Ideas and Goals

by Ted's Truth     18 Oct. 2012

Letís all catch up and or be on the same page.

I hope you and I have similar perspective.

Iíd like to unite us and many people so that we can progress to improve our lives.

In airplane, if the oxygen masks drops, the mother should first put on her oxygen mask, and then help kids. 

If she first puts mask on her kids, she could lose consciousness and then not be of any help to anyone.

So in our world, we have to see and confirm truth -
then take action to avoid problems that most will have when they donít react to the realities surrounding them.

Here is my view of the world.

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?  2 hrs.

We have been mislead, dis information has kept us separate from foundational truths.

When you know the deeper truth, then the information you had (on which you reached conclusions) fades and you have startling new conclusions.

Foster Gamble, heir to Proctor and Gamble fortunes advanced thru college in the world of the elite. He could have followed the obvious path before him to accept the world as others did, but he was curious and confused, so he began his research.

The essence of every living thing on the planet is to grow and Thrive.
So why do so many people not thrive, not avoid; pain, starvation, deprivation ?

He sees that there are sinister forces (humans) around us who suppress information to allow them to increase their profit and control over us.

Mr. Gamble, a wealthy, intelligent and sincere guide, shows us that we have been vastly deceived (on purpose).

Theme:  We have to learn the deeper truth to avoid harm or loss that weíd get if we donít see the deeper truth.

Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The American Federal Empire

James Rink shows how US laws have changed in last 200 years to take away our fundamental rights & freedom.  The main stream illusion is that laws make us safer and give us advantage, but the deeper truth is the continuing action of the few elites is to strip us of our rights, property, heritage, wealth and to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few.

Here's my 10 years of research:

In 2005, I studied 9-11, 1 hour, 2, 10, 100, 1,500+ hours. I found public records, clear facts that what news and govít  reports is far from truth, misguiding us to fear, hate, anger and war.

From there, I learned we don't need to pay taxes, that our name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS,
it's a liability, (but not) our responsibility Ė it is a fiction in law and we need not respond to it.

As I continued to look deeper at the things I had been taught, and assumed from news, colleagues, peers.
I found the world is really very different, and we are mis guided for a reason (so that the liars can increase their control over us and profit from us).

Here is what I accept as my responsibility; - to learn, confirm & know truth, and to take proper action.

People are probably our greatest asset, particularly the pioneers who find and reveal truth.

Next I suggest you come to realize you have reasonability.
You can step from the illusion in news & popular view when you decide that you want to live (safely) in truth and law.

I havefocused my research in 1,000+ web pages to give others a chance to see the hidden truths, the suppressed info that shows you clearly that reality is different that what is popularly accepted.

I also try to show others how to avoid the sting of the illusions; - get out of US laws, taxes, courts, jail, fines, layers and judges control.

So how do I know things and how am I sure they are true ?

I use to respect, and follow authorities and try to accept what they say.

Now I see a very different world.  Anyone can find these deeper truth, to follow these ideas when they learn to use computers and the internet.
Not all things on the internet are true, but when you just follow a topic, you can find the deeper truth.

The truth is not simple nor obvious. It is intentionally hidden below layer of deception and disinformation

I think when you study, following people to ideas, and ideas again to new people, that by your conscious reasoning you can find the viable, deeper truth.

My web sites and 1,000s of other people reveal the suppressed truths, the hidden evidence, the foundation that is stricken from the public debate because it will lead you to fundamental concepts such as:

- We are intended to be free, we have God given, inalienable (cannot be taken away) rights far beyond what US laws and courts afford.

- You can be free and exempt from the forces around you when you simply learn the deeper truths.

- Learning is only the beginning, you also have to act, write down the truth and file it at the courthouse as a public record.

Anyone (authority) could contest what you say (but they will not as they would have to lie !)

Once you have established your rights in truth and in law, then others cannot defeat you in their legal action.

Get a Land Patent on your home and be exempt from any tax or judgment or action in law.

Get out of income and property tax, when you establish your property titled to you, not to the fiction in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS Ė which actually is owned by the state Ė you just rent from them (pay taxes). f you stop paying rent (taxes) they take their property back.

You can avoid all that.

I admit we all have different knowledge and experience. I try to unite people to help each other.

Many like to watch You Tube or go to seminars and be spoon fed.

I am looking for people with more fire, more commitment, more energy, and more focus.

I learn by reading, I have 1,000s of files, documents, and books, that merge together to show  a similar truth and process to our freedom.

When you also see, read, study these books, then we can help each other.

If we all have different info and different process, then it is hard to help each other.

I have 2,500+ of each of the following: DVD documentaries, books, articles, web site links and pages I wrote on my websites.

Much of what I hold is not mine, not my copyright.

