daniel Estulin has investigated and researched the Bilderberg Group's far-reaching influence on business and finance, global politics, war and peace, and control of the world's resources and its money.

His book, "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group," was published in 2005 and is now updated in a new 2009 edition. He states that in 1954, "the most powerful men in the world met for the first time" in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, "debated the future of the world," and decided to meet annually in secret. They called themselves the Bilderberg Group with a membership representing a who's who of world power elites, mostly from America, Canada, and Western Europe with familiar names like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch, other heads of state, influential senators, congressmen and parliamentarians, Pentagon and NATO brass, members of European royalty, selected media figures, and invited others - some quietly by some accounts like Barack Obama and many of his top officials.

Always well represented are top figures from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, EU, and powerful central bankers from the Federal Reserve, the ECB's Jean-Claude Trichet, and Bank of England's Mervyn King.

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If you have a clue, or an article, a phrase of concepts, you can easily find more info on the internet.

.         But are they true, we don’t know the source ?

Knowing the source just binds you to one uninformed or one who is lying,

Knowing the information gives you clues to find further reports from many sources.


Most like to live in the illusion that all is well, as told by corporate controlled media.

While you are not looking and thinking, they are doing harmful, heinous things behind our back.

Wake Up America !


Nothing done is secret is to your advantage.


The granite Georgia Guide Stones shows their 10 point plank.

Reduce world population from 6 billion to 500 million – reduce by 90 % !

through wars, vaccinations, famine, …


One World Government;

on court, one currency, one religion !


All countries lose their sovereignty to yield to the world court

UN always to be headed by Russian, as noted in their charter.


We, the people, will prevail, when we see the wolves circling

and we talk to each other.