I want you to have it.  I show you ways that you can get it. www,

I would also like to introduce you to others working on this so we can all help each other.

Others like to learn with You Tube and or seminars. Those things take time and some cost money.

I think we can all learn faster, more efficient, and have tangible resources (text to re read, highlight, mark up) so we learn faster and help each other.

Some day I may have conference calls, but the written word, for time immemorial, has proved to be efficient way to communicate and to learn.
(Learn best by repetition Ė so read and reread, donít require that I repeat repeat until you grasp.)

I know people like to have broad support, have others who understand encourage, agree and help.

Rare, rare, rare are people who think like us. It is hard to find them in you area.

Iíve searched openly for years to build the small audience I have.

Although I have friends who see that the world is not really as news shows it, I find it hard for them to befriend each other.

Some think of UFOs, some fear the vaccines, FEMA camps, and gun control.

So we each have a real fear and isolate ourselves from others and from a deeper reality.

I have NO fear. I have walked up to the bear (IRS, courts, other) stood firm, and remarkably I see them retreating.

To win, we have to have deep knowledge and take bold action.
I was certainly afraid when I started, yet I grow bolder every day, as I learn and see more of those who are standing and prevailing.

Fill your mind with what is true, right, useful. Don't fear monger, searching and repeating all the things to fear.

It is easier to find info of how we are beaten, robed and imprisoned as that fills (by intent) the public airways. 
But when you focus on how and who is winning, you can find that too. I have tomes of it Ė much again is limited by copyright.


- I am looking for other people who want to reestablish our rights, our property, our safety Ė immune from government's control.

We must study hard and take action.

I also hope we share in the accusation of information.

I hope you come from your isolation, your shell, your fear and learn to meet and talk to other people on this quest.

I donít have time and energy to test everything I do and all people I meet, so I also have great faith to begin some things with little knowledge.

I find as you follow things, then you gain knowledge and you can correct your course.

Some who just wait until everything is perfect will never see the paths, opportunities, people and actions I find by just moving forward.

Fear, instilled from TV, media, government is intentional to keep you from thinking or acting.

Let go of your fear and help me / us to help each other.

Forgive me as I talk to you as a group.

I hope you learn to talk to each other.

If I give an idea to several people, they donít all get it, each gets a different part of what I say. But when they talk later to each other, then the parts they miss come forth and are explained and that which they did understand they can echo and explain to those who did not understand at first.

It is imperative I not talk to everyone individually all the time, but that we learn to help each other.

It is OK that you donít know every thing. Everyone knows some things.

So speak and listen, teach and learn.

Each One, Reach One, Teach One.

I donít think I can solve Chem Trails, fluoride, FEMA  camps, etc.  I cannot solve everything, but

I share info to awaken other to be curious, to think and learn.

Also, as we become strong, getting outside of their control, their jurisdiction, then we have more wiggle room and can do more.

If you are still in their system, they have many ways to control you, try you, take you to court and or seize your property etc.

Donít fight their system (especially not with their lawyers).

Learn how to get outside of their jurisdiction. Then you can pursue anything with greater immunity.

I can lead you to many heroes much more powerful then me, but I do need to build a trusting relation with you where you also contribute (in some form) to help us all.

I created many web sites:

To see a deeper truth, to know that those running our country (& world) the bankers, the lawyers, the government and corporations, they try to steal from us; our rights, property, income & futures to increase their power and control.

The elite have great PR programs; news, education that hail some positive attribute while hiding all the sinister consequences.

We must awake and respond appropriately.

Some people have only seen one subject: 9-11, WW II, vaccines and see that subject shows wrong actions or evil, but those people have yet to realize that most everything around us is also shrouded in suppression and is also evil.

Dark forces (leaders, rulers) rule our planet, and we must work together to save even ourselves.

Some links to ponder:

Freedom Club explains how Banks loan you your own credit and they keep the interest.

When you truly understand the deception in banking, loans, fraud, you can learn how to cancel your debt and keep whatever you purchased.

Lord James of Blackheath $15,000,000,000,000 Fraud Exposed February 16 2012

The Law That Never Was -- The Fraud of Income & Social Security ...

"Bill Benson's page. He researched the 16th Amendment on which current income tax law is based, having served time in federal prison previous to writing the ..."

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing."

~ Edmund Burke

The Black Vault

"The Black Vault So the government's not interested in UFOs? Then why did Freedom of Information Act researcher John Greenewald turn up these FIVE THOUSAND [5,000 documents]..."

Welcome to The Black Vault

"Large UFO site, with features including scanned pages of official government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, court documents, ..."

The purpose of war, summarized from many military leaders, is not a moral imperative, nor security at home, but profit and control by global corporations (working thru governments), and the surrender of rights of people everywhere, including our own country, pretended to give them greater security (an illusion).

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

View Trance Formation at

Great stuff on regaining rights, winning in law & courts

The Peoples United Community

Ask me, I have an outline to this series:

Cheers !

Fear not, for we wage war not against people, but against principalities.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against worldly governor, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places.  Ephesians 6:12

.. for he that cometh to God, must believe that God is, and that He (God) is a rewarder of them that seek him.  Hebrews 7:8

Bruno Groening Circle of Friends  One of the largest associations for healing on the spiritual path in the world.

Many would like to know what we find and share, but I have to print and mail to them, which costs me money !!

Any donation to our work is appreciated; $, disc, thumb drives, hard drives, postage stamps, ink, etc. 


Recent reading: (revealing the suppressed truths)

Bosnian Pyramid, larger and older then any other.

Lloyd Pye: Everything you know is a lie.

     Creation/ Evolution, history, maps, world view.

Pat Shannon: same title: OK City Bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Ö

Ley Lines, Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, Ö.

YOU have limited time as do we all.

I take many videos and compressed them to small mp3 audio files.

You can listen while you do errands or chores.

You can know a deeper truth and get a benefit, when you want to.

We do first what we love (want) most.

But when we learn, then (sometimes) our priorities may change.

For 50 years, I never feared the IRS, I just paid them because I thought I had to pay.

When I learned I did not have to pay, then I feared them, that I would get in trouble to resist or not pay.

I studied hard, applied what I leaned and was amazed they just removed me from their mailing list and donít contact me any more.

The same is true in many situations.

Learn and act in truth.

Be exempt from the lies that surround us.

Welcome to a New Reality !

Tools & Method to learn:

What we must learn is encoded in language:

Books, articles, documents, You Tube, mp3 audios, pdf, & web sites, e-mail, etc.

It helps me immensely when others learn how to use these invaluable resources.

Simplest connection is $ 20 mp3 player

(and a computer Ė even at friend or library) to copy mp3 files from a CD, or thumb drive or computer chip
 with many mp3s to an mp3 player which only holds a few mp3.

Next step;

$ 30 DVD player to watch documentaries on your TV.

$ 40 use Android phone as media player for audios & videos.  Don't use as phone.  Don't pay any monthly service.

$ 100 Cruz or androids Tablet to read documents, listen to audios and watch videos.

$ 300 - 600 Get  Windows Computer and see a world hidden from most people.

$ 20 month get internet connection and or use internet at work, friendís home or library.

Thru links and searches you can find things that will never occur in news and will always be spoken against by all the authorities who you know (because it weakens what they can do and the profit they can make).

Having and using a computer is your best connection to the hidden truth.

Learning to search on internet is important.

I save things I find on internet, from e-mail and books I get.

I have/ use 2 free programs. Total Commander, and Index Your Files.

With those free programs, like Total Commander, I can search 100,000 files on my computer and quickly find the files I need to read, share and or use to separate myself from (pretend) authorities who would try to rule over me, taxing, me, applying laws (just codes) to me and frightening and jailing me.

What we do not believe, we do not know, we have seen no evidence, no presentation.

We can only know / believe what we see.

Some people accept what authorities say. I contend that if you simply apply your own reason and if you investigate, check facts, sources, read deeper, that individual people can step away from the arbitrary control of authorizes (who are NOT looking out for your interest Ė but for their own interest).

Our personal world and benefit is limited by what we learn, know and act on.

We are ruled by information.

We are not ruled by guns, jails, court, judges & attorneys.  No, we are controlled by information, or more specifically by lack of information.

We live in an information age, getting most of our information from others. We are conditioned to trust national news, government, corporations and institutions.  But, since we have given them our blind trust and do not check them, they learned they can openly lie to us, and with their national media, sweep the lies across the nation, with none having the thought to check the news or seek alternative sources.

Because they have so totally brain washed us, we have lost the idea and the will to try to find the truth.

You have the ability to get and process / reason through better information then is in the main stream.

The few who rule our  world, rule over us, control us, work through 1,000s of people who they pay to present the elites (bad) point of view such these lies:

- We are just animals (evolution).  Survival of the fittest rules.  We need leaders to control all of us so that we donít hurt each other (while the super rich strip us of rights, property, wealth & health).

- Authorities know more and help us better then we can: Science, Universities, Corporation, Politicians, Government Ė these all speak the absolute truth for our benefit (this is vast illusions).

- History shows we were cave men in past and thru millions of years have just randomly improved our lives. (ignoring all the evidence that there were many ancient and advanced civilizations, technology, giants, etc.)

- That there are no conspiracies (donít read or listen to people/ facts who are not approved by government and main stream media).
                 This concept bets on your being asleep, not being aware, not being responsible for your role in the world